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Posted by: valius on 16:16 CST :: 11/17/2005

Mini-Spike is the man from the legendary state of New York in the United States of America, and it shames me that some of you have to actually look at this thread in your ignorance of his greatness.  :annoyed:  Whenever Mini speaks, it is as if a torrent of wisdom, power, and comedy come down in one gigantic wave.  Most people in awe of his greatness can only feel fear or anger at the sheer might and execution of it all.  Do not worry, my friends who feel that way about the man himself... it is only natural that you should feel that way, for I once felt that way myself, until I learned truly about his greatness.  And now all of you in ignorance shall KNOW the existence of the MAN, that is, MINI-SPIKE.

Writer's footnote: The main point of that was if you see a Mini-Spike post... take what you see with a grain of salt or don't take it too seriously.  You will make yourself a whole lot less angry and stressed that way. :P

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