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20:04 CST :: 4/02/2012

The guy with the gun as a leg....

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So one of the main factors in leaving the Pump community originally was my heavy addiction to Rock Band.

Even now I still play religiously.  I currently have over 1400 songs and can play Expert on pretty much any instrument (except Pro guitar).  This is all despite the fact the best thing I can play on a real guitar is the opening riff to Smoke on the Water.  Though on the plus side, my musical knowledge has definitely expanded.

I was curious if anyone else here has this crazy addiction like me.


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21:03 CST :: 4/02/2012

Resident Pump pianist and Cornell alumnus

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I used to play it all the time - had RB 1&2, and two Track Packs, for the PS2. Then my drums broke.
I think my favorite accomplishment to this date has been getting a Gold on Bodhisattva Expert Guitar, or getting a Gold on a few songs (like Living on a Prayer and You Oughtta Know) on both Expert Vocals and Expert Guitar by myself.

I still play it now and then, but only occasionally. Can't afford to be addicted to it now. I basically have to treat it like a dessert, or a like a casual trip to a karaoke party with friends.

(Watch me eat my words in a year or two when I give in and buy everything ever invented for PS3 DLC.) :indifferent:

Current piano projects: None atm.

Some of my performances: Feux D'artifice, by Claude Debussy, La Cathedrale Engloutie, by Debussy, Nocturne in B Major, Op. 62 no. 1, by Frederic Chopin, Ballade no. 1 in G Minor, by Chopin, Amberley Wild Brooks, by John Ireland, Prelude in D Minor, Op. 28 No. 24, by Chopin

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00:52 CST :: 4/05/2012

**Level 5 PH Member**

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I've ended up with over 400 songs now.  I wouldn't really call it an addiction, but it seriously has been 95% of what I've used my 360 for.  Even bought a keyboard and a pro guitar for it.  I never got crazy good but I did get some literally painful achievements on Beatles and Green Day.  :D

12:48 CST :: 6/02/2012

Calma, calma... que no panda el cunico!


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hahaha I thought I was the only one with an obsession for RB drumming, I even played some PIU PC with the drum controller LOL XD


19:09 CST :: 9/15/2012

Creeping out 'Peace since 2005

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I still love Rock Band, but it's not an addiction. I have the pro guitar but haven't played it much recently, although it is fun. My hands seem to be a little small to do some of the harder chords. I can't remember what they're called, but they've got a guy's name to them.

I also have an Ion drum set. It's nice.

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