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Posted by: valius on 16:32 CST :: 11/17/2005

In the earlier mixes of Pump It Up, the mode in which you could play songs with steps that went across 2 pads was called Double Mode.  In Premiere 2/Rebirth, the mode's name was changed to become Full Double, due to the introduction of Half-Double mode to the game.  When Prex 3 was released, the mode's name was changed to Free Style, which is the name you will see today in the newest Pump It Up mixes.

Also, Nightmare mode, which came out in Prex 3, also uses steps that goes across 2 pads.  The difference between Free Style mode and Nightmare mode is that Nightmare mode features much harder steps than the Free Style mode does, so please be wary of trying Nightmare mode too early in your Pump It Up career. :P

Here's a small timetable of mode changes:

1st Dance Floor: Double Mode
2nd Dance Floor: Double Mode
O.B.G.: Double Mode
O.B.G. S.E./The Collection: Double Mode
Perfect Collection: Double Mode
Premiere: Double Mode
Extra: Double Mode
Premiere 2/Rebirth: Full Double Mode
Prex 2: Full Double Mode
Premiere 3: Full Double Mode
Prex 3: Free Style Mode
Exceed: Free Style Mode
Exceed 2: Free Style Mode

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