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Posted by: ThatDudeNirvash on 01:33 CST :: 1/11/2017

This will basically serve as a "Master list" for where to get what since things are....Scattered more or less at the moment.

I will be mirroring things in the near future as well since Mega has daily-download caps So keep an eye out for that.

StepF2 Pump HDD decrypt Song Packs ( Media Packs ) *Required* 7GB
< >
^These are the MP3`s, Graphics, And Lua used by every song in pump it up ever.

StepF2 v1.13 Game Engine *Required* 271MB
< >
^This is the games engine. As well as an update to the song packs above

-Everything beyond this point is HDD decrypted background videos, Tons and tons of gigabytes of them-

BGAs ( Background videos ) - All background videos up to Fiesta 2
<!m1Al3BYI!CND_SDRgT3akuW04i_CFdw >

BGAs ( Background videos ) - Pump it up Prime (And 1st-exceed in 60fps unlike the above link)
<!td1DWSLI!W-jbgTqWAdKlUXVgtaTHIA >

BGAs ( Background videos ) - Pump it up Infinity
<!FcNXEbYQ!Joh1FMFEnm46Bg6IQ9gqjg >

BGAs ( Background videos ) - Pump it up Pro
< >

BGAs ( Background videos ) - Pump it up Pro 2
<!qwICWbDK!cJtttnMlY71MkVkXLQ501g >

Official Setup Guide
< >

Nirvash Approved QUALITY Songpacks:

Step1 : Custom Music ( In the StepF2 / ITSF2 )
< >
This song pack features Awesome music with insane gimmicks similar to what you see in ITG charts, as well as a few songs converted / ported from ITG such as the infamous Mawaru series. Expect to see your arrows spinning around, being turned into beatmania keys, and to be attacked by characters from Touhou mid-song! Difficulty rating is from beginner to absolute grandmaster. (20 songs)

Songs- < >
BGAs- < >
This songpack is ALL music and BGA`s from the DJmax series, Incredible music selection with great stepcharts on top of it, The difficulty level is on the higher end with nothing easier than S15, But for you mid-high range players, This is for you! (100+ songs)

<!eZ5hSSjI!vRpNcJD-lehU88u3JmFkFA >
<!W....38dB3aw >
INCREDIBLE REMIXES! all remixes of official pump songs, Some of the best I heard that could easily be official content. Hell some of them are better than the official content! This mid to high range pack is absolutely jawdropping with quality. Get it! NOW!

PIU Vietnam
< >
An Absolutely ENORMOUS songpack with tons of diversity, Quality steps ranging from beginner to expert, Background videos, And more! This pack really caught me off guard with how good it was. A must have for any pumper! (100+ songs)

PIU NXIndonesia ( NXI )
- v1.00.00 : < >
- v1.01.00 : < >
- v1.02.00 : < >
- v1.03.00 : < >
- v1.04.00 : < >
- v1.05.00 : < >
I love this songpacks diversity and steps, I cant say much about some of the songs, But the "Violet perfume" remix in this song pack alone makes it worth the download. Give it a shot!

< > (v1.00-1.09)
< > (v1.10)
A marvelous fun songpack with all kinds of goodies and great charting. Im getting tired of typing so just downloaddd ittttt. Its all good stuff I swear!

<!040WDaLb!1nCGNWglBzzjosEL7e-ieA >
Excellent charting, Good music, The one that made me add this songpack was "Showtime [full song]" because of the absolute mastery of control used over the arrows.

Killer Collection
<!Y....JCVby2A >
I actually had to mirror this one since the creator and their pages all disappeared... Sucks, Because its a pretty good collection, An absolute must try for top tier players is Vertex Beta, Good steps too.

====April 2017 update
11 More quality packs! Stuff I have found from all across the world, Even hidden in a completely disconnected chinese PIU community!
< >
Fan steps for SM
Stepmakers X Universe
Pedrokill Project


If you have a songpack you would like added to the list or want me to test it, Submit it in this thread or Submit it to the StepF2 Facebook Page.

Posted by: EduardoCastro17 on 15:48 CST :: 4/03/2017

Hi! I have a yt channel with lots of songs. Please check it out! :)
< >

Posted by: Killer_Pumper on 13:58 CST :: 4/11/2017

Dude, I'm the creator of Killer Collection, I just updated the name of my fan page, check this link:

< >

there is the link of the pack ver 1.0 and update 1.1  ^_^

Posted by: Kharan on 17:33 CST :: 12/29/2017


It's great to have access to so much stuff, so thank you, but where are the simfiles? Unfortunately I can't use StepF2 (Mac user), but would still like the content for StepMania.

Thanks in advance  :D

Posted by: ThatDudeNirvash on 23:12 CST :: 1/05/2018

Quote (Kharan @ 17:33 CST :: 12/29/2017)

It's great to have access to so much stuff, so thank you, but where are the simfiles? Unfortunately I can't use StepF2 (Mac user), but would still like the content for StepMania.

Thanks in advance  :D

Stepmania does not have the modifications that StepF2 does, So the files will not work.
Posted by: Kharan on 15:13 CST :: 1/06/2018

Right. Still, StepF2 does work with the latest stable Wine build and my new dance pad, so I found a good workaround. I'm super happy, thanks for keeping the files neatly arranged and easily accessible  :D  :D  :D
Posted by: mike_head on 16:45 CST :: 1/22/2018

in "StepF2 Pump HDD decrypt Song Packs ( Media Packs )," after 04-SKILLUP ZONE.rar, i'm not seeing any song files. just .ogg .png and .mpg. so far, i've looked through the first 3 folders after SKILLUP ZONE. am i missing something?

EDIT: is it just my keyboard, or is the judgement on StepF2 harder than on SM5?

Posted by: spedentinee on 19:32 CST :: 11/05/2020

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Posted by: awannta1234 on 00:43 CST :: 12/11/2020

Thank you SO FRICKING MUCH  :D  Because i Want download ALL Song

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