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01:37 CST :: 10/31/2012

th3 pla6u3
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Hey guys! How's everyone been? It has been WAY too long (for me at least) I miss you guys, even though the feeling may not be mutual from some of you. :P I assure you with the time has come maturity, I was probably one of the youngest players at the time the community was at its peak.

Anyways, I have been away doing crazy things with the Marine Corps and now that I am back for good wanted to get back in the game and don't know who is still around or how to get in touch with anyone. If anyone is still out there, hit me up! Would love to have a get together or something at the Laser Tag on Vets some time soon. I was over there yesterday playing on Fiesta o.0 and was completely lost as to how to work the dam thing, as the last mix I actually PLAYED was NXA (I think) at the Fun Arcade East (BTW what happened there?!) I have played Pump It Up Pro at the same Laser Tag, but that was probably a year or so ago, and I have lost a lot of my ubber elite skills. (LOL yeah right "ubber elite skills")

Anyways, I have a bunch of content to share with your guys. On one of my trips to Korea (with the Marine Corps) I picked up a crap ton of CDs from all the artist I could remember. If anyone is interested I will rip them in FLAC Losses or V0(VBR) and upload them to the Media Database.

Maybe we can resurrect ManBearPig (did it ever go anywhere?) and hold a small local tournament some time.

See y'all around!

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01:45 CST :: 11/12/2012

Stormy Pumper


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Wow, I haven't heard from you in a while. :o  Nice to see you again... sadly, I wouldn't be able to play with you guys in Louisiana at the moment. :p

Just in time for Fiesta 2 and Infinity. :)


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22:42 CST :: 11/14/2012

PH Webmaster

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Fun Arcade closed in 2009. Chad and Monkey have a machine and their Fiesta kit is at Laser Tag. I have Fiesta EX in my house in BR.

Pump in New Orleans is mostly centered around Laser Tag.

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