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Posted by: Nico on 12:00 CST :: 2/11/2020

Free Tunes
BanYa - Final Audition
BanYa - Extravaganza
BanYa - Free Style
BanYa - She Likes Pizza
BanYa - Solitary
BanYa - Beethoven Virus
BanYa - Love is a Danger Zone
BanYa - Winter
BanYa - Csikos' Post
BanYa - Chicken Wing
BanYa - Final Audition Ep. 1
BanYa - Pump Me Amadeus
BanYa - Canon-D
BanYa Production - Higgledy Piggledy
Yahpp - Chopsticks Challenge
Yahpp - Sorceress Elise
Doin - Tepris
MAX & Rorychesell - Butterfly
V.A. - Pavane
Yak Won - Windmill
SHK - Follow Me
M2U - Nemesis
Paul Bazooka - Meteorize
SHK - Super Fantasy
MAX - Reminiscence
SHK - Last Rebirth
HyuN feat. LyuU - Cross Over
SHK - Sarabande
mzet: P - Arcana Force
SHK - Wedding Crashers
MAX - I Want U
Applesoda - Vanish
Sr. Lan Belmont - Can Can ~Orpheus in the Party Mix~

Silver Shoe Songs (Cost: 3980 silver shoes)
BanYa - Final Audition 2
BanYa - Naissance
BanYa - Midnight Blue
BanYa - Pumping Up
BanYa - Will-O-the-Wisp
BanYa - Bee
BanYa - Beat of the War
F2 System - Radetzky Can Can
BanYa - Final Audition 3
BanYa - Monkey Fingers
BanYa - Hi-Bi
BanYa - Witch Doctor
Yahpp - Witch Doctor #1
Yahpp - Chimera
BanYa Production - Gun Rock
BanYa Production - Bullfighter's Song
Yahpp - Solitary 1.5
BanYa Production - Caprice of Otada
BanYa Production - Monkey Fingers 2
Yahpp - Blaze Emotion
Yahpp - Cannon.X1
BanYa Production - K.O.A. Alice in Wonderworld
BanYa Production - My Dreams
MAX - U Got 2 Know
SHK - Take Out
MAX - Overblow
MAX - We Got 2 Know
MAX - Everybody Got 2 Know (Remix)
MAX - U Got Me Rocking
Yak Won - Lucid
SHK - Log-In
Memme - Force of Ra
MAX - U Got Me Crazy
Doin - Leakage Voltage
Yahpp - Hyacinth
DM Ashura - Allegro Piu Mosso
r300k - Scorpion King
Cashew - Campanella
Lunatic Sounds - Bring Back the Beat
DM Ashura - Allegro Furioso
Nato - Heart Rabbit Coaster
Yakikaze & Cashew feat. KuTiNA - Papasito
Jehezukiel - Fires of Destiny
MonstDeath feat. Skizzo - The End of the World
WyvernP - Forgotten Vampire

Gold Shoe Songs (Cost: 128 gold shoes)
BanYa - Turkey March
BanYa - Love is a Danger Zone 2
Doin - Vacuum
Doin - Cleaner
Doin - Interference
Sanxion7 - Gargoyle
BanYa & DM Ashura - Ignis Fatuus
SQUAR - Mental Rider
Warak - Latino Virus
Nato - Yog-Sothoth
Memme - Avalanche
Gentle Stick - Hestia
Gentle Stick - Amphitryon
SHK - Violet Perfume
MAX - Sugar Conspiracy Theory
Cashew - Red Snow
MAX - Moment Day
SHK - Like Me
SHK - Super Capriccio
Nato feat. Skizzo - God Mode
Nato - Shub-Niggurath
Doin - Further
MAX - Kasou Shinja
SHK - Switronic
ATAS - Transacaglia in G-minor
SLAM - 1949
MAX - Janus
MAX - District 1
Nato - Lepton Strike
StaticSphere & FUGU SUISAN - Carmen Bus
Kien - Le Grand Rouge
QWertism - Adrenaline Blaster
Applesoda - Tales of Pumpnia
DM Ashura - Orbit Stabilizer
D_AAN - Wicked Legend
Memme - Tantanmen
Memme - Fire Noodle Challenge (Remix)

Clover Songs (Unlock via random chance each play, shuffle each season)
BanYa - Rolling Christmas
BanYa - Dr. M
BanYa - Emperor
BanYa - Maria
BanYa - Till the End of Time
BanYa - Dance With Me
BanYa - Vook
BanYa - Blazing
BanYa - X-tream
BanYa - Get Up
BanYa - J Bong
BanYa - Solitary 2
BanYa - Canon-D (Full Song)
BanYa - Beat of the War 2
BanYa - Moonlight
BanYa - Phantom
BanYa - Papa Gonzales
BanYa - Love is a Danger Zone 2 (Full Song)
Yahpp - Final Audition Episode 2-1
Yahpp - Final Audition Episode 2-2
Yahpp - Wi-Ex-Doc-Va (Remix)
Yahpp - Bemera (Remix)
Yahpp - Faster Z
Yahpp - Pumptris Quattro
Yahpp - Final Audition Episode 2-X
Yahpp - X-tree
Doin - Vacuum Cleaner (Remix)
DM Ashura - Elise
BanYa - Love is a Danger Zone (Cranky Mix)
Memme - Hellfire
Memme - Tritium
Tatsh feat. Chisa Uezono - Silver Beat
void - Anguished Unmaking
void feat. Kana - Utsushiyo no Kaze
Jehezukiel feat. Ruriling - Twist of Fate
Quree - HTTP
Skizzo - Up & Up
Neutral Moon - Travel to Future
5argon - Rave 'til the Earth's End
Doin - Leather (Remix)
Quree - Poseidon
DJ Counterforce - Heart Attack
Garlic Quad - Kimchi Fingers
Applesoda & MAX - Desaparecer (Remix)

Login Songs (They unlock in this sequence)
MAX - 1950
Doin - The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog
D_AAN - Escape
Doin - Skeptic
SLAM & Nato - Paradoxx (Remix)
Nato & EXC - Shub-Sothoth (Remix)
Memme - Vulcan (Remix)
Sanxion7 - Gargoyle (Full)

New Songs (Gold Shoe Unlocks Unless Noted)
MAX - Red Blossom
SHK - Festival of Death Moon
Nato feat. Skizzo - God Mode 2.0
Nato - ESP
Cosmograph - Autumn Break
Cosmograph - Ultimatum
Cosmograph - Highway Chaser (Clover Song)
Synthwulf - Binary Star
MYUKKE. - Bestest Frenemy!
Dachs - Lifestreaming
HASEKO feat. A. Dokuga - Never Give Up! (Clover Song)
IanMirror feat. KonaYu - パラパラ☆熱く→Dancing2Night
U-ske - 2step baby
D_AAN - Quantum Hyperspace (Clover Song)
Poda - New World
Ripel - Fairy Dash
SOTUI & Missionary - Across the Universe
AtllhA (Ane+2riA) - 刻限回廊ラビリンス
Said - Dancing
Kurokotei - Galaxy Collapse
MonstDeath - That Kitty
MonstDeath v.s. Neutral Moon feat. Skizzo - Underworld
HyuN - Ultimate Eyes

Posted by: RaślCamOv on 16:37 CST :: 2/11/2020

Okay, to rectify:

- TQBFJOTLD, Escape, Skeptic, Paradoxx and Shub Sothoth are also Daily Login songs, appearing in that order after 1950.
- Here are more clover songs missing on your list: Dr. M, Maria, Blazing, Get Up, J Bong, Phantom, Papa Gonzales, FAEP 2-1, Xtree, Elise, LIADZ (Cranky), Tritium, Silver Beat, Up & Up, Rave til Earth's End, Leather and Desaparecer.

Worth noting:
- As of now, no non-remix song from Prime 1 has been a clover song, all of them can be purchased with shoes (the only exception, 1950, is a Daily login song)
- The mix whose songs are mostly clover songs is Prime 2, including all five First Contest songs.
- Clover song unlocks are completely random while playing. The worst unlock method in Pump history (personal opinion).
- Possibly due to engine limitations, some charts are missing, including Twist of Fate S19, Tantanmen S20, Forgotten Vampire S18, among others.
- Inexcusably, charts added through XX updates with no special gimmicks at all (Like Further S15 and Desaparecer S18) are missing too.
- 刻限回廊ラビリンス (watch its BGA < here >) is the first licensed World (J-?)Music song for the game, appearing in a 2018 BMS event.
- With this debut, the first returning WM, Gargoyle, is now featured too.

Posted by: Nico on 18:43 CST :: 2/11/2020

Thanks for clarification, I've had to get all information on clover songs secondhand because I haven't unlocked any of them (for some reason the login songs show up in the clover category, that threw me off)
Posted by: RaślCamOv on 05:39 CST :: 2/13/2020

Now with the latest update, the Season 1/2 clover songs can be unlocked again.  :D

Looking at the songlist again, PIU M turned out to be pretty solid (unlike the H5 version). Loving it so far.

Posted by: RaślCamOv on 09:14 CST :: 2/15/2020

Okay, for those still visiting the forum, < here > is a list of all titlecards in the game's files, including still unplayable stuff like Annihilator Method, Nyarlathotep, Gargoyle full, Allegro full, Vulcan and Meteo5cience.

M songs are 17xx IDs! At least 2 more.

Posted by: osvixx on 10:17 CST :: 3/11/2020

Gargoyle Full is the new Login Song
Posted by: Nico on 08:10 CST :: 3/19/2020

Updated with the March and February patches, we're now up to 32 default songs, 2 J-Music songs, and 1 World Music song!
Posted by: RaślCamOv on 09:13 CST :: 3/23/2020

Between Shub Sothoth and Gargoyle full you're missing Vulcan  :P and Kurokotei is french, so Galaxy Collapse is also World Music.
Posted by: Nico on 09:56 CST :: 4/08/2020

Next patch is coming April 16, and the following songs are confirmed:

[XX Patch Songs]
Adrenaline Blaster / QWertism
District 1 / MAX
Fire Noodle Challenge / Memme

[New Songs]
About the Universe / SOTUI & Missionary
Dancing / Said
Ultimate Eyes / HyuN

[Legacy Songs]
Blaze Emotion / Yahpp
CannonX.1 / Yahpp
Caprice of Otada / BanYa Production
Chopsticks Challenge / Yahpp

The lack of Point Zero Two is worrisome...did they delay it again?

As to the new songs, About the Universe is a BOFU song, adding yet another World Music track to the mix (SOTUI is Spanish). Dancing is our first Xross song for M, having appeared in NeonFM. The HyuN song appears to be an original.

Posted by: RaślCamOv on 05:34 CST :: 4/09/2020

Quote (Nico @ 09:56 CST :: 4/08/2020)
The lack of Point Zero Two is worrisome...did they delay it again?

Probably there were some issues and the song may be now considered a license (World Music) and not an original, like happened with Rock the House.

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