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Topic: Member Introduction Thread (new members as well), Introduce yourself here!< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
23:56 CST :: 4/26/2005

Pump It Up Rosario Club Leader

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Group: PH Veterans
Location: Rosario, SF, Argentina
Joined: Feb. 2004
Total Posts: 285

Real Name: Joel
Age: 18
Location: Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
Occupation(s): Student (Career: "Informatic Systems Engineer" -- It's system design *for pc* and all that stuff)
Interests: PIU, DDR, Keyboard Heaven, Drummania.

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07:05 CST :: 4/28/2005

*Level 2 PH Member*

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Group: Members
Location: Glens Falls, NY
Joined: April 2005
Total Posts: 12

Real name: Kyle Normandin
Age: 16
Location: Glens Falls, NY
Languages: English
Interests: Dance/Music Games (PIU, DDR, Taiko Drum Master, Donkey Konga), Music (I do a little electronic music/dj)
Favorite songs on PIU: First Love (double mode 2x), First Love (freestyle), My Way (freestyle), Dr.M (Crazy Mode 2x), and Mexi Mexi (crazy mode)
Best song (and mode): Dr.M (Crazy Mode 2x)
How I discoverd PIU: I started playing DDR about 2 years ago and my friend told me to try PIU, so I did. (PIU is better (I think))

Edited by PIUfr33k on 07:05 CST :: 4/28/2005

I believe that all good looking girls should have a shirt that says HAWT

Talk to me
AIM: shadow1speaker

04:38 CST :: 5/09/2005

*Level 1 PH Member*

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Group: Members
Location: South Korea, Seoul
Joined: May 2005
Total Posts: 9

Real Name: Park Byung Tae (Park is my last name)
Country: South Korea
Intrests: MMORPG,RPG, Any games in an arcade
Languages: English, Korean
How I learned PIU: It's all over the Country. I have lots of chance.
Favorite Song: Caution (Double), Pierot (Double)

I'm new here.  
I've lived in Wisconsin for 4 years, and there wasn't  any PIU machines around, so I wasn't able to play.
Now that I returned to Korea, where there's PIU in almost every arcade, I can play all I want. (If it wasn't for my school studies.)

Ooookay, so you want a signature?

I'll just pretend you don't

13:12 CST :: 5/09/2005


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Group: PH Members
Location: Brunswick, Maine
Joined: June 2004
Total Posts: 33

Real name: Kenji Yamauchi
Age: 16
Hometown: Brunswick Maine (USA)
Ethnicity: Half Japanese half god knows what
Languages: English
Occupation: High school student
Interests: Music games, the internet, cars etc.
Favorite song to play: Conga  
Best song (and mode): Vook CZ (S with below 20 nonperfects)
How you discovered Pump It Up: I was reading a "Pump sucks" thread on a DDR forum (forgot which, not really important though) and I decided I wanted to try it before I talk shit. I played SM autogen for a little bit then I found Prex 3 pc version somewhere on the internet. There's been a Perfect Collection machine around for a while but it wasn't in playable condition so I never bothered with it and played at home on my keyboard for a while. Early this year a friend of mine said he saw an exceed machine at a theater appx 45 minutes from my house, so I went to check it out. From then on that's where I've played.
Other stuff: As far as I've seen, I'm the best in Maine at pump by quite a bit. However, on the machine I play on the top score isn't mine, it's my friends. He's not that great at pump but got three complete fluke scores playing with me and I've never beaten his score. I have 2-15 though. :indifferent:

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10:09 CST :: 5/11/2005


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Group: PH Administrators
Location: Louisiana, USA
Joined: April 2005
Total Posts: 960

Name: Brandon Amedee
Nickname: eXonyte (I sign on Pump as "eXo")
State/City: Gray, Louisiana (near Houma, an hour from New Orleans)
Age: 22
Languages: English, Pig Latin >_<
Interests: PIU, DDR, Music, Computers, especially internet/web related.
Ethnicity: I don't see how it's relevant, but white.
Favorite Song: Depends on when you ask me.
How I started: Attending Nicholls State University, as a friend and I were walking past the arcade, another friend stepped out and asked if we had seen the new dancing game they just got. I tried Banya's N and failed due to a defective copy of Premiere, where the pads would stop working at certain points during the songs.  That didn't stop me, and I still haven't stopped three years later. I miss that song sometimes...


23:34 CST :: 5/11/2005

*Level 2 PH Member*

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Group: Members
Location: Minneapolis, MN U.S.A.
Joined: May 2005
Total Posts: 18

i must be the new guy for the time being...
my family calls me Christoph,
every one else knows me as chaos,
i am 19, though i often feel 65
i am here to represent Minnesota and the mall of america with it's 3 exceed 2's and a prex (along with a pathetic DDR 3rd mix HAHAH!!)
i got started when i was in virginia at ft. lee for army training. they had a DDR something or other mix at the post arcade. when i got back home, a friend told me about a dance game at the mall, so i tried it out, it was a premiere 3, and i failed miserably. that was little over a year ago

video killed the radio star, but for a while i was the suspect.

23:49 CST :: 5/16/2005

**Level 4 PH Member**

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Group: PH Members
Location: Minnesot-ah // Ohi-oh.
Joined: May 2005
Total Posts: 56

Real name: Chanelle-Stamatia
Age: 16
Hometown: Rochester, NY (now I'm in MN)
Ethnicity: Greek!
Languages: English, French, Greek
Occupation: Camp Snoopy Arcade slave
Interests: music, pump, teaching, languages, engineering
Favorite song to play: Canon-D
Best song (and mode): Turkey March -Crazy
How you discovered Pump It Up: At work...yep...I'm addicted now.
Other stuff: I'm at pumpextreme.net, but these boards are more active :p


[Camp Snoopy Pump Biatch]

&& pimpin' Ohio

check me out [www.myspace.com/pumpitup]

02:26 CST :: 5/17/2005

PH Webmaster

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Group: PH Administrators
Location: Kenner, LA
Joined: Sep. 2003
Total Posts: 15798


02:30 CST :: 5/17/2005

supersoak that hoe!

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Group: PH Veterans
Location: Roslyn, New York
Joined: Mar. 2004
Total Posts: 763

Name: Sabu Hayes
Age: 20
Hometown: Roslyn, NY
Occupation: Jillian's Prize Redemption bitch
Interests: Pump, Halo2, and Boobs
Ethnicity: elNEGR0grande
Favorite Song: Powe of Dream but it always changes
Best Song: Solitary2 33 non perfects
How i discoverd pump: Not really a great story but my friend brought me to Jillian's and said lets try this game out. Then we picked willow crazy by accident and failed and i told him i could do it if i practice. I did it eventually and looked for some more challenges.
Other Stuff: My meat is huge, i can hit caution drops without using my knee if u know what i mean. Jk, i have only been playing a year and a half to get where i am.


05:13 CST :: 5/17/2005

Stormy Pumper


Group: PH Administrators
Location: Hayward, CA
Joined: Mar. 2004
Total Posts: 3712

Quote (Chanelle @ 00:49 CST :: 5/17/2005)
I'm at pumpextreme.net, but these boards are more active :p

Unfortunate really, since a lot of us came from there too. :|  And not immediately remediable until Briboy updates everything over there with his new design.  (Looks pretty good EVEN in the beta stage.) and also if I get my lazy butt up and start cranking up stepcharts again.

HOWEVER!  I think this is the place to be for masterful stepmakers and for actually err... sharing ideas between stepmakers.  Welcome, Chanellle... again! (this time for phaven)


Like Pump It Up? ?Join the PIU community in Northern California, the NorCal World Order!

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