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17:41 CST :: 4/18/2016

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Just wondering if there is a difference in the pads between newer/older cabinets. I haven't played/seen a GX/DX cabs in several years and it's hard to remember.

Also depending on which site you look at, some say the CX cabinet is taller than a TX. Is this true? I mean.. it has a smaller screen and lighter weight but just curious.

20:34 CST :: 4/18/2016

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IIRC, the only pads that are substantially different are DX pads; having a deeper recession on the arrows, as well as bigger brackets and screws. I'm probably wrong though; haven't read much on the subject. I do know for a fact that GX and DX pads are different from each other, though.

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11:59 CST :: 4/20/2016

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SD / DX pads
These are the basic bitch pads, These are pretty close to DDR pads in design and shape, You can get everything from weird lightbulbs to CFL`s as your lights, the sensors are fantastic long lasting ones. The frames are prone to rust if you dont clean them regularly. They also have an L shaped piece of stainless steel that screws into the back of the pads for displaying more graphics, just like DDR pads. The arrows use a somewhat cheap material that causes them to flex inward when you step on them, This is fixed in the next pad revision.

SX / GX pads
these are like the previous models, but they have no recession on the underside of the pads where you mount the bars, Its completely flush. This is where andamiro decided to take their own taste and design to the pads, They made new graphics which look Much better, And axed the whole "L shaped pad-skirt" thing that had more graphics since arcade owners found them to get in the way. These pads use a different manufacturing process making them stronger with a more solid paint job, and are naturally much more rust resistant. Later versions of these began to get shipped with LEDs instead of CFLs.

FX pads
These take everything from the GX pads and crank it up a notch, Except now they use slightly cheaper sensors, They are easy to fire off, but they split abit easier than the previous model, Not bad though. The pads have new graphics and a small new feature added, Now the bars and barmounts are one solid piece that bolts into the frame, Making a MUCH more sturdy bar, with the downside that you have to remove the steel sheets at the back of the dancepads to get to the bolts that secure your bars. Lights behind panels are now LED

CX/TX pads
Nowww we get to the biggest change of all. No longer made in korea, Now made in china. the L brackets that protect your sensors are now made of plastic, The arrows have 0 brackets and are all square / rectangle shaped instead of having a curve to them at the edges making bracketing easier. They use a cheaper grade of material for the arrows so they break easier. The bars follow the same style as the FX pads. Lights behind the panels are LED. The pads are too new to show signs of rust and decay just yet, but I can tell you now that they feel overall cheaper.

Your best bet if you are going to buy pads, get FX or GX pads.

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