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Question: Can you drive stick shift? :: Total Votes:17
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Yes 12  [70.59%]
No 5  [29.41%]
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08:18 CST :: 9/27/2011

Resident Pump pianist and Cornell alumnus

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Standard, stick, stick shift...whatever you want to call it. Can you drive a car with it? I don't know how to guess how many people here may have learned to drive stick at some point, so I just thought I'd ask.

As for me...no. I only know automatic. I've heard of a clutch, and I think I might be able to learn it at some point since I've had practice with foot pedals on the piano...but generally speaking, if I have to be stuck with a standard car I'm screwed.

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12:10 CST :: 9/27/2011

what the LOL

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Only auto for me. I want to learn one day just in case I need to make a getaway.

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20:23 CST :: 9/27/2011

The Devil's Advocate

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I know how to, but have no experience.

I am perfectly capable of operating the manual transmission of a motorcycle, same basic principles for a car, just everything is re-arranged and it's not a sequential box anymore.

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15:43 CST :: 9/28/2011

***Level 7 PH Member***

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Once I started driving stick, I realized how much more fun it was to drive. I'd never go back.


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19:00 CST :: 9/28/2011

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I can drive stick and automatic interchangeably, and yes, a stick is a lot more fun to drive. Not only that, but some vehicles (sports cars especially) can only be driven in stick-shift.

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03:37 CST :: 10/15/2011

It must be a sign of the sickness...

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First car was an auto, then I had my mom's truck passed down to me which was manual. I don't think I could ever go back to driving an automatic car. It just feels like you're missing a degree of control without the third pedal.


14:32 CST :: 10/15/2011

Pumper Zero
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If you don't know how to use a manual transmission, you don't know the real sensation of driving a car.

Automatic transmitions doesn't give you total control over the car, like the manual ones.


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09:21 CST :: 10/18/2011

*Level 3 PH Member*

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Automatic transmission are not common in france :) Bad drivers are :(

23:33 CST :: 12/25/2011

***Level 7 PH Member***

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...3 months later, my answer is yes!  Its a good skill to have, just for the sake of being able to drive someone else's car if it came down to it.  I know if I drove someone in my manual car (I don't have one currently) and I sprained my left ankle while playing PUMP, someone's gotta drive us back!  I've also heard of instances where people try to steal a manual car as a getaway car after a crime but because they  couldn't operate it, the cops got to them!


21:19 CST :: 1/06/2012

a fan of Doraemon

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when I learned how to drive for the first time, I was using manual car. Currently I am using automatic one. I've tried both, and I prefer the automatic one. Considering all the crowded street and traffic jam in my country ..


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