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22:17 CST :: 4/07/2005

Jason Dread
DANGER!! songs are easy

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I miss Premiere 2, when the hardest song used to be Vook on Freestyle...those were the days :wink:


23:27 CST :: 4/07/2005

Stormy Pumper


Group: PH Administrators
Location: Hayward, CA
Joined: Mar. 2004
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I miss Prex 1 and Prex 2 since those are the only mixes that stand a chance against Exceed 2.

How many Rebirth songs such as Swing Baby are we missing?  How about the ridiculous amount of Extra songs that were removed?  *sigh*  What is AM thinking?

Btw, Hangook_Jin, what game is your avatar from?  It looks interesting. :)


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01:09 CST :: 4/08/2005

PH Webmaster

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Prex 1 and Prex 2... those games are so good. Having one (or both) of those along with Exceed 2 in the same arcade would be the ultimate blessing as far as PIU goes.

02:47 CST :: 4/08/2005

*Level 3 PH Member*

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I miss the 3rd OBG, with those remixes and everything. It's easy, I know, but I used to spend much time with that beauty :p

The other one is Premiere 2, it's awesome, and Division mode was perfect! It's a pity they didn't put it in later versions.

03:07 CST :: 4/08/2005

Representing Pumpcore.com

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now that i have inspiration to wanna fs more, i would love to have prex 2 near by to play.  funky jockey, big money, guilty conscience all in the same mix, on top of so many others im leaving out, its a fs'ers dream!


22:22 CST :: 4/08/2005

The fat asian who can dance


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The Jillians i go to upgraded the premiere 2 to exceed 2.  I just wish they just got a used exceed 2 cause the pads right now suck beyond comprehension.  I just want to play the old fun songs like swing baby crazy and chance to adios crazy.  those were the days...


23:26 CST :: 4/08/2005

I am the Hangook Jin

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wow so many people miss thier old machines lol

o ya the avatar is from ragnarok but u cant do that attack in there lol

Edited by Hangook_Jin on 23:29 CST :: 4/08/2005

10:35 CST :: 4/09/2005

Pump Haven VIP and luciusxx's bitch

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I'm with McLaren -- Prex2 was the best all-time mix for me, and I miss all those fs songs.  But Exceed2 is my 2nd fave, so I can't complain much, lol.

Dallas, TX

11:36 CST :: 4/09/2005

and you can't avoid that

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Prex 2 or Premiere 2, good thing there's still one Premiere 2 machine in the area...


14:14 CST :: 4/09/2005

***** The General of the PumpHaven Army *****

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Well, not at all since of Exceed 2 is da bomb!  At least it has Love Song on NM which make me happy!

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