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Topic: In which Pump It Up mix did song XX appear?, Finding which song is in which mix< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
17:16 CST :: 11/16/2005

Stormy Pumper


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You can find the answer to this question easily in the Pumphaven's Master Song List.  It is a comprehensive and exhaustive list on all Pump It Up songs that have appeared in Pump It Up history.  

Once you have loaded the Song List page, you can use Ctrl+F to open up the Find window/bar depending on your browser.  In the Window, type the name of the song you wanted and press Enter, and if your song has been in a Pump It Up Mix before, the Find window should take you to the part of the list the song is listed in.  You can use the bullets to determine which mix your song has appeared in (the position of the bullets correspond to the mix list at the top of the song list).

Alternatively, you can use the song's ID number on the list to determine quickly which mix your song has premiered in.  The song ID is the number that was assigned to the song by the PIU programmers to the song's audio files, step files,etc.  The ID is assigned based on the mix the song premiered in, and it consists of two parts.

Take song #720 (I Love You by Jewelry) for example.  The 7 means that this song premiered in mix "7" of Pump It Up.  The 20 means that this is the 20th premiered song in that mix.  

However, there is a little discrepancy with the mix numbers as well, particularly with the 700s and 900s.  Here is more accurate info about the mixes with regards to the first number (in chronological order).

Song ID - Mix Premiered in
100s - PIU 1st Dance Floor
200s - PIU 2nd Dance Floor
300s - PIU O.B.G
400s - PIU O.B.G S.E. and PIU Collection
500s - PIU Perfect Collection
600s - PIU Premiere
900s - PIU Extra
700s - PIU Rebirth and PIU Premiere 2
800s - PIU Premiere 3 and PIU Prex 3
A00s - PIU Exceed
B00s - PIU Exceed 2

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask around the forum or PM a moderator or admin to help you.


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