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Topic: What are the Pump Haven member groups?, I need somewhere I belong...< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
01:17 CST :: 11/21/2007

Stormy Pumper


Group: PH Administrators
Location: Hayward, CA
Joined: Mar. 2004
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You'll notice that our members are divided into groups.  The group you belong to is determined by a number of factors.  Here is a description of each group and the privileges associated with each group:

Awaiting Authorization (purple text): those who haven't responded to their confirmation e-mail and haven't completed their registration; must finalize their registration before posting/downloading files

Members (white text): regular registered members at PH

Members +SP (white text): regular members who've completed an "allowance request" for SP points in the Media DB

PH Members (silver text): Refer  to PH Members topic

PH Veterans (blue text): PH members who are long time members of the site (been a member for at least two and a half years) and have been regular posters throughout their time at PH

PH Contributors (yellow text): members who have made some kind of major unique contribution of content to the site

PH Stepmakers (orange text): members who are not only members of the community but have a sizeable amount of unique simfiles on their PH stepmaker page

PH Moderators (green text): the few members who have been asked to moderate our site - no new members will be added to this group for a long time

PH Administrators (red text): those who have the greatest access to the backbone of the site; members who have administrate or control some major aspect of the site

These are the current member groups we have, and we hope this has cleared up stuff for you all.


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