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Posted by: XD005 on 15:59 CST :: 5/23/2017

Hello all,

I just finished doing optimization on my sensor placement and doing most of the foam mod. My pads were pretty sunken in when I got my cab. My question is to you guys, how can I make the old pads feel more like the new style pads? I started playing Pump on a TX machine so all my muscle memory is for that style.
Is their anything that can be done or will I have to convert it to a TX stage, or are my panels just not high enough? I've noticed I do have to exert more energy on my machine than at the arcade.

Posted by: ThemsAllTook on 00:00 CST :: 5/24/2017

Is there any remaining gap between the triangle brackets and the panels, or have you put enough foam inside to raise them as high as they can go? If you step on them, do they squish downward noticeably?

My GX pad was overly recessed when I got it, and I initially raised it up by putting rubber bumpers like < these > on top of the sensor brackets and the L-shaped rubber corner stoppers. They happened to be just the right thickness.

When I first raised up the panels with those, it was overly rigid, and not sensitive enough on the very corners of the panels. I've since replaced some of the bumpers with foam mounting tape, which is squishier. Getting the right balance between squishy and rigid was tricky and took some experimentation.

If you decide to go the conversion route, I found this video informative: < >

Posted by: XD005 on 05:18 CST :: 5/24/2017

I can probably raise them another 2cms.
They're pretty close to the brackets. I raised my center step some more but it just feels like stomping on the floor, no cushion or springing effect. What kind of foam did you use? I feel like perhaps my foam is releasing too slowly. I used Frost King weatherstripping. The white kind, it seems to be a tad more rigid. I've got it on the L brackets and also the dense rubber stoppers, just to level the panels out. I used a bit of electrical tape as well. Maybe that's the problem. But just a bit to protect my artwork.

That's a good idea to use the bumpers. I might switch those out on the rubber stoppers

Posted by: ThemsAllTook on 11:32 CST :: 5/24/2017

This is the stuff I used. It's relatively thin, so I applied 2 layers in most of the places where I put it: < >

For fine tuning, right now I just apply layers of regular masking tape. I'm finding this isn't completely ideal, because the adhesive on it is weak enough that it tends to slide off the place where I stuck it after being stepped on for a while. Some other thin tape with a stronger grip might be a better choice.

For the releasing slowly problem, I've found that some sensors in my pad behaved better than others. I swapped a couple of them around to stop this happening in one of my panels, and it made a big difference. Worth a try if the problem persists.

Posted by: XD005 on 20:38 CST :: 5/24/2017

I'll order some of those tomorrow and give them a shot.
I've used that tape before on my car. It's good stuff lol. Thank you

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