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01:29 CST :: 12/15/2017

i got 2 know

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New Songs:
SHK - Super Capriccio
void - Anguished Unmaking
Wanna One - Beautiful
Wanna One - Energetic
Winner - Really Really
Lunatic Sounds - Infinity
Beautiful Day - V3
M2U - Hyperion Shortcut
MAX - Kasou Shinja Shortcut
Jehezukiel - Twist of Fate (feat. Ruriling)
Quree - HTTP

Other Updates:
Updated interface graphics
Quest Zone Chapter 6 (9 songs)

Releasing January 1st, 2018

09:00 CST :: 12/15/2017

A Stickler for Details and Pump files

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For context on those K-Pop songs:

-Winner, if the name didn't already clue you in, were the winners of a reality show to find YG Entertainment's next act to sign, back in 2014. They've since had one member leave and have kinda become a legit act; Really Really is a track from this year, as part of their comeback.

-Wanna One is the result of season 2 of the Produce 101 reality show. While Pick Me was the first song before cullings of the first season, these 2 tracks were the main singles of their first album, with Energetic being part of the original issue and Beautiful being part of the reissue.

And a few other notes:

-Super Capriccio continues SHK's line of classical rearrangements entitled "Super [Reference]", with this one referring to Caprice #24 in A Minor composed by Paganini. This piece has previously been arranged as Caprice of Otada by BanYa Production back in NX2.
-Infinity was one of the crossovers advertised in the teaser for Prime 2, giving it one of the longest gaps (1 year, 5 months) between announcement and release, excepting the unnamed original and Systemization, provided they actually get a release.
-Jehezukiel is the first artist to have made an original song for both the real Pump it Up series and StepF2.

Chart and rhythm game nerd, currently a stepartist for the TrotMania fangame series and the one person who cares about the Japan Hot 100 enough to try to predict its year-end on a weekly basis.

09:02 CST :: 12/15/2017

Life is an adventure that everybody should enjoy.

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I won't say anything anymore.


Electronics and Telecom. Engineer and PIU enthusiast.

13:02 CST :: 12/18/2017

PH Webmaster

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V3.... hah. So silly.

That makes THREE songs that eventually came true from this stupid shit back in 2004: http://www.ph-online.net/html/ph_newspage_v2_05.html ("Beethoven Unleased" was released with V3's audio)

Which is remarkable, as half of those songs don't exist.

11:37 CST :: 1/21/2018

The Rhythm Rogue

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I still can't believe I didn't know Cross Time made the cut until yesterday when I played 2018. I was delirious with joy.

Not the best steps, but that background is next level godlike.


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