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16:20 CST :: 1/15/2009


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This is real. DDR on the iPhone/ iPod Touch.

This the free version of the game. I haven't played it yet.

What do you guys think?

11:03 CST :: 1/16/2009

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The answer to Pump PSP.

But this is a horrible game because portable DDR hurrrrrrrr

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Final Audition (Omega Mix)

23:06 CST :: 1/16/2009

: Monkey Do Dance :

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Quote (Tyriku @ 17:03 CST :: 1/16/2009)
The answer to Pump PSP.

But this is a horrible game because portable DDR hurrrrrrrr

Hello, Tyriku. You know Homebrew for playing Pump in PSP (maybe something like PSP Revolution?)  help??

00:03 CST :: 1/17/2009

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Hi... No, Andamiro released Zero and Exceed for PSP


07:09 CST :: 1/17/2009

Oh, They're Undeniable!


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I downloaded the app.

It's called DDR S

It's actually not that bad. In my opinion, Pump for iTouch would be a lot better because of the arrow positioning.

Will post screenshots later.


23:18 CST :: 1/17/2009

a fan of Doraemon

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I have DDR games for Nokia S60. Does anyne happens to know it?


11:47 CST :: 1/18/2009

5 Panel Whore


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Yeah, I have the DDR game for phones with Java. It has very few songs and they sound like midis.
But otherwise it's not that bad.

20:38 CST :: 2/09/2009

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only one song for demo. I hear its not bad... Tap Tap Revenge players say that its too hard, lol


14:02 CST :: 2/10/2009

Chris Lee
As time slows down..............

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This is making me remember that I have the 4 ROMS of DDR for Game Boy Color on my PC. My god those were horrible. MIDI music, yet the steps were EXACTLY the same as the arcade. I even remember there being a clip on part to the Game Boy making the keypad into a DDR pad, since it was almost impossible to do up+down and left+right jumps on the D-pad.

Now, if they actually had any brains over there. they would make Pump for the Iphone/Itouch. It would be the first time I'd be willing to buy an Apple product. The I phone was the first Apple product I wanted to buy, but was not willing.

To be continued...

11:56 CST :: 2/14/2009

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The songlist for the japanese version was updated.

華爛漫 -Flowers - TЁЯRA
TRUE・LOVE - jun feat. Schanita
INTO YOUR HEART (Ruffage remix) - NAOKI feat.YASMINE
A Geisha's Dream (Ruffage Remix) - NAOKI feat. SMiLE.dk*

* A exclusive song for this new version.


Edited by YASANGMA on 11:57 CST :: 2/14/2009

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