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Posted by: Nico on 00:49 CST :: 2/22/2019

The first update for the latest mix is coming on February 28, and while I donít know whether itís indicative of the size of future updates, it sure is promising and is an encouraging sign for the future of the mix. Youíll see what I mean with this set of new tunes!

Boong Boong (feat. Sik-K) / Haon
The Little Prince / Haon & Pullik
Timing / Highteen

Ice of Death / Fiverwater - Based on Hungarian Dances
XX -Opening- -Short Cut- / Max

World Music
Nihilism -Another Ver.- / Nato
86 -Full Song- / Dasu

Xeroize / FE - From O2Jam

This update also brings several new features and QOL additions:
-Freestyle charts are being added for new songs, likely by the Indonesian fan team once more.
-A new batch of Quest charts have been added.
-Online Matchmaking has been added. You can choose a category akin to Random mode, and each section has preview music referencing a past game.

Posted by: leodavid0909 on 14:03 CST :: 2/22/2019

There is an audio of Gfriend - Time For A Moon Night at the end of the teaser.

Maybe song unlock is coming?  :D

Posted by: Turkeyslam on 23:04 CST :: 3/01/2019

I like the sounds of the songs in this update a lot.
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