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Posted by: the_peacemaker on 12:08 CST :: 7/17/2010

I'm making this poll for the point of assessing how we play Pump, but I figured since this isn't really related to Pump itself I might ask it here in the Lounge instead.

So I was high is the arch on your feet? Would you say it's about the normal height, or do you have notably "flat feet"? If you do have "flat feet", then how does it affect your playing?

My aunt (who is visiting me now) actually pointed out to me that my foot arch is quite low, and I've explained to her that I do get tired after walking for a long time.
Makes sense to me; I know I've always had terrible stamina. I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that I've always had terrible balance and can't play anything beyond a 14 or 15 without the bar, but I figure it should have to do with how I don't flat-foot on the pads well and usually have to play on the balls of my feet (if I don't I get major cramps).

And if anybody here has especially high arches...would you say they help you play, or do they give you specific setbacks?

Posted by: delrio on 13:30 CST :: 7/17/2010

I've got "flat feet" as well. I can play up to level 17s without the bar, but doing so pretty much kills the rest of the set of songs for that credit. My feet just get worn out so quick. I also play on the balls of my feet when I play no-bar; this is mostly due to me having better balance playing like this.

My stamina also pretty much sucks.

Posted by: Thanh on 15:24 CST :: 7/17/2010

My arch is basically non-existent.  Over the years, I've been trying to minimize my movement because its just more comfortable.
Posted by: the_peacemaker on 20:04 CST :: 7/17/2010

Why am I not surprised. :indifferent: You're seriously the Rocky of this game.
Posted by: luciusxx on 21:39 CST :: 7/17/2010

How do you know if you have a high-arc or not? o.0
Posted by: PaRtYbOy on 21:46 CST :: 7/17/2010

I have a slight arch. Very slight. And for some reason, after a few hours of Pump, the muscles in my foot right around my arch become very sore.
Posted by: the_peacemaker on 22:16 CST :: 7/17/2010

Quote (luciusxx @ 21:39 CST :: 7/17/2010)
How do you know if you have a high-arc or not? o.0

I think a high arch is more obvious than a lower-than-normal arch because most people have fairly low arches.

< >

Right now I don't have a flat foot per se, but I'm pretty I sure I had one as a kid, and my low arch now is the result of a late development.

Posted by: luciusxx on 00:43 CST :: 7/18/2010

Holy ****
I just read the article in that link and I think I have over-pronation ._.

I kept walking while looking at my ankles  :D
My family said I was crazy.

I hope I don't have that, it sounds like a bad condition <.<

Posted by: ndre on 22:00 CST :: 7/20/2010

foot arch? wow they are responsible for hitting triples. Mine is high, I think, which made me easy to almost S'ed ugly dee another NM barefoot :P
Posted by: IsRaMiNe on 22:08 CST :: 7/20/2010

I have flat foot :S And I don't have any problems hittin' triples or tiring myself playing
Posted by: Chris Lee on 23:13 CST :: 7/20/2010

I'm suprised at how many people here are flat footed. I, Myself, am flat footed, too. Always had trouble running and balance. But i've gotten used to it over the years. As a kid, one of my least favorite things to do was get new shoes. Every new pair I got had this "bump" in them that just dug into my feet and my parents always thought I was faking. But the first few weeks with the new shoes was painful. After a while, my shoe would flatten out, but by then, most of the rest of the shoe was also work out, and a new pair would be in the future. I never knew back then it's because I have flat feet.

Now whenever I get new shoes, I have to get insoles made for a low arch. May be a little more expensive, but the comfort is worth it.

Posted by: coolstarmon on 10:11 CST :: 9/17/2010

I think I have normal foot arch.. I hit triples easily.. I'm pity of my sister.. She hardly hits triples
Posted by: sikraiken on 18:23 CST :: 9/20/2010

I have a normal arch.
Posted by: sfxsigma on 19:40 CST :: 9/20/2010

I'm equally surprised by all you flat footers, seems abnormally high for a random sample of people.  Or maybe it's related to everyone playing pump?  Doubt it though

Me and my normal arched size 13.5 (US) feet don't have any trouble with triples at all, especially not in my pair of pumas.  You can really feel the bracket on the pad when you hit them, and it takes away the need to stomp them out since I can just feel where they are and use minimal force.  So I guess it makes life pretty easy

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