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Posted by: Screennam123 on 23:10 CST :: 5/28/2005

Ok this monday I will set a time for everyone to discuss how the tourney went! I want everyone to share links to videos and pics that they had taken, also I want to know what you guys had to say about every little aspect!

I want to know what time its convienient for everyone on monday. Please include the timezone where you live so I can average them out.

Posted by: coolestofthecool15 on 23:19 CST :: 5/28/2005

Monday?  Why not tomorrow, Im doing something with my family on Memorial Day.  But if you want it sunday Ill try to be here.  Im mountain time btw
Posted by: Screennam123 on 23:22 CST :: 5/28/2005

well the day or time isnt solid, I am willing to change as far as next wednesday.
Posted by: Screennam123 on 19:46 CST :: 5/29/2005

OK I think that I will be setting this up on Wednesday at 6 p.m. Central time, it will be convienient for me and hopefully for everyone else.
Posted by: eXonyte on 00:51 CST :: 5/30/2005

You guys (and gals) have fun with that. I won't be around Wednesday night, need to spend time with g/f now that I'm home. Don't bother trying to work around me though, there is no real "good" time for me this week >_>;
Posted by: coolestofthecool15 on 01:14 CST :: 5/30/2005

Yes! thats my last day of school!  that works perfectly with me!
Posted by: Screennam123 on 12:17 CST :: 6/01/2005

Hmm im sure the outcome will be small but


Posted by: Turkeyslam on 14:12 CST :: 6/01/2005

Wait, is this today? :indifferent:

Hey Screen, you have a mass PM option in your messenger as an admin. If you want to notify people, you can try it, but be careful with it.

I think every major Pump player who's active in this forum is in the PH Members group, so doing that should be sufficient I guess. But you could also make a temporary front news page update for it.

Posted by: Screennam123 on 14:14 CST :: 6/01/2005

wow i didnt know I had that option....

Ok due to new options that I didnt know I had, I should reschedule this, I want to know when is a good time so I can send out the pm messages

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