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Pump Haven :: PUMP IT UP 2015
03:40 CST :: 10/08/2014

Releasing In November 2014!

Confirmed artists (so far):
Paul Bazooka
And more


Pump Haven :: Fiesta 2 v1.60 patch released!
06:25 CST :: 9/04/2014

The latest Fiesta 2 patch has been made available. We have provided a mirror at Mega here.

New Songs:
1) Follow me (Single  4, 6, 9, 14, 17; Double 9, 18; DP??)
2) Yeo rae a (Single 1, 3, 5, 13; Double 5, 12)
3) Can't Nobody *Full song* (Single 15; Double 16)
4) Heart Breaker *Full song* (Single 16; Double 16)

New Charts:

2) Vacuum - S19
3) Gargoyle - S22
4) Allegro Con Fuoco - S22
5) Monolith - S16, D18
6) Hardkore of the North - D23
7) Heel and Toe - S17
8) Be Alive (Raaban Inc. Mix) - S15, S17, D16
9) Star Command - D23
10) Pop The Track - D20
11) Passacaglia - D24
12) Baroque Virus - D20
13) Love Is A Danger Zone(Cranky Mix) - S22, D20
14) Lucid(PIU Edit) - D23
15) Sugar Eyes - S13
16) Dignity - S22

Added UCS functions to the following songs-
1) Y2Z
2) Rockhill
3) Take Me Back
5) Dream To Nightmare
6) Utopia
7) Xuxa
8) VVV
9) Log In
10) Windmill
11) Mental Rider


Pump Haven :: Rare new OST releases!
04:08 CST :: 7/02/2014

Time to kick back the nostalgia a bit and release a thing that we haven't newly made available in over half a decade: a new release of an OST for an old-school PIU song. Except, today we have TWO!

First, we have the full version of Creamy Skinny by BanYa. I accidentally discovered that this song isn't really "Banya", but this found track is absolutely the complete version of the Pump cut. More information can be found here.

Second, we have a long forgotten relic. The full version of the largely forgotten Premiere 3 song "Fiesta Macarena Pt. 1". It's over ten minutes long and is neither by DJ Paula nor called its Pump name. Either way, it's also available, and also a very fun listen. It may be almost a decade late, but we found the full version!

Take a trip down memory lane by visiting our media database!

For those of you looking for new content, a long overdue OST update is coming very shortly. Stay tuned! We're not dead yet!

Pump Haven :: Fiesta 2 1.40 patch released!
05:23 CST :: 1/20/2014

The latest Fiesta 2 patch has been made available. We have provided a mirror at Pump Haven here.

New Songs:
1) SHK - Log In (Single 4, 7, 10, 18, 21; Double 10, 20)
2) Yak_Won - Windmill (Single 8, 13, 17, 21; Double 14, 18, 24)

New Charts:

1) Virtual Emotion - D18
2) Pop the Track - S19
3) Elise - S22, D23
4) Love Is A Danger Zone (Cranky Mix) - S18
5) Unique - S15, D16
6) D - D18


Pump Haven :: Infinity 1.05 patch released!
05:21 CST :: 1/20/2014

The latest Infinity patch has been made available in 2 files. We have provided a mirror at Pump Haven here and right here.

New songs:

1) Future Funk Squad - Blowin' It Up
2) Future Funk Squad - Blow FULL SONG
3) Yahpp & BanYa Production - Armakitten 2-X
4) BanYa Production - Beat the Ghost Shortcut
5) BanYa Production - Bulllfighter's Song Shortcut

Also new charts for existing songs were also added.


Pump Haven :: Title card server and general site update!
02:46 CST :: 11/03/2013

I don't update this site enough. I just did. Check out the titlecard server. I just added everything from Fiesta 2.

I've also updated the Info section with links to more recent and updated mix appearances and master song list Excel pages, for those who are into that! In particular, I have updated our complete master list of every song ever featured in Pump It Up, complete with notes on conditional situations for songs not found immediately available in certain versions and editions of the game. You can find that on this page, with the master list Excel file being the first link here.

Lastly, I've polished up a couple ugly-looking parts of the site. Still the same general design from 10 years ago, but that's PH for you! Let me know if you guys run into any problems with any parts of the site via PM in the forums.

Pump Haven :: Fiesta 2 version 1.3 now available!
02:44 CST :: 9/17/2013

As of an hour ago, the latest Fiesta 2 patch has been made available. We have provided a mirror at Pump Haven right here.

New additions to this game include two crossovers from Pro 2:

- Affinity - Y2Z
- Nightmare - Dream to Nightmare


Pump Haven :: Happy 10th anniversary to Pump Haven!
19:41 CST :: 9/14/2013

I totally planned to do something nice to commemorate this, mistakenly thinking this site was founded on September 21 instead of September 12, but... yeah. Anyway, was founded on September 12, 2003. We're still here somehow. Thanks to everyone who's helped make this site was it is over the last ten years! Hopefully more stuff happens in the Pump community soon so we can start doing a lot more in the future. Until then, keep on Pumpin'!