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02:33 CST :: 10/23/2019

PH Webmaster

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Hey, everyone. GoDaddy, our hosting provider for the website, suspended Pump Haven completely due to the plethora of media files scattered throughout the website. As you all know, that has mostly been the entire point of this website since its inception in September 2003.

Before I deleted essentially all of the media we've built since the beginning (GoDaddy listed specific file extensions in a -very- thorough list, including .zip files), I backed up all 100GB+ of the server files for preservation. I will be doing something with all of this at a later date. It will likely be a Google Drive filled with goodies from the past for you all to enjoy.

For now, the forums and location database are still usable. However, this incident has made me very unhappy with our host of the last 14 years. I'm working with a team of people to provide some semblance of a redesign with a much smaller footprint, along with what I hope will be a read-only version of our old and archaic Ikonboard forums for archival purposes. We have had too much of a history here for me to just let it die.

I posted about this in our Facebook group for the website (which I highly insist you all join) and the reaction from you all has been heartwarming. Initially, I was so pissed off that I was ready to let the site die, but your responses made me try to do SOMETHING about the situation.

Let's talk about what we should do with this place. I want to hear from all of you.

09:49 CST :: 11/17/2019

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Thanks for posting this information also here! I'm not in facebook and im not planning to go in. :smackhead:
So sad :(  to hear that because this is one of the few quality and reference sites for Pump it Up that still alive and it would be totally a pitty to lost all the work and memories that are kept under this place
I encourage you to do whatever you can to not let it definitely die

However it ends, I would like to thank you for everything you've done over past years maintaining this

Keep Pump it Up! PIU-1  PIU-7  PIU-5  PIU-9  PIU-3

Edited by cuky on 09:51 CST :: 11/17/2019

20:00 CST :: 12/25/2019

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You could always torrent that 100gb of media for anyone who wants to grab any of it.

04:30 CST :: 12/27/2019

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Perhaps this, which is even better:


19:04 CST :: 1/23/2020

The Hidden Watcher

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Pump it up entered in my life since its early beginning. KIU and a Demo Pump PC with Beethoven Virus were everything I had in the beginning and it was overwhelming. Pump it up and the people I've got to know were many and definetely made me be the person I am today. Pump Haven holds a great share of this dear part of my life. Many things changed after all these years, some for the better, mostly for the worse and today I don't play pump anymore. I really wish to come back but the current circumstances makes it nearly impossible for me. Still I love coming here every now and then, even if it's to lurk and download some things to remember the past, lol. I can't say how I really appreciate Turkeyslam's struggle to keep Pump Haven alive. A mere thank you may not be enough. I owe memories and even having known some friends I have today because of here. I'm very grateful and I believe this place has everything to continue being the best place for Pump It Up stuff in the world IMO.

Thanks Turkeyslam and everybody contributing to keep this site alive!

Leader of Nova Friburgo Pump Team - RJ - Majestic

Pump it up Forever - Majestic Pump Team


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