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Topic: Pump it up or ddr, What do you like?< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
14:49 CST :: 4/06/2005

The fat asian who can dance


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As for me, i like pump it up cause it is a whole lot more fun and harder than ddr.  the hard songs in ddr are just plain blah.  My friend in my school thinks ddr is the hardest most fun the super ultra mighty dance game ever.  im just like  "take a look at this vid. its a vid of RAW.  yea its a pump song."  I just pause at the last step and he was all  :oo: hes like...oh....."DDR IS STILL BETTER BIATCH!!!!"
my response to that:  you cant even do ddr heavy mode....


18:29 CST :: 4/06/2005

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I like them both, but I like PIU more since because it has a different variety of genres of songs, it's harder and easier to freestyle, but the reasons I like DDR since it's mostly consist of techno which I also enjoy, but not as much as kpop though, and it's harder to freestyle which is a fun challenge for me...  Lol, I meant to vote for both, but I guess I accidentally voted for DDR!

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19:55 CST :: 4/06/2005

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I vote for PUMP... DDR Sux all the way <.<

well, DDR arrows are so strange... It's kinda weird the vertical and horizontal arrows, with Pump you can move more naturally. The only thing that saves DDR from being a complete shit is the songs, but Pump has nice songs too

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20:25 CST :: 4/06/2005


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I voted for PIU... it's obvious PIU will get the most votes at a PIU site... heh no matter how many songs are stuck on DDR it just never gets as fun as PIU.

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01:04 CST :: 4/07/2005

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