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09:35 CST :: 5/22/2007

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Quote (AJ 187 @ 13:12 CST :: 6/30/2006)
Personally, I would shift the difficulties down one:

Easy_1.ksf - single light
Easy_2.ksf - couple light
Hard_1.ksf - single standard
Hard_2.ksf - couple standard
Crazy_1.ksf - single heavy
Crazy_2.ksf - couple heavy
Double.ksf - double standard
CrazyDouble.ksf - double heavy

But then there'd be a problem for HalfDouble.

Also, "is required for reasons only Andamiro knows (an employee of his actually wrote the original KSF format)".
I'd change "his" to "theirs" there.

You really can't compare DDR and PIU. DDR seems to go from easy to really hard to extremely hard, whereas PIU seems to go from intermediate to somewhat hard to yeah, fuck that. The learning curves of both games are way different.

23:22 CST :: 6/08/2007

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regarding doubles, that is correct. SM converts your doubles ksf to the Doubles Standard difficulty.


12:52 CST :: 3/03/2008

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can u help me to find songs for my KIU  :P  

a link, or msn   :D


Seeya :P

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