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Topic: what is your favorite game?, everyone have one, tell us your one< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
11:11 CST :: 1/22/2009

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Mutant League Football.


Final Audition (Omega Mix)

20:21 CST :: 1/28/2009

Calma, calma... que no panda el cunico!


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oh I forgot...



12:39 CST :: 8/16/2010

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Megaman Zero and Crisis Core.....crisis core becuase the only game that made me cry and megaman zero becuase Zero is dat shet!!!!!

ReLeAsE ThE B3aSt!!!!!!!

13:24 CST :: 8/16/2010


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Sonic CD.

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16:51 CST :: 8/22/2010

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I don't i can choose just one game. maybe one game from each genre perhaps...so

house of the dead 1
GODHAND (bayonetta was a close second)
pump it up
raiden fighters series
can't decide on a favorite fighting game...rivals schools or CvS2 are definitely better than MvC2...but i have so many fun memories from MvC2...
pump it up, of course

konami sucks! yeah i said it, so sue me
XBLA: dododonpachi

09:11 CST :: 8/23/2010

The W
You rang Chief?

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perfect dark and i must saw the xbox arcade one is fantastic although I hope they will eventually make a decent sequel


13:21 CST :: 10/12/2010


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favorite series : Sonic the hedgehog

The time attack gives me nearly infinite replay in most Sonic titles... I'm not including the bad eggs (lol) like Sonic and the Black Knight or Sonic Unleashed... the good titles in the series rank high up there... however I am a fan of Shenmue and Xenosaga too....

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21:21 CST :: 10/12/2010

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Tumblepop :D


I'd really want to know if I have the chance, but You're too bitch to say something to me ??

14:21 CST :: 10/13/2010

i got 2 know

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Earthbound. Always Earthbound.

11:25 CST :: 10/14/2010

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Super Mario RPG
Some Final Fantasy titles.

PIU and Guitar Hero.

Harvest Moon *-*

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