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18:51 CST :: 10/11/2010

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thanks for the info.

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21:34 CST :: 3/02/2011

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so i was hoping someone could help me with a problem i've been trying to find a way around for awhile now

i'm currently in the ladania/caelum area with blue (could be light blue?) and gray barriers still not unlocked (among others probably). i've been trying to figure out how to unlock them. it says for blue you need all missions in caelum. i have all but one path in the northwest which is blocked by a gray barrier. but to unlock gray barriers, it says to clear all arowahi missions, which i haven't even been to yet. and it looks like the only two paths there (going south from ladania or southwest from caelum) are blocked by gray or blue barriers.

so is there a path i'm missing? or are those light blue barriers which no one knows how to unlock? or am i missing something else? also might it have something to do with the fact that i'm not using a flash drive? thanks in advance

oh and also. can you do anything in brain shower without a flash drive? i've played around with a few things but it doesn't look like i'm actually accomplishing anything.

edit: nevermind i guess they're black and not gray and i need a usb. that's unfortunate...

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09:35 CST :: 3/17/2011

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Yeah, sadly without an usb stick, you will be extremely limited on worldmax. We got a beta version ages ago for 2 months before an official NXA, and it didnt have usb function. We played a lot in WM but let me tell you, without usb, those gray barriers only break within time, im not sure how much, but after 2 months, they were still there. you can still play all the missions from nx2 though, no more barriers there. If you can get a stick, i recommend getting one, and you wont be limited by that anymore.

About Brain shower, you unlock some songs when you reach certain number of As and Ss, but sadly, they are also only recorded on the usb, so brain shower without, asides from the fun, leads to nothing besides that /=


03:21 CST :: 12/10/2018

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so now (because PumBi is obviously dead) is there a way to kill cyan barriers? im trying to reach 100% but im stuck at ~97% trying to reach U.F.O xd

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