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Posted by: ThatDudeNirvash on 14:25 CST :: 3/06/2016

This, Took, Forever.
On and off in my freetime throughout the last week, And it is finally done!


< >

00:00 - Introduction
01:22 - Installing windows
04:25 - Updating windows (OPTIONAL! Just make sure you install DirectX, Microsoft .net framework 4, and your graphics cards drivers)
05:54 - Downloading StepF2
08:08 - Downloading DirectX
09:28 - Changing Windows Settings (Display, etc)
14:55 - IMPORTANT! Disable Win10 pop & activation pop
18:45 - Get the jamma PCB and PIUIO & Connect them
21:20 - Installing the PIUIO drivers (PIUIO MUST HAVE POWER)
23:40 - Testing the Jamma PCB buttons - Success!
24:08 - Editing windows Power/Sleep Settings
25:30 - IMPORTANT! Disable windows error recovery boot message
26:05 - IMPORTANT! Replacing Windows Explorer with StepF2 & IO2Key
30:00 - (optional) Building a custom PC/MK tray for StepF2 PC
34:49 - FINISHED!

==01: Make sure the computers power supply is correctly set for your arcade cabinet, Some are 230 some are 115, Using the wrong one will destroy the power supply
==02: Go into your bios settings and pick "power on" after AC power failure, this way the moment the MK receives power it will turn on.
==03: Be GENTLE with your jamma connector in the arcade machine! the wires can come off with pressure and you will have to re-solder them.
==04: If your dancepads double-tap when you step, go into "\stepf2\Save\" and open "Prefrences.ini" Go to line 85 and change InputDebounceTime=0.000000 to InputDebounceTime=0.050000
==05: If IO2Key will not install, double-check the molex power connectors and make sure the IO is connected to the motherboard and power supply getting proper power, if it does not have power then it will not install or even open IO2Key.exe
==06: Do not give up! Believe in yourself!
==08: Support Andamiro! They work hard and make incredible games!
==09: Support Team Infinity! They are amazing and hardly credited!
==10: Support Arcades! Keep them in business and help them!
==11: Fuck Konami! they dont make good games anymore!
==12: Fuck Capcom! They abandoned Megaman!
==13: Come visit < > for regular pump it up news and a happy little community!

Typed in CMD @ 25:45
bcdedit /set {current} bootstatuspolicy ignoreallfailures

Pictures and stuff:
< >

ShellF2 & IO2Key
<!IRFXwIqJ!V05xjq-SJuscrLMiF3ilEw >

Direct X
< >

Microsoft .net framework 4
< >

< >

If you need windows 7 then I suggest you create a bootable USB using this
<!5....1SAYsaw >

Or you can use a CD rom, whatever you want.
And to download windows 7...

Windows 7
< >
I suggest
(x86)   X17-59463.iso  en_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x86_dvd_u_677460.iso
(64bit) X17-59465.iso  en_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_677332.iso


Here is a full video guide for installing StepF2 on your arcade machine, Including onscreen video, HD camera footage, And more.

Everything from Installing windows to making the PIUIO work in windows, and even extra stuff like making the machine auto-boot into StepF2 bypassing windows explorer entirely, And even making a custom tray that will fit inside any pump cabinet.

Posted by: ThatDudeNirvash on 22:06 CST :: 9/20/2016

Update additional guide : Now your dancepads will light up with no physical modifications.
< >

Major notes / Instructions:
Here we are... IO2Key V2 (Pad light support) -Tested on Win7-
Download V2 here: <!I....xm-P1GQ >
01 - If you have IO2Key.exe running from a previous install, Close it
02 - If you dont have an IO2Key folder, Create one.
03 - Go into the IO2Key folder, Delete any files that exist.
04 - Extract "IO2Key" and copy its files into your IO2Key folder.
05 - Try to run IO2key.exe, if it gives an error or fails continue with the guide
06 - Go into your start menu, then click "Control panel"
07 - Click on "Hardware and sound"
08 - Click on "Device manager"
09 - Click on "libusb-win32 devices"
10 - Right click on "Pump it up IO" and click "Uninstall"
11 - Checkmark the box "Delete the driver software for this device" and press OK
12 - Click "Action" and then click "Scan for hardware changes"
13 - Right click "EZ-USB FX2" and click "Update Driver Software"
14 - Click "Browse my computer for driver software"
15 - Click browse and pick the IO2Key folder, then click OK.
16 - Checkmark the box "Include subfolders" and click Next.
17 - Click "Install this driver software anyway"
18 - Done.

Problems? Errors? Read here!:
If windows will not show the option "Install driver software" try running installer_x86.exe or installer_x64.exe
If you get an error saying a DLL file is missing, install this : < >
Other things:
How to install StepF2 on your arcade machine.
< >
Where to download all PIU Prime BGAs
< >
Reminder, You absolutely have to have your piuio connected WITH POWER RUNNING TO IT in order to install drivers for the piuio.

Reminder 2, Are your pads not working? Make sure you have power going to them from your cabinet! They use a separate power supply from the PIUIO and Jamma PCB

Posted by: ThatDudeNirvash on 01:53 CST :: 1/11/2017

Additional Content time!
< >

< >

Want to run multiple things in your StepF2 arcade machine? Things like the old Perfect Collection PC, PIU Pro 2, or even Premiere 3 from the MK5?

Some time last year I made a "Loader" Which will allow you to pick a game of your choice using pad-navigation so you no longer need a keyboard / mouse to do such things. The above link will include the loader as well as a few additional games for your cabinet.

I will warn you now I never intended to release this, I only threw it together for me and a few friends to use, But after a it was seen in one of my videos I have decided to make the files public. So. There isnt really a guide or anything... Just download files and put them where they are supposed to go.

Here is a readme I made for a few friends.
Code Sample
Notes about c:/Navigation

.- This is the main replacement for explorer.exe
.- it has a built in loop process to make sure IO2key is always running
.- if IO2key is not running, it will execute c:/zzz-IO2Key/IO2Key.exe
.- it has a secondary loop process to check if any pump games are running
.- if it does not detect a pump game running, it will open c:/Navigation/navi.exe
.- Pressing the - key on your keyboard, will close any and all pump games, then return to the navi main.

.- This is the main HUD for the loader
.- Designed to navigate between PC pump mixes for you.
.- Pressing upright arrow will make it switch to bootleg mixes like RIO and Prex3Gothica
.- Pressing ESC key on your keyboard, will close the navi GUI for a short while until TestHUD reopens it.


C:/zzz-MK3/zzz- 3rd/pumpy.exe
C:/zzz-MK3/zzz- Extra/extra.exe
C:/zzz-MK3/zzz- Perfect Collection/pumpy.exe
C:/zzz-MK3/zzz- Prex 2/PREX2.exe
C:/zzz-MK3/zzz- Prex 3/pumpy.exe
C:/zzz-MK3/zzz- The Evolutionary Dancefloor/pumpy.exe
C:/zzz-MK5/zzz- Premiere 3/PREMIERE 3.EXE
C:/zzz-MK7/zzz- Pro 2/Program/StepMania.exe
C:/zzz-MK9/zzz- Infinity/Program/Stepmania.exe



If you have any further questions or notes you wish to add. feel free to contact me ~Nirvash

Posted by: Zyzienzergling on 18:44 CST :: 3/05/2017

Where do you get your PCB and Jamma?
Posted by: adonis_minus_20 on 13:59 CST :: 1/19/2020

Hey this is amazing what you've put together here, thank you!  Only issue I had is I can't download the file as Google drive says it has a virus in it, any other way to download or get around this error?
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