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Posted by: TussalDragon344 on 07:24 CST :: 12/30/2017

Basically, I have a project I want to make, and I want to know exactly how to make those banners. I don't know the exact fonts, nor do I know where to put them exactly...
Posted by: TussalDragon344 on 10:59 CST :: 12/30/2017

Whoops, must've posted this in the wrong forum... I meant to post it to the PIU forums.... oh well. The banners are for PIU, if that wasn't clear...
Posted by: PaRtYbOy on 18:33 CST :: 1/17/2018

I'm too lazy to search for it myself, but at one point, someone on the forums had uploaded some templates and files for these. I think it was only for the Exceed 2, Zero, and NX remix and full song titlecards though, if interested a search might find those, but if you're looking for more recent ones I don't think I ever saw anything of the like uploaded here.
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