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09:09 CST :: 6/09/2016

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Hi there everyone.

I have arcade pads and recently moved into a second floor apartment with hardwood floors. I've been researching for ways to be able to play quietly without disturbing my neighbors because I already got a notice from the landlord about the vibration that this causes (and I was just testing them playing in normal) Also, I saw comments mentioning that creating a riser with tennis balls as legs to help deaden the noise (but that was from a drummers page) . Is there anyway that I can play without spending a ton on soundproofing?

thanks in advance.


10:50 CST :: 6/09/2016

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I don't know if it works, but I use a piece of GYM mat (mat that looks like jigsaw and you can add more mats) for every pad lever, i dont know if it works i used it to protect the floor.

Here in Mexico the houses have more resistent materials, but in my experience a pad without levers do more vibrations than a pad with levers.

15:54 CST :: 6/09/2016

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I've attempted a few things while using a DDR pad on the third floor of a building, but nothing was mechanically feasible. Dissipation of the vibration using a padded surface just made it feel like I was playing on a trampoline, and adding or removing pegs to the pad didn't help whatsoever. Your best bets are to try to move to a first floor apartment when something becomes available or move the setup to an offsite location on ground level.

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