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Posted by: dancefreak on 05:03 CST :: 5/13/2010

So hey, i recently got into space on NXA and ive done all the missions you get going through the portals that make a long circle eventually bringing you back to Love is a MISS zone, and ive got access to parafora psychii but i cant get to any other missions in space. Do i have to clear all of parafora before it will let me get more missions or do i have to enable the other wormholes to get further?

Also is there any point to being attacked by a UFO as in do you get an unlock or mission % for it or should i just keep my shield up?

Thanks guys :) Im about 65% in by the way if that affects things at all.

EDIT: A little extra info for you, ive done every mission in space except for city of parafora psychi, i cant access all the hidden paths that windeu shows in his space video yet either, do i need to get this mission done before i can access them or do i need to buy the item that finds them?

Posted by: mozart1000 on 01:40 CST :: 5/14/2010

yes you must clear all mission in there so you can move on to next area via wormhole or portal
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