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13:26 CST :: 9/23/2010

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HI EVERYONE!! i once played an arcade game type pump it up  bye played with de hans, in one song suposed to be a remix but instead  was a song named " federation of rhytm proyect " that was probably  the band but  the half was in korean, that sounds amazing i loved it  but i never found it on web and they took far far away  the arcade help if someone knows  federation of rhytm proyect please

14:19 CST :: 9/23/2010

Chris Lee
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My brain imploded a little bit trying to read that.

Are you saying it was from a game that uses your hands? The only games that come to mind are Dance Freaks (which was from Konami, but had a a Korean song from Pump in it), and I think the other is Para Para Paradise or something.

To be continued...

17:13 CST :: 9/23/2010

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Now translate everything you said.

Pop'n Music is also played with your hands, BTW.

18:31 CST :: 9/23/2010

Pumper Zero
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Korean musical game played using hands = 3DDX Dance Station


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19:30 CST :: 9/23/2010

Resident Pump pianist and Cornell alumnus

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I'm moving this to the Music and Gaming Zone because it's not really Pump-related.

Hm...well, I looked at the Wiki article for 3DDX and the songlist doesn't have the words "federation of rhythm" anywhere...maybe that's the translation for one of the Korean titles?

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00:03 CST :: 9/24/2010

i got 2 know

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http://www.FORhythm.com ?

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