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10:43 CST :: 1/27/2016

A Stickler for Details and Pump files

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Translated Addition/Change Log

NOTE: This only covers additions/changes relevant to the worldwide patch

New Songs

Creed -1st Desire- (Full Song) / TatshMusicCircle
163 BPM
S18, S23, D19, D24

Elysium / Warak
128 BPM
S04, S08, S15, D10, D16

Idealized Romance / Void
140 BPM
S02, S04, S07, S11, S16, S[Locked], D10, D[Locked]

Point Zero One / Synthwulf
170 BPM
S09, S16, S[Locked], D11, D17, D[Locked]

Added Charts

Avalanche / Memme
175 BPM

Ragnarok / Synthwulf
170 BPM


-The result screen now displays the store/shop/arcade name.
-A glitch in the NoNoNo (Full Song) BGA has been corrected (it had a frame of "Yoropiku Pikuyoro!" spliced in.)
-Music Train not adding the correct calories to your profile has been fixed.
-A typo ("visualizzed") has been corrected in the Queen Of The Red titlecard.

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11:42 CST :: 1/28/2016

Love is a Miss Zone


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Dude Point Zero One D22 is a work of art holy shit.


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Quick Reply: Pump it Up Prime update 1.13

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