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00:09 CST :: 1/08/2011

AJ 187
that sm-ssc guy

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sm-ssc v1.2 is out for Windows. (Mac and Linux binaries will hopefully come soon.)

The changelog is pretty important this time around:
* Fix PrefsManager init list not being in order [vyhd]
* Add hack to ThemeManager to make GetThemeName() work intuitively for Scripts dirs [vyhd]
* [SongManager] Check the root Songs/ folder for extra stage course files. [freem]
* Make routine mode use ScreenGameplayShared instead of ScreenGameplay. [freem]
* Make pump-routine spacing the same as pump-double spacing. [FSX]

* [SpecialScoring] Fix some minor issues [FSX]
* New pump routine noteskins [cesarmades]

* Fix routine mode saving in the editor. [Wolfman2000]

* [Screen] Added HandleBackButton metric; useful for custom menus that need to use the Back button for more user-friendly canceling. [freem]

* [StepsDisplay] Make the StepsType react to SetMessage as well. [freem]

* [ScreenHowToPlay] Replaced LOAD_ALL_COMMANDS_AND_SET_XY_AND_ON_COMMAND macro calls with ActorUtil::LoadAllCommandsAndSetXY(). Fixes an odd bug I ran into during the porting of DDR 5th Mix. [freem]
* [ScreenInstallOverlay] Added bare DownloadFinished message. [freem]

* [ScreenHowToPlay] Have Character ignore the Miss steps instead of trying to hit them. [freem]

* [ScreenHowToPlay] Added CharacterName metric, which will force the Character that shows up. [freem]

* [ScreenEdit] Added GetEditState Lua binding. [freem]
* [ScreenNetSelectMusic] StepsDisplay changed to load from StepsDisplayNet. [freem]
* [RoomWheelItem] Added OverPart (just like in MusicWheelItem). [freem]
* [SongManager] Added GetSongRank(Song) Lua binding. [freem]
* Changed Steps picking logic in ScreenGameplaySyncMachine; now playable Steps are chosen, instead of whatever NoteData happens to be first. Also added pump-single data to ScreenGameplaySyncMachine music.sm. [freem]
* [Banner, FadingBanner] Various changes: [freem]
 * Removed (now unused) All Music banner.
 * Fixed swapped ScrollRandom and ScrollRoulette metrics.
* [Banner] Added GetScrolling(), GetPercentScrolling() and SetScrolling(bool,float) Lua bindings.
* [FadingBanner] Added GetLatestIndex() Lua binding. [freem]

* Fixed Life difficulty scale being 0. [Daisuke Master]

* Added Banners for most SortOrders. (Group is excluded (song group banners still work), as is Recent (which has no sections).) [freem]

* Added Shift+Ctrl+F2 shortcut for reloading overlay screens (and metrics) [freem]

* SM5SVN r28586: Only unload fonts if not used by the next screen. [shakesoda]
* [ScreenSelectMaster] Fix DoSwitchAnyways to actually work again.
* [ScreenInstallOverlay] Installs won't jump to SelMusic on Gameplay or System Menus (e.g. Edit Mode) anymore on download completion. [freem]

* [Actor] Add bezier. (_fallback/02 Actor.lua) [FSX]
* [MessageManager] Added MenuStartP1 and MenuStartP2 messages. [freem]
* [ScreenSelectMaster] Broadcast MenuStartP# messages; allow themers to handle the MenuStartP# messageitems. [freem]

* [WheelNotifyIcon] add BlinkPlayersBest metric. [freem]
* [GameCommand] Add GetScreen, GetSteps, GetCourse, GetTrail, and GetCharacter Lua bindings. [freem]
* [StreamDisplay] Remove UseThreePartMethod.
* [Style] Add ColumnsPerPlayer and NeedsZoomOutWith2Players bindings. [freem]
* [Profile] Add GetLastUsedHighScoreName Lua binding. [freem]

* [MusicWheelItem] Add OverPart. [freem]
* [Profile] SetCharacter(sCharID) Lua binding added. [freem]
* [GameState] GetCharacter(PlayerNumber) and SetCharacter(PlayerNumber,sCharID) Lua bindings added. [freem]

* [Sprite] Added SetAllStateDelays(fDelay) Lua binding. [freem]
* [MusicWheelItem] Added metric commands to NormalPart/ColorPart. [freem]

* Transplanted file download code from SM4 into sm-ssc.
 sm-ssc can now handle the stepmania:// url protocol. [Chris Danford, freem]

* [RollingNumbers] Added Load(sMetricsGroup) Lua binding. [freem]
* Modifications to pump mode spacing. [Daisuke Master]
* Add eval song data for songs with no banner. [Midiman]

* [EditMenu] Enable the EditMenu to be themed more extensively. (Splits out the rows into Label and Value.) [freem]

* [MusicWheelItem] Gave NormalPart/ColorPart names, so metrics can be used to manipulate them. [freem]
* [MusicWheelItem] add Color param to SetMessage. [freem]
* Added --with-sse2 configure flag for SSE2 heuristic optimizations. [vyhd]
* Added 03 IniFile to start building new userprefs/themeprefs API. [vyhd]
* [EditMenu] Converted old non-specific metrics to more specific metrics. [freem]
 {Metric Changes}
 SongBannerWidth,SongBannerHeight -> SongBannerOnCommand
 GroupBannerWidth,GroupBannerHeight -> GroupBannerOnCommand
 RowLabelsX -> Label#X
 RowLabelOnCommand -> Label#OnCommand
 RowValue#X -> Value#X
 RowValueOnCommand -> Row#OnCommand
 {Metric Additions}
 SongBannerChangeCommand/GroupBannerChangeCommand - runs when song/group banner is changed.
 Label#GainFocus/LoseFocusCommand and Value#GainFocus/LoseFocusCommand - runs when the Label and Value gain/lose focus.

* Increased default scrolling speed. Modifies how the speed mods work. [shakesoda]

That last change (at the bottom) is VERY IMPORTANT, as it modifies how the speed mods work.
The option to change this is in Options -> More Options -> Theme Options, and is called "Adjust Speed". Set it to "Normal". If you are relaying the release of sm-ssc to another forum, please include this statement so there is no confusion.

In addition, there is no Zip release of sm-ssc v1.2 for Windows, as the stepmania:// protocol handling requires adding information to the registry.

You can grab sm-ssc from the Google Code Project Page.

sm-ssc: making StepMania better for the rest of us

00:58 CST :: 1/08/2011

Daisuke Master

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22:28 CST :: 1/11/2011

*Level 1 PH Member*

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All right ... but only a few questions

How to use the mode routine in the editor?
What are the keyboard shortcuts?

that's all :yay:

22:22 CST :: 1/14/2011

Owner of Pump Pro Edits

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In case your F1 key is broken and/or it's hard to read that menu:

Use the forward slash key (usually shares it with the question mark key) to switch players.

Visit Pump Pro Edits today!

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