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Posted by: TheBIGbadJackal on 01:06 CST :: 1/12/2019

One of the primary locations to play Prime 2 around Minneapolis is at Smaaash in the Mall of America. It's a new LX cabinet with fantastic pads, but when I can go from an SS on Gargoyle D20 on one day and then get 30 Greats on Pick Me D16 the next, there's something very wrong.

It feels like Hard Judgment is always on, but the arcade operators don't believe anything has changed. I remember hearing that older versions had a setting in the operator menu that would make the game more difficult by reducing the timing window. I don't know if this is still a thing on newer versions. Can any Prime 2 owners verify?

I did notice some anomalies. If you play songs like The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog, the final arrow is supposed to stretch and blink for a split second. That wasn't happening before, but now it does. There were a few more visual differences like this when compared to other arcades. I bring this up because I suspect the game may have been running at a different speed, possibly giving a larger Perfect window and essentially nullifying the stricter timing window. Just a crazy thought.

Comparatively, the Dave & Busters a few miles away has a Prime 2 TX cabinet and the timing feels just fine with none of the anomalies listed above. When the tech was flipping through the system menu, most options were at default values. Level was set to Normal.

Any thoughts?

Posted by: Crazy_Musician on 00:22 CST :: 1/14/2019

All machine settings (Easy, Normal, and Hard) will affect both timing and lifebar mechanics, but luckily there's a way to check which difficulty you are on without the operator menu:

- Start any song and chart that you know you can full perfect combo from the beginning for a while
- Observe at what combo number the lifebar fully fills
- Easy fully fills at about 50, Normal is something like 76-78, and oddly enough Hard is in between those two

Posted by: TheBIGbadJackal on 07:46 CST :: 1/15/2019

Thank you, that's a clever trick.

Yesterday we confirmed our suspicions by having one of the employees open the system menu. It was on the Hard difficulty. Fortunately he was nice enough to change it to Normal.

The simplest explanation is that someone has been fiddling with the difficulty settings without notifying other people. We may never know for sure, but we now know that the timing is affected.

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