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11:03 CST :: 8/18/2010

Salem Cat
Professor Layton and a curious girl

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Is there a way to skip a mission in space? Because I can't pass this stupid Old Skool mission >_< Always get 2-3 greats

07:47 CST :: 9/05/2010

Teenager Pumper

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I don't use usb for NXA WM.. Since the machine is just upgraded from NX and doesn't have usb slot.. I already reach Caelum, and Arowahi... With Caelum stuck in Fishing- Final Audition (Prue Ocean leading to Ladania) and Arowahi stuck in *Hidden Parts 2 -Witch Doctor #1... I already have all warps active.. I found the only left part of WM that have warp is Pandorus... I already access N portal with only Harena's warp on and stuck in N - One foot, Two arrows  :D

Game Over ^^

22:13 CST :: 9/28/2010

*****Level 10 PH Member*****

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You cant skip mission on space

Sadly you will have to struggle and pass that mission or else you will be stuck forever, it can be a pain <<


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