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Posted by: Koop on 15:33 CST :: 9/23/2009

Uploaded an album? Cool!
Share it with us.

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this is House Rulez 2nd album.

Posted by: valius on 15:50 CST :: 9/23/2009

Thanks Koop!  I'm going to go check it out.

I think this is a good hub for uploading albums in general onto the MediaDB.  Also, I suppose this thread should be used for requests as well?

Posted by: Koop on 23:14 CST :: 9/23/2009

Sure! Why not!
Posted by: giamatti on 02:06 CST :: 9/24/2009

got the house rulez pool party album? that's the only thing i haven't heard from them yet.

from what i noticed with the album, a lot of the notable songs are either electro-house (like the 37th avenue) or seemingly having a greater incorporation of electropop than your typical house music (like pop and the high school disco dual songs), although there are still some retaining the pure house feel (like the seoro redit of city lights n seoul, sweet emotions and the 08 version of snow piano). heck there's even a pure electropop song already (after moon).

the album overall is very pop-oriented, though the mojito album's a little more recommended for a good feel of their main genre and a little more of the group in general

Posted by: luciusxx on 04:48 CST :: 9/24/2009

Good shit!

Gonna' whore these songs in my media-player

Posted by: PaRtYbOy on 08:52 CST :: 9/24/2009

Quote (giamatti @ 04:06 CST :: 9/24/2009)
got the house rulez pool party album? that's the only thing i haven't heard from them yet.

I got it, I'll upload it once I get a chance, probably sometime tonight, if not then tomorrow morning.
Posted by: davyn on 00:31 CST :: 9/25/2009

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Posted by: giamatti on 01:59 CST :: 4/15/2014

Had to get back here and get a copy of the Mojito album so I can have 처음처럼 in my playlists again. Good sax  :wink:
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