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12:56 CST :: 12/18/2017

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Two things to share. And I'm totally copy/pasting from my Facebook posts here!


I would like to extend a last second invitation to you guys on something exciting. Many of you have seen the first Nostalgia Pack, which was official content in StepF2 v1.15 and released in August. We have been quietly working on Nostalgia Pack part 2, being officially released with StepF2 v1.16, and it blows our first pack completely out of the water. In fact, it blows any old school song stepchart collection from the last 18 years out of the water.

Our first pack had a goal of "hey, let's make all the Pump songs from the early 2000s have a bunch of new charts!" Our second pack has expanded to have a new goal, which we are very close to accomplishing: "hey, let's have a large selection of stepcharts of all levels for all players for every song from the first 15 years of Pump!" Our current phase has over 2,000 new stepcharts being added to StepF2.

Here's what the list of new charts looks like. My team and I have spent THOUSANDS of hours of effort on this project. Click here for the link.

Or, if you prefer to see it in video form:

So, here's where you guys come in. We have a very narrow list of charts we're looking for to hone in on getting stepcharts for every song. It's extremely specific and mostly comprised of obscure songs. But if you're interested in contributing, I am openly accepting any SSC format charts that fill in the blanks we still have open for our project.

The blanks still available are from 1st Dance Floor to Fiesta EX, and consist of the following: chart list

If you would like to contribute, message me directly or respond to this thread and I'll guide you. Note: all accepted submissions will be included officially in the next release of StepF2! Also, feel free to join our official Facebook group for the project here

Oh, and a quick afterthought.... remember all of the missions from WorldMax in NX2 and NXA? We have added just about all of them. And we're about to add everything from NX1 World Tour, too.

Get excited!


Many of you have used this tool in the past, and some of you may have never seen it before, but I've worked on and off for the last 12 years or so on the ultimate list of Pump It Up songs. I haven't updated it in a year, so I thought I'd do so. I had some extra time and cleaned it up.

Pump It Up mix appearances list, showing every song that has ever been in every game, updated all the way to Prime 2 v2.0. Using the filters, you can sort songs in any way imaginable (by debut mix, by ID, by artist, by song type, by canceled songs, etc etc) and by any combination thereof.

Google Drive link
Excel spreadsheet


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