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Topic: I'm uploading all the old updates to archive.org, and I need your help< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
20:23 CST :: 7/28/2020

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Earlier in the year, I had the idea to list the updates from over the past decade on archive.org, because there's never really been a central place to get them (that I know of).  Andamiro, being the absolute chads that they are, know that it's foolish to waste their own hard drive space and bandwidth by hosting their own updates, so they've always distributed them through sites like MediaFire and Google Drive.  And as we all know, Andamiro likes to take every old mix and give it the ol' Stalin Surprise the moment a new one comes out, making it hard to find old updates.  Mediafire's about as reliable in the long term as your average Kickstarter creator, so, I'm mirroring them here:


Problem is, I'm missing a lot of them myself.  I need:

Fiesta 1: everything

Fiesta 2: almost everything (I have fiesta2_40.bin and fiesta2_60.bin, though I can't remember exactly which updates they are)

Prime: 1.11.1 through 1.16 (I have everything after 1.14, though not yet uploaded.  1.11 and under are up)

Fiesta EX, Prime 2, XX (as of 2.04), and Infinity are all complete and uploaded.  I have no idea if Pro, Pro 2, or Jump had updates, so if they did, I don't have those either.

So, post 'em if you got 'em and I'll upload them to the collection.

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Quick Reply: I'm uploading all the old updates to archive.org

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