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Posted by: ThatDudeNirvash on 11:41 CST :: 10/11/2015

<!td1DWSLI!W-jbgTqWAdKlUXVgtaTHIA >

And a silly video
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Posted by: Turkeyslam on 00:22 CST :: 10/12/2015

...heh. Well, then.
Posted by: Nico on 08:33 CST :: 10/12/2015

Yay, now I can point out without suspicion that < there are multiple references to Oy Oy Oy and Csikos Post in Matador >! :P
Posted by: RaślCamOv on 09:17 CST :: 10/12/2015

This would complete the StepF2 BGA pack. While awesome for us who play at home, it worries how certain people will use those. :(
Posted by: Nico on 10:23 CST :: 10/12/2015

Technically, Nirvash wasn't supposed to release it fully publicly; the system was essentially a "good samaritan/valid cause" thing where only those who were fans of PIU but had no access to anything remotely in-date or even at all could get passed the folder provided they would also be in good judgement and discreet.

Really, for full damage control, the YouTube video probably needs a bit of adjustment. Either:

-Remove the direct link in the description and have something there saying "You really want these? Well, send me a Message explaining your situation and how you intend to use the videos and I'll judge whether to grant your request".


-Just make the video unlisted so only those of us on this board can see for the laughs.

I don't say that selfishly, really. It's more the worry that Andamiro will C&D somebody/something for this and/or increase their copy protection, making us all wish the public leakers had waited until the final patch.

Posted by: ThatDudeNirvash on 19:07 CST :: 10/12/2015

Actually... I recieved confirmation from the 5 i know involved in the decryption / release of the BGAs, they were going to be released with StepF2 but there was an issue between them and Andamiro, So thats why I had to step in.

Think of me as pump it up PR, Just like with the F2Update hacks and the F2dragon full unlock project.

I release the product, protects interests of the developers and party that wishes for a release. Hell I had macnom and AM officials contact me directly for the F2update, but, they didnt really have anything they could do about it so they increased security and moved on.

Same situation with this. Except this time all they did was try to get my mega closed. I expect the video and upload to be gone before too long, but im certain plenty have mirrored the files by now. So it would be a fruitless endeavor

Posted by: ThatDudeNirvash on 07:28 CST :: 11/09/2015

Updated with 1.10 bgas
Posted by: ohnoitschris on 17:46 CST :: 11/18/2015

Thanks a bunch dude!
Posted by: ThatDudeNirvash on 23:33 CST :: 1/07/2016

updated with everything to 1.12

And a new video.
< >

Posted by: RaślCamOv on 08:48 CST :: 1/08/2016


Some HD versions are missing thought.

Posted by: ThatDudeNirvash on 20:59 CST :: 1/08/2016

Quote (RaślCamOv @ 08:48 CST :: 1/08/2016)

Some HD versions are missing thought.

Fixed, And made this for fun from the JP edition.

< >

Posted by: ohnoitschris on 23:48 CST :: 2/28/2016

Hey once again thanks for keeping this updated.  Fuck yeah!
Posted by: ThatDudeNirvash on 12:03 CST :: 5/28/2016

Just a reminder, This is still being updated regularly.

Just dont go off and post it in public sections of this site or your own. Personally. I like going about it with this route...

Code Sample

Saw you were looking for a download....
Or just

Share and spread it with your friends, Just.. Not publicly in places like this

Even if you link someone to the dump this way it isnt "exactly" linking them... Just sending them off to watch a youtube video that just HAPPENS to say "LOL download now!" I find it a bit safer... And its relatively nice to track just how many users are affected by the release. Certainly a few thousand at home players have the prime BGA decrypts at this point.

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