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Topic: I'm doing a 24 hour gaming marathon for Children's, Doin' it for the kids!< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
19:43 CST :: 10/15/2010

>< I'm thirsty

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Hi guys, I know I don't ever post here that often, but this is for a really good cause.  I'm participating in Extra Life this year, where over 2000 gamers around the world will play video games for 24 hours starting on Saturday, October 16th (I'll be starting at 8AM Central).  We're raising money for the Children's Miracle Network by having people sponsor us (generally by donating $1/hour for a total of $24).

I'm going to play through just about every Mega Man game I've got.  Everything from NES 1-6/SNES 7/PSX 8/Wii 9& 10 on HARDEST difficulties, Rockman and Forte SNES, followed by the GB 1-5, Power Battles 1 & 2 VIA my Dynamo Cab, then move onto Megaman X-X3 SNES/X4-X6 PS2 VIA X collection, and if time allows, I'll move onto Mega man Legends 1 & 2...

Anyway, if you want to donate, please Click Here.  You can use Paypal, a credit card, or a check.  Any amount helps.  The site suggests donating $24 but you can donate however much you want.  I have a goal of $100 which I hope I can meet with everyone's help!

I'll be taking donations tonight and all through tomorrow while I go through this madness!

If you have any questions feel free to ask here or get in touch with me.


19:45 CST :: 10/15/2010

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Post made with permission. I moved it.

GL with the cause.

01:50 CST :: 10/16/2010

Stormy Pumper


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24 hours is pretty intense, especially with Mega Man, a game with reflex requirements.  Gonna stock up on caffeine?


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06:13 CST :: 10/17/2010


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Stock up on RedBull  :D

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