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22:59 CST :: 5/14/2010

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I am highly interested in building a Pump It Up pad using wood and metal but a lot of tutorials on DDRFreak (retardedly slow now) were mainly made in DDR pad dimensions.

If anyone have experience in building one please tell me how to go on about doing so.

I would personally like to build it like this popular build here:

Replace the sensor guide using the Matrix style sensors but there's no tutorial that I was able to Google for.

If you could help me out please do so :)

12:17 CST :: 8/16/2010

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Bro i treid helping out but the best i can come up with is Youtube....and even then im not sure its gonna help.....hope u get those pads working

ReLeAsE ThE B3aSt!!!!!!!

14:06 CST :: 8/16/2010

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Thought there's no direct guide, it's pretty simple really.  Here:


So making those sensors won't be too hard.  However, I must say, make SURE that you're making a pad that's going to last quite awhile, not a pad that does well and is cheap.  Because while you may pay $80 or whatever now, if you have to pay that (or 50, I guess, since you'd have some things already) every three months, it's going to suck.

As for pad dimensions, according to the GQ1000, they've got this:

Pad Dimensions: 34.25"x34.25"x1 1/4". Panel Arrow Dimensions: (13 1/4" X 11" ), (11" X 11"). .

I'm not really sure how accurate that is, and even then, that doesn't describe the metal platforms and sizes (though those are calcuable with some basic math).  I'm too lazy to measure the pads I have that were homebuilt by someone else, but maybe I'll get unlazy and do so.  Still, if you do your own research, you can find what sources you need to make the best bad and make it rather cost effective too (swapping certain materials for others, browsing for sales, etc etc etc).


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