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Posted by: Nico on 06:25 CST :: 11/13/2018

So we finally have some info on this new game coming soon!

New Songs
BBoom BBoom / Momoland
S1 / S4 / S6 / S13 / S15 / D8 / D18

Boomerang / Wanna One
S2 / S4 / S6 / S17 / D7 / D16 / CO-OP 2

Fly High / Dreamcatcher
S1 / S3 / S5 / S9 / S15 / S18 / D10 / D16

Good Bye / Hong JinYoung [Added on Day 2]
S2 / S4 / S6 / S17 / D10 / D16

HANN (Alone) / (G)-IDLE [Added on Day 2]
S1 / S3 / S5 / S16 / D17

I’m so sick / Apink
[not in the IAAPA build]

Love Scenario / iKon
S1 / S3 / S6 / S14 / D3 / D14

Nekkoya (Pick Me) / Produce 48
S2 / S4 / S6 / S17 / D15

VERY NICE / SEVENTEEN [Added on Day 2]
S2 / S4 / S6 / S17 / D6 / D15

I Want U / Max
[not in the IAAPA]

Macaron Day / HyuN [Added on Day 2]
S12 / S17 / D13 / D18

Nyarlathotep / NATO
S12 / S18 / S23 / D16 / D23

Obliteration / ATAS
S7 / S14 / S17 / D10 / D18

Poseidon / Quree
[not in the IAAPA build]

Skeptic / Doin
[not in the IAAPA build]

Wedding Crashers / SHK
S4 / S10 / S18 / D22 / CO-OP 3

%X (Percent X) / Pory [Added on Day 2]
S3 / S6 / S10 / S17 / D13 / D18

World Music
[86] / Dasu feat. Gumi/Kagamine Len (credited in-game as 86 / Dasu)
S12 / S20 / D18

Club Night / Matduke
[not in the IAAPA build]

Loki / Lotse (Apparently an SHK alias)
S12 / S16 / S21 / D12

Obelisque / ESTi x M2U (Oh hey, that song that was teased for Prime 2...)
S2 / S4 / S7 / S10 / S15 / D15

Additionally, unknown songs by Doin,  Pory, KIEN, HyuN, Applesoda, DM Ashura, Fiverwater, SLAM, and Garlic Squad are confirmed for the roster.

Basic Mode (IAAPA Ver.)
01 Fly high
02 HANN (Alone)
03 Nekkoya (Pick Me)
04 Boomerang
05 BBoom BBoom
06 Love Scenario
08 Good Bye
09 Chase Me
10 Good Night
11 Energetic
12 Beautiful
13 Pick Me (Season 2)
14 Last Rebirth
15 Super Capriccio
16 Sarabande
17 Super Fantasy
18 Violet Perfume
19 Sugar Conspiracy Theory
20 Reminiscence
21 Folow Me
22 Yeo Rae A
23 Sorceress Elise
24 Ugly Dee
25 Canon D
26 Dr. M
27 Winter
28 Csikos Post
29 Beethoven Virus
30 Mr. Larpus
31 Turkey March
32 Passacaglia
33 Ladybug
34 Xuxa
35 Allegro Con Fuoco
36 Imprinting
37 Bad Apple

All Tunes (IAAPA Combined Ver.; ID numbers are provisional)
1601 Fly high
1602 HANN (Alone)
1603 Nekkoya (Pick Me)
1604 Boomerang
1605 BBoom BBoom
1606 Love Scenario
1608 Good Bye
1609 Wedding Crashers
1610 Obliteration
1611 Nyarlathotep
1612 %X
1613 Macaron Day
1614 86
1615 Obelisque
1616 Loki
1547 Chase Me
1554 Good Night
1559 Energetic
1560 Beautiful
1561 Pick Me (Season 2)
0112 Another Truth
1501 Last Rebirth
1502 Super Capriccio
1505 Cross Over
1508 Shub Niggurath
1509 Further
1512 Bring Back the Beat
1513 Break Out
1516 Sarabande
1538 Up & Up
1401 Nemesis
1410 Requiem
1411 U Got Me Crazy
1417 Leakage Voltage
1419 Super Fantasy
1420 Violet Perfume
1421 Red Swan
1425 Sugar Conspiracy Theory
1473 Reminiscence
1305 Elise
1306 Ignis Fatuus
1311 Accident
1340 Follow Me
1341 Yeo Rae A
1101 Cleaner
1102 Interference
1103 Reality
1105 Butterfly
1002 Sorceress Elise
1008 U Got 2 Know
1013 Destination
1017 Vacuum
0F01 Blaze Emotion
0F02 Cannon X1
0F22 The People Didn't Know
0F23 DJ Otada
0F24 K.O.A. -Alice in Wonderworld-
0E01 Solitary 1.5
0E02 Beat the Ghost
0E03 Caprice of Otada
0E04 Money
0D03 Chimera
0D14 2006. Love Song
0D15 Do You Know That -Old School-
0D16 Gun Rock
0D18 Ugly Dee
0C01 Beat of the War 2
0C02 Moonlight
0C03 Witch Doctor
0C04 Love is a Danger Zone 2
0C05 Phantom
0B16 J Bong
0B17 Hi-Bi
0B18 Solitary 2
0B19 Canon-D
0A01 Final Audition 3 U.F.
0A02 Naissance 2
0A03 Monkey Fingers
0A04 Blazing
0802 Bee
0701 Dr. M
0702 Emperor
0703 Get Your Groove On
0704 Love is a Danger Zone
0705 Maria
0711 Winter
0736 Csikos Post
0911 Chicken Wing
0505 Beethoven Virus
0405 Mr. Larpus
0302 Naissance
0303 Turkey March
0204 Final Audition
0205 Extravaganza
1577 Nakakapagpabagabag
1303 Passacaglia
1304 Baroque Virus
1209 Ladybug
1236 Xuxa
1122 Allegro Con Fuoco
1477 Imprinting
1481 Bad Apple!!
1593 V3
1595 The Festival of Ghost2 (Sneak)
15B6 A Site de la Rue

-400 new/changed(?) difficulties on old songs
-100 titles (I assume they mean like ranks) you can unlock
-Some sort of online matchmaking system
-100 new songs, covering all 5 types.
-The high tier grades have been revamped, with silver S now just being S, gold S being SS, and old SS being SSS.
-Step creators are confirmed to be credited to some extent in-game this time around as opposed to just on the website.
-K-Pop now sorts behind Originals in Channel Select

Expect it in January for arcades, mobile devices, and browsers! No word yet if all versions will share all music or at least all new music.

Update: Didn't realize the Arcade version was being shown off at IAAPA. some additional info from them

Update 2: Day 2 brings 5 new songs, none of which were in the trailer!

Update 3: Pump it Up now has its own YouTube channel idependent of Andamiro's main one, and it has made its inaugural video the second boss song for XX, a new track called Skeptic by Doin. Later in the day, an updated promo added in Club Night by Matduke.

Posted by: ChristleVania on 13:17 CST :: 11/13/2018

I took some screenshot from the live stream early today ( Here's my Twitter thread < >

Some interesting changes:

- There is no more Silver, Golden and double "S". Now it goes like S, SS and SSS.


1 Good

- The stepmaker's name is now displayed while the song is being loaded (at least in new tunes).

- There is a new "Piu-tan" in a yellow dress.

Posted by: Nico on 17:12 CST :: 11/13/2018

Updated my post: added notes about the grades and stepartists and posted the full IAAPA songlists for both Basic and Full mode!
Posted by: cj_iwakura on 22:14 CST :: 11/13/2018

I was there today and got to ask Macnom some questions. Shared with his permission.

Very cool guy! He's been the team lead since NX.

Will Pump It Up ever have DJ MAX tracks?

Short answer: no. Long answer: the company that owns DJ MAX, Neowiz, is very protective of their property, and is very unlikely to share DJ MAX tracks for use in other music games.

Can more tracks from O2Jam and EZ2DJ be expected? What about tracks from SHK that were in O2Jam? (I specifically referenced ‘Identity’ from O2Jam’.)

Very possible, in future updates. (He sounded very optimistic in regards to more O2J/EZ2 tracks, and is aware of Identity.)

What happened to Banya and Yahpp?

They have either retired from production or moved on to bigger and brighter things. Yahpp, for instance, now composes music for churches.

What hardware does XX run on?

It uses the same hardware as Prime, known as the MK Board. However, it will require an HD monitor to run. This means older hardware will need to be retrofitted with HD monitors to support XX.

Will there be revivals?

Always a possibility, at least among original tracks, but new music is the priority, as it draws the most attention. However, due to licensing issues, revival k-pop(i.e. The Waves) is very unlikely.

Will there be more user-created content?

Yes, a second contest is underway.

Posted by: Nico on 09:18 CST :: 11/14/2018

Did he specifically say a second contest? Because the second contest's results already occurred, meaning these are most probably headed to XX:

Can-Can ~Orpheus in the Dance Party Remix~ / Sr. Lan Belmont
Fires of Destiny / Jehezukiel
Forgotten Vampire / WyvernP
Papasito (feat. KuTiNA) / Yakikaze & Cashew
The End of the World (feat. Skizzo) / MonstDeath

If he just said another, then it's good to know a third contest is imminent.

Posted by: cj_iwakura on 09:37 CST :: 11/14/2018

Oh yeah, the second contest is over. He sounded like he enjoys them, so I'm sure he'll do more.
Posted by: guime on 10:34 CST :: 11/14/2018

thx for the info guys
Posted by: ChristleVania on 23:31 CST :: 11/14/2018

Quote (cj_iwakura @ 22:14 CST :: 11/13/2018)
What happened to Banya and Yahpp?

They have either retired from production or moved on to bigger and brighter things. Yahpp, for instance, now composes music for churches.

LOL that was interesting.
Posted by: savage on 15:51 CST :: 11/15/2018

According to that blue screen on Nyarlathotep, the next Nato songs on XX can be Spectral Stream from BMS and Digital Labyrinth from Ez2Ac.
Posted by: gotmilk0112 on 16:05 CST :: 11/15/2018

Looks like the "online matchmaking" is not really online play, but rather, playing against a ghost of someone else's score.
Posted by: cj_iwakura on 23:24 CST :: 11/15/2018

Quote (gotmilk0112 @ 16:05 CST :: 11/15/2018)
Looks like the "online matchmaking" is not really online play, but rather, playing against a ghost of someone else's score.

We don't know, that's Paul's speculation. All I know for sure is that Macnom said it's not online play, because it'd be impossible. I bet it's score based.
Posted by: cj_iwakura on 08:15 CST :: 11/16/2018

Looks like there's about seven new songs in the latest update.

%X seems pretty great, rest is meh new school k-pop.

Posted by: Nico on 12:24 CST :: 11/16/2018

Out of curiosity, is Pump actually on the show floor today? I know there are 4 days of exhibition, but I guess Pump could've only been around for 3 of them.
Posted by: Turkeyslam on 14:34 CST :: 11/18/2018

Yahpp making music for churches, though, wow

I mirrored this on the front page because that makes sense.

I hope they actually make the "20th anniversary" theme count in relation to nostalgic content. We'll have to wait and see.

Posted by: Koop on 13:29 CST :: 11/22/2018

XX should watch DDRs anniversery and do something similar too :(
Posted by: Nico on 19:52 CST :: 12/12/2018

Skeptic / Doin is confirmed as a new original thanks to the new Pump it Up official YouTube channel! The Korean version of the promo added later in the day also confirms World Music song Club Night by Matduke.
Posted by: leodavid0909 on 04:00 CST :: 12/14/2018

More songs from PIU XX Location test in Sinchon G-PLEX

Revival Songs:
_ Banya - An Interesting View
_ Banya - With My Lover
_ Banya - Can Can
_ Banya - Jump
_ Coconut - Kitty Cat

New Songs:
_ MAX - I Want You
_ KIEN - Le Grand Rouge
_ Quree - Poseidon
_ Applesoda - Vanish
_ Garlic Squad - Kimchi Finger
_ Matduke - Club Night
_ SHK - Imagination
_ Zeron - Black Swan
_ APINK - I'm So Sick
_ [Full Song] Momoland - Bboom Bboom
_ [Shortcut] Nato - Nyarlathotep
_ [Shortcut] SHK - Wedding Crasher

Posted by: RaúlCamOv on 11:46 CST :: 12/14/2018

Kitty Cat? It wasn't ever on mainline Pump. Interesting. And it has a x2 chart, probably the one from Pro.

And that returning song list ... They literally massacred the K-Pop channel. Welp.

Posted by: Crazy_Musician on 12:55 CST :: 12/14/2018

Kitty Cat actually appeared on PIU Fitness and already had lower charts written, so it was probably easy to just make a couple harder ones and slap it in. (Maybe this means we'll see some other Fitness songs...)
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