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Topic: Is PIU Pro 2 available for pc anywhere?, I'm buying my own machine finally< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
16:23 CST :: 5/24/2016

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You can get a jamma PCB and PIUIO down the line from http://arcadespareparts.com

and I know what you are thinking, But, trust me, Just use StepF2.

Unlike any other mix, StepF2 has exclusive songs from the latest update, as well as every song from pump it up infinity up to version 1.09. These songs are encrypted into the game and cannot be found elsewhere for SM or ITG.

07:54 CST :: 5/25/2016

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Quote (ThatDudeNirvash @ 16:23 CST :: 5/24/2016)
Just use StepF2.

seriously, this

There's a lot that doesn't feel quite right about PiU when you're running something designed around DDR or ITG in 5-panel mode.  The timing windows feel odd, the grading's a mile off, the aesthetics won't feel right, it's bizarre.  It's really something I'd never have thought about before I bought my machine, because my big plan was to just stick Stepmania on there and go.  Nope.  Pro does do a great job of fixing that problem and gets about 95% of the way there, it's good enough for most people, but there's a little something extra in StepF2 that really seals the deal that I can't put my finger on.  But, the whole game's encrypted with the newer songs and stuff baked-in like Nirvash brought up, so it's pretty well the definitive one-stop shop for your home version needs.

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Quick Reply: Is PIU Pro 2 available for pc anywhere?

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