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Topic: Member Introduction Thread (new members as well), Introduce yourself here!< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
21:16 CST :: 4/03/2005

Stormy Pumper


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Hi pumphaven,

Let's work hard to make a great community here at pumphaven.com!  Tell us more about you, your interests, and the interesting things about you!  We want to know!

So... I guess I'll start the thread.

Real name: Kevin Tan
Age: 19
Hometown: Saipan of the Northern Marianas Islands
Ethnicity: Chinese
Languages: Chinese, English, and some Japanese
Occupation: Student @ Northwestern Unversity
Interests: Computer programming, writing novels, dancing simulation games, American and European animation, anime, cultures of other countries, Asian languages
Favorite song to play: Time to Say Goodbye by So Chan Hwi
Best song (and mode): Csikos Post Crazy (A 6 misses and 6 bads)
How you discovered Pump It Up: My father and I found an OBG machine in a Korean cyber cafe in my hometown, and we decided to get Perfect Collection for the home.  Been hooked ever since.
Other stuff: Moderator of pumphaven's Pump Studio/Pump PC forums and regular poster at pumpxtreme.net and ddruk.co.uk

Anyway, keep the thread going! :)


Like Pump It Up? ?Join the PIU community in Northern California, the NorCal World Order!

21:45 CST :: 4/03/2005


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I have already started posting here but I might as well introduce myself since I just kind of randomly showed up one day and started to post at pumpxtreme.net and eventually here.

Hello everyone!

(I am going to mimic valius' setup on this post)

Real name: Terry
Age: 16
Hometown: El Centro, California
Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)
Languages: English and a little bit of spanish
Occupation: High School Student
Interests: Computers, Reading Books (Favorite Authors: Stephen King, Orson Scott Card, and many other authors), Stepmania, Pump It Up, Dance Dance Revolution, Anime, Going to the movies, and talking with friends.
Favorite song to play: Come To Me by BanYa (Hard)
Best Song: Chicken Wing Crazy
How I discovered Pump: I went on vacation to Tampico, Mexico last summer to visit my stepmom's family and I wanted to play DDR but they only had Pump It Up. I thought it was stupid at first but then became obsessed with it.
Other Stuff: I may be the only person in my town who knows what Pump It Up is. They don't have any pump machines in my town or in towns near me so I bought the game so that I could play and be apart of the pump community.

Again Hello everyone, and so far pumpxteme and pumphaven have been really good to me so far. You guys are good people. :)

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Don't you mean Charles Guiteau...

08:58 CST :: 4/04/2005

I'm renting this space. If you're interested, contact me


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Location: Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - Playing Pump once in a while
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Well, since I came up here almost randomly aswell, let me tell a little about myself :D

(copying the same Q&A)

Real name: Thiago
Age: 22
Location:Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro
Ethnicity: My father has black ascendence and my mother has European ascendence
Languages: Portuguese, English and some German
Occupation: Graduating in Law
Interests: Computer games, Hangin out with friends, watching some TV, Pump it Up (of course xD)
Favorite song to play: Most of the old P1, P2 and Extra Stuff
Best song (and mode): Best record, you mean? Another Truth Nightmare (A, 16 misses - Prex 3)
How I started playing: Jan/2002, in a Arcade when I saw some guys playing an Extra. I saw all those hard songs, almost impossible, like Beethoven Nornal, com'Back Hard...and I got interested, though I was a bit shy to go on the stage and play. After some hesitation I played I'll accept you. It was horrible, I was so fuckin nervous that i was hard as a rock... But after that I played more and more and here I am... a pump freak :p

The weeeee with H is the FALSE weeeeeee. It emanates a different energy, something negative in a certain way.

You will soon be affected by the bad luck that the weeeee with H provides to the user. I strongly advise you to stop using it as soon as possible.

Or it will be too late. =[

12:21 CST :: 4/04/2005


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Group: PH Veterans
Location: Ponta Grossa, PR, Brazil
Joined: April 2005
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Real name: Pierre-Yves de Cerjat
Age: 13
Birthtown: Genève, Switzerland
Hometown: Ponta Grossa, Paraná, Brazil
Ethnicity: European
Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and trying to learn French
Occupation: Student @ Santana College
Interests: Some anime, almost any game (especially RPG and music games), card games, good food and my girlfriend (love ya, Ariane).
Favorite song to play: Hi-Bi by BanYa
Best song (and mode): Watch Out Nightmare (9 misses and 7 bads)
Other stuff: Poster at pumpxtreme.net, ph-online.net, mxpumeprs.exoboards.com, evodancex.streetrpg.com and lilith.locaweb.com.br.

16:04 CST :: 4/04/2005

Representing Pumpcore.com

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Location: South Carolina
Joined: June 2004
Total Posts: 854

Real name: Steven Darchiville
Age: 19
Hometown: Spartanburg, SC   USA
Ethnicity: Not sure.....I can't figure it out
Languages: English
Occupation: Student & Waiter at The Peddler Steak House
Interests: My car, pump, computers, and anything that I can personalize with my own style
Favorite song to play: Watch Out nm
Best song (and mode): IGYAML cz 17 greats 1 miss
How you discovered Pump It Up: I heard about dance games in Feb. of 2004, and bought DDR Ultramix for xbox.  Two months later, a friend of mine told me about this game near by at an arcade with this song called "Beethoven Virus" and you can do a circle in it.  So I went a tried Prex 2 for my first pump experience, failing BV hard miserably.  I was hooked.


16:14 CST :: 4/04/2005

Love is a Miss Zone


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<3 <3 >>

Real name: Ziadi
Age: 18
Hometown: Olney, MD
Ethnicity: Arabic
Languages: English and a little bit of Arabic and Spanish
Occupation: College Student
Interests: Drawing (major in art for the record)
Favorite song to play: Point Break CZ
Best Song: I love you >_>
How I discovered Pump: Random visit at Virgina Beach's prex 2 machine. Grew to love it.
Other Stuff: Not too many crazy pumpers in my area, they appear like once or twice then vanish :s. Uh, i am a stepmaker here so enjoy my stuff and welcome back PHonline!


20:48 CST :: 4/04/2005

***** The General of the PumpHaven Army *****

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Group: PH Members
Location: Eden Prairie, MN USA
Joined: Feb. 2004
Total Posts: 418

Real Name: Binh Thanh Bui
Age: 15
Birthtown: St.Paul, MN
Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Languages: English, Vietnamese, a really little bit of Spanish, French, German, and Somilian.
Occupation: High School Student (10th grade)
Interests: Pump It Up, girls, video games, and some school works like building and such!
Favorite Song To Play: Love Song on NM
Best Song: Diginity Full Mix Crash on FS with bar rape with an assistant!
How I discovered PIU:  At Mall of America, at the Camp Snoopy arcade where I saw the PIU The Premiere and fail it the first time since I chose a song on Crazy Mode!

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21:47 CST :: 4/04/2005

*Level 1 PH Member*

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Group: Members-
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22:29 CST :: 4/04/2005

I am the Hangook Jin

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Real Name: Jonathan
Age: 14
Birthtown: Torrance, CA
Hometown: Torrance, CA
Ethnicity: Korean
Languages: English, Korean (not fully and i dont understand some words but i can speak it to the point the adults are impressed), little bit of Spanish
Occupation: Middle School Student (8th)
Interests: Pump, my GF, games and money!
Favorite Song To Play: Dont Bother Me(Caution) By Tashannie
Best Song: I dont know
How I discovered PIU:  Pump House i went in to see what it was and it was full of pump machines and the girl there gave me a coin saying i should try it out.

02:55 CST :: 4/05/2005

PH Webmaster

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Quote (Xenon_Angel @ 22:47 CST :: 4/04/2005)

Welcome to the site, .. .   :oo:

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