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Posted by: the_peacemaker on 10:50 CST :: 2/07/2011

Happy 50th Art! Hope it's a great one!

Thanks for being an awesome fan and follower for all this time!

Posted by: Arturo on 15:08 CST :: 2/07/2011

Damn, surely that topic title HAS to be a typo !    haha

Thanks, peace !   :yay:

Posted by: DJ_Doc on 19:23 CST :: 2/07/2011

I really wish you a happy one, get wasted and everything XD
you Rock man!!!
H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y !!!!!!!!
btw... send me some Kimchi LOL

Posted by: Pawprint on 20:43 CST :: 2/09/2011

Posted by: Freirito on 17:16 CST :: 2/14/2011

Happy Birthday dear Uncle :D
Posted by: Arturo on 09:30 CST :: 2/15/2011

Thanks, sobrino !
Posted by: ddraholic on 17:49 CST :: 2/26/2011

Thanks for being the one damn person older than me, Art. Oh wait Pawprint...
Posted by: Arturo on 02:45 CST :: 2/27/2011

Hah, he seems like my elder....    :P
Posted by: ndre on 09:17 CST :: 2/27/2011

grandpa! happy birthday~~~ :D
Posted by: Arturo on 20:09 CST :: 2/28/2011

Thanks, Dr. Bangsat !  ^^
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