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Question: Resident Evil Series :: Total Votes:3
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I prefer the newer action oriented Resident Evil 0  [0.00%]
I prefer the older horror inspired Resident Evil 3  [100.00%]
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19:08 CST :: 12/01/2010

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Remember the old days when we used to jump at the sight of that dog jump threw the window in Resident Evil 2, or worry if those lying bodies are really sleeping zombies?

Nowadays, everyone that has played an RE game has notice some major changes. The 3rd person behind the shoulder perspective is a new edition since RE4 as well the scares being replaced by action.

If you played RE5 back when RE2 came out, you'll notice that only similarities are the inventory style and use of zombies. Which do you guys prefer? Because I'm going back to Dead Space for my survival horror nowadays.

EDIT: Uh oh... this should be moved to the gaming section. I feel like the new guy again...

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01:33 CST :: 12/02/2010

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18:24 CST :: 12/02/2010


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I prefer the action oriented because there "scares" in the old RE games could be predicted easily by how much the disc drive was loading... and good grief the old consoles really let you know when they were loading.  :P

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