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Posted by: Turkeyslam on 13:57 CST :: 4/01/2005

I guess it really was hard to top last year's April Fools joke, wasn't it? Well, yeah, here's the scoop on that. We decided to make a joke about Exceed 2 being the last mix of Pump, and how Andamiro made the cabinets for ITG2, they'd be devoting all their effort to that game instead. Pump would die, ITG would prevail, blah blah blah. Well, the plan looked like it was going to work, with our ridiculous banner and that corny ITG section and all, but literally a few hours before we relaunched PH, Proz posted about an interview Arturo had with Yahpp of Banya and how Exceed 3 is in development and stuff (interview coming soon to PH), and that just TOTALLY killed our joke. We wouldn't be able to fool nearly as many gullible people as we would have liked. Besides, I bet most of you didn't even reach the paragraph where I mentioned this stuff in the last news article (OMG WTF DOWNLOADS!), and a lot of you aren't even reading this now, so that joke backfired for real. I decided to be a cruel bitch one more time and try again on April Fools Day. I know you guys looooved our second joke, and I'm sure now that I'm admitting it was BS, some people from an unnameable site are probably not too happy. Oh well!

Now the updates will really begin. As you can see by our kickass new banner, thanks to Hozz, PH v3.0 is in full swing. Expect lots of new updates in the coming days.

Oh, and one last thing before I go. This place is called Pump Haven and not Pump "Heaven"... gah!! Just to get it straight:

ha·ven    ( P )  Pronunciation: [hay-ven]
•  n.
•  A harbor or anchorage; a port.
•  A place of refuge or rest; a sanctuary.

Got it? Good! Let's get ready to party.

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