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06:03 CST :: 5/19/2017

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Coming May 29th and later in June will be the next 2 patches to Prime 2, and what meaty content we've got confirmed!

Allegro Furioso / DM Ashura (Original)
Good Night / Dreamcatcher (K-Pop)
Redline / Archefluxx (Xross - NeonFM)
Super Stylin' / Warak (Xross - O2Jam)
Prime 2 Opening / Max (Short Cut - Original)

Seize My Day / RainbowDragonEyes (World Music - Infinity)
Start on Red / Nato (Xross - O2Jam)
Utsushiyo no Kaze / void feat. Kana (Original)
Up and Down / Exid (Full Songs - K-Pop)

Mission wave 2 is coming in 1.05. Also slated are steps locked behind the card and bug fixes.

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20:32 CST :: 5/21/2017

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>Up and Down full song

fuck yes


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