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17:13 CST :: 10/11/2012

Awesome d00d

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I was wondering if any of you old timers happen to still have any videos of Andy(mini-spike) or myself playing pump. Or any entertaining videos from back in that era (anyone remember Vinter's painstyle? LOL)

If you don't know who anyone referenced in this post is then you wouldn't have anything I'm interested in.



20:46 CST :: 10/17/2012

PH Webmaster

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...it would shock me if they're still there, but I'll check the FTP at PH. I know for a fact there was a "Miklotov and Mini-Spike" videos page here back in 2003.

Eh, I found this old thing: http://www.ph-online.net/html....ke.html

I may have deleted those videos at some point to save space back when that was an issue. I'll dig through my backups, but I'm not sure I can find them.

As far as videos from that era are concerned, all of these videos were here along with yours back in 2003:


Tounge73 uploaded most of these, if not all.

EDIT: damn, no dice. I found the txt files with the descriptions, for example:

"Andy doing Solitary 2 on crazy, a simple S,
but I frequently fuck up the double tap
in the beginning. I get 2 misses."

But the videos themselves appear to be deleted. :(

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