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Topic: PIU Pro2 Routine Edits, For those who enjoy Routine Mode< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
19:06 CST :: 4/22/2012




This is AMV Edits from the PumpProEdits.com website before it closed down. Here I am making my routine step charts available to everyone. About 76 are available below.

Routine mode has been around for a while with only a handful of charts, but PIU Pro 2 is what brought it into a better light with a difficulty curve to ease players into getting around each other.

Requests for Routine Edits are welcome. Please keep in mind that routine mode takes far more play testing than any other mode of gameplay.

Here Is a link for the downlaod It is also attached.

I left out about 22 edits that are rather questionable, and will come on request such as the remake of Dawgs in Da House, Csikos Post, some copies of other people's edits that were never made available for download, and some betas that will never be finished because they are just not right.

I honestly doubt I will be stopping anytime soon with the Fiesta EX update coming ...

Download attachment [ PH File Download ]
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Number of downloads: 120

14:22 CST :: 4/24/2012




Ok Here is a list of some of the more noted edits in the above zip.
Not all are listed.

PRO List
PBM=>RPM -- 10
Rather tricky considering that the moves are given without cues, although time between them is sufficient

Do What you Wanna Do
Fashion Show --6
My first completed routine edit. Introduces the "get off" move early. Just have fun and pose.

Groovin' Motion
UnEven -- 8
First attempt at making a dramatically asymmetrical chart. P2>P1. Splits hazard.

Mine Stopper --12
Move during the stops.

Dance Battle --9
Walk around a stationary partner

Crossover List

Cannon D
Major D-cree -- 12
All switches. One sudden Hand/trip/triple

Eloping -- 12
Uses the run around (Mini Pink Fuzzy Bunny move). Inspired by the BGV. P2 is the girl. P1 is the boy. Stairs.

Pump Me Amadeus
In the Rain -- 10
Run to U-turn to off

Apprentice -- 8
A play depicting a master (P2) training the apprentice (P1)

I'll Give You All My Love
Star and Fan -- 9
Intricacy comes into play. P1 goes with singer. P2 dances around P1

Encore List

Can Can
Orpheus Tune --8
Literally do the Can Can. Occasional spin

Figure 8 --11
Most infamous routine among those I play with. Literally run in a figure 8.

Tribal Style
Bongos --11
Skips and hands. Oh and you jump over your partner.

Pro 2 List

Crowdpleaser (drop the mic mix)
Encore begin/easy/hard/crazy -- 5/7/11/13
Now everyone can agree to play this song because it has a difficulty for everyone

Don't Don't Go Away
Leave Me -- 12
A different kind of hard. Please do not step on eachother ....

Dream to Nightmare
Maddening -- 12
Only 250 notes of hell. Techys hate it. Freestylers find it interesting.

Hardkore of the North
Fallen Titan --11
Hands. Stairs Left Left then Right Right

Man vs Mountain
Big obstacle -- 11
Joke edit where one player is a mountain that the other must get to the other side of.

River Stomp --9
Share a note thanks to the power of rolls.

Time Flow --11
Intricate motion. Splits hazard.

00:52 CST :: 5/12/2012

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Im looking for routine charts but Id like what exactly this is for? thank you

09:55 CST :: 5/12/2012

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Quote (evil @ 00:52 CST :: 5/12/2012)
Im looking for routine charts but Id like what exactly this is for? thank you

Pump It Up Pro 2 - Arcade.

11:07 CST :: 5/12/2012




New Routine Edit Chart Available

Haven - SGX
peace - R10

22:23 CST :: 5/21/2012




New Routine Edit for PIU Pro 2
Bang the Bass by Wez Devine
Triple Step -- RT10

21:53 CST :: 5/29/2012




New Routine Edits Available

I'm Just a DJ by Ekowraith
Turntable - r10
Has a new feel to it compared to my other charts.

Tell Me a Story (Compendium Mix) by SGX
Monomyth -R10
Inspired my Joseph Campbell's the hero's journey.

20:01 CST :: 6/04/2012




A new Banned routine edit
Available on request only

Hanky Panky by Jenny Rom
Get Head -- R11

Just as questionable as Dawgs in Dah House

I am very glad the move works and it is indeed "fun" the same way Dawgs was. But I must admit that I am not TOO proud of it. ...

22:55 CST :: 6/18/2012




Good News and Bad news ...

Bad news ... The stepeditor for Fiesta EX Does not support routine mode ... so I cannot submit anything for the editor competition, unless they do not mind using stepmania ... AND I am slowing down routine mode creation because of ...

Good news. I finally have a youtube channel to show what trouble you might be getting yourself into with these edits ... My Channel
AND There are some surprises for anyone interested in a Triple Performance Routine.

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