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Posted by: Nico on 09:55 CST :: 4/18/2019

The next patch has been announced to be coming April 25, and once again it's a hefty one!

1949 / SLAM

Gashina / SUNMI
Time for the moon night / GFRIEND
YOU & I / Dreamcatcher

Rage of Fire / MAX (from O2Jam)

Meteo5cience / Paul Bazooka (Mixes Meteorize and Mad5cience, both from Pump it Up Prime)

Full Song
Allegro Con Fuoco / DM Ashura (Song originally from Pump it Up Fiesta EX)

-Missions will be added in this patch, as expected.

-Once again, we've got 3 K-Pop songs heading in, except this time they're legit hits. "You & I" hit #9 on Billboard's World Digital Songs (basically, top-selling non-western songs in the US), "Time for the Moon Night" made it to #17 on the same tally but also #2 on the GAON Singles Chart (measuring the top performing songs in South Korea), and "Gashina" made it to #3 on World Digital and topped GAON.

-Unlike Prime 2, where the wild card full song came near the end of the updates, we're getting "Allegro Con Fuoco" just two patches in.

-"You & I"'s addition completes the set of licensed songs shown in the intro movie to the game.

-"Meteo5cience" appears to be a brand new mix from Paul Bazooka himself, avoiding the usual mashup trappings Pump it Up remixes fall into. Some original melodies and individual instrument mixings are heard.

-"1949" is the sequel (or would it be prequel?) song to "1950" from Prime. The trailer saves this song for last with an "AND" screen to hype its addition, indicating it most likely will have some of the hardest charts of the mix.

-"Time for the Moon Night" was teased at the end of the last trailer. This time, apparently, Mamamoo's "Starry Night" was in its place, indicating it's most likely coming in the next patch.

Posted by: RaślCamOv on 23:38 CST :: 4/21/2019



Posted by: master on 22:41 CST :: 4/26/2019

do anyone knows how to unlock allegro?
Posted by: RaślCamOv on 21:20 CST :: 4/27/2019

Quote (master @ 22:41 CST :: 4/26/2019)
do anyone knows how to unlock allegro?

You must stage pass the hardest single/double charts of the whole Allegro trilogy.
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