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Pump Haven :: Pump it Up XX - 1.04 Update Coming!
10:57 CST :: 8/14/2019

The next patch is coming August 29, with the following content:

Heart Rabbit Coaster / Nato
Tantanmen / Memme

Black Cat / Turbo
King of Sales / Norazo

World Music
F®IEND / d_aan

Rising Star / M2U

Full Song
Starry Night / Mamamoo

Dignity / Crash

-Black Cat is using the original version of the track with the corresponding music video, and is being regarded as a new track.
-Dignity is the third licensed Korean track added prior to Prime 2 that's available in XX. After sitting out Prime 2 in its entirety, it has made its return to the series.
-2 more of the Character Creation Contest winners are making appearances in this patch's content. The 1st place winner's character is in Rising Day (affirming that the O2Jam Xross songs are definitely here to stay) and the 4th place winner's characters are in Heart Rabbit Coaster.
-As expected, another batch of missions is coming, but also another batch of freestyle charts, delving into the stuff patches have been adding.
-Desaparecer, the mashup of Applesoda's Vanish and Max's Sarabande, is receiving a BGA in this patch courtesy of Lyrebird Ferdinant.
-The next patch will have Dreamcatcher's "Full Moon", extending their standing as the licensed Korean artist with the most tracks in the game (5).

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up XX - 1.02 Update Coming!
10:55 CST :: 4/18/2019

The next patch has been announced to be coming April 25, and once again it's a hefty one!

1949 / SLAM

Gashina / SUNMI
Time for the moon night / GFRIEND
YOU & I / Dreamcatcher

Rage of Fire / MAX (from O2Jam)

Meteo5cience / Paul Bazooka (Mixes Meteorize and Mad5cience, both from Pump it Up Prime)

Full Song
Allegro Con Fuoco / DM Ashura (Song originally from Pump it Up Fiesta EX)

-Missions will be added in this patch, as expected.

-Once again, we've got 3 K-Pop songs heading in, except this time they're legit hits. "You & I" hit #9 on Billboard's World Digital Songs (basically, top-selling non-western songs in the US), "Time for the Moon Night" made it to #17 on the same tally but also #2 on the GAON Singles Chart (measuring the top performing songs in South Korea), and "Gashina" made it to #3 on World Digital and topped GAON.

-Unlike Prime 2, where the wild card full song came near the end of the updates, we're getting "Allegro Con Fuoco" just two patches in.

-"You & I"'s addition completes the set of licensed songs shown in the intro movie to the game.

-"Meteo5cience" appears to be a brand new mix from Paul Bazooka himself, avoiding the usual mashup trappings Pump it Up remixes fall into. Some original melodies and individual instrument mixings are heard.

-"1949" is the sequel (or would it be prequel?) song to "1950" from Prime. The trailer saves this song for last with an "AND" screen to hype its addition, indicating it most likely will have some of the hardest charts of the mix.

-"Time for the Moon Night" was teased at the end of the last trailer. This time, apparently, Mamamoo's "Starry Night" was in its place, indicating it's most likely coming in the next patch.

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up XX - 1.01 Update Coming!
01:49 CST :: 2/22/2019

The first update for the latest mix is coming on February 28, and while I donít know whether itís indicative of the size of future updates, it sure is promising and is an encouraging sign for the future of the mix. Youíll see what I mean with this set of new tunes!

Boong Boong (feat. Sik-K) / Haon
The Little Prince / Haon & Pullik
Timing / Highteen

Ice of Death / Fiverwater - Based on Hungarian Dances
XX -Opening- -Short Cut- / Max

World Music
Nihilism -Another Ver.- / Nato
86 -Full Song- / Dasu

Xeroize / FE - From O2Jam

This update also brings several new features and QOL additions:
-Freestyle charts are being added for new songs, likely by the Indonesian fan team once more.
-A new batch of Quest charts have been added.
-Online Matchmaking has been added. You can choose a category akin to Random mode, and each section has preview music referencing a past game.

Pump Haven :: Pump It Up XX released! Song list, price info!
04:51 CST :: 1/08/2019

It's official, Pump It Up XX is on sale. We can finally confirm that this game is HD only and will only work on CX/TX/LX cabinets, as well as FX cabinets with full hardware upgrades (and perhaps older machines retrofitted with HD monitors and new hardware).

Arcadespareparts' price for the upgrade kit: $2,300
With a full MK9 upgrade: $2,900

Also, here is the full song list (with levels) for XX v1.00, published my Andamiro themselves.

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up XX - Launch Songlist Revealed
11:30 CST :: 12/14/2018

With the latest location test, the new Pump it Up YouTube channel has revealed the full songlist XX will have at launch. Unlike my IAAPA newsdump, the difficulties are easy to see, so I'll advise you to check it yourself if you're curious.

New Songs

Fly high / Dreamcatcher
HANN (Alone) / (G)I-DLE
I'm so sick / APink

Original Songs
Wedding Crashers / SHK
Obliteration / ATAS
I Want U / MAX
Nyarlathotep / nato
%X (Percent X) / Pory
Le Grand Rouge / KIEN
Macaron Day / HyuN
Poseidon / Quree
VANISH / Applesoda
Kimchi Fingers / Garlic Squad
Nyarlathotep -SHORT CUT- / nato
Wedding Crashers -SHORT CUT- / SHK

World Music
Club Night / Matduke

Obelisque / ESTi x M2U
Loki / Lotze

New Songs - Sort of...
Hush / Yassi Pressman feat. Nadine Lustre [PRIME 2] [Originally exclusive to Phillippines versions of the game]
Hush -FULL SONG- / Yassi Pressman feat. Nadine Lustre [PRIME 2] [Ditto]
Kitty Cat / Coconut [FIESTA-FIESTA 2] [Part of the megalist of songs in the 12XX section but never deployed until now]

Revived Songs
BanYa-P Classic Mix / BanYa Production
Jump / BanYa
Radetsky Can Can / BanYa [Actually F2 Systems, but whatevs...]
With My Lover / BanYa
An Interesting View / BanYa

Removed Songs
Bang Bang Bang / Big Bang
Me Gustas Tu / GFRIEND
Rhythm Ta / iKON
Pick Me / Produce 101 Season1
Jackpot / Block B
Gotta Be You / 2NE1
Boombayah / BLACKPINK
Sober / Big Bang
Up & Down / Exid
You're the Best / Mamamoo
Number 9 / T-ara
Acquaintance / Outsider
Bang Bang Bang -FULL SONG- / Big Bang
Up & Down -FULL SONG- / Exid
Acquaintance -FULL SONG- / Outsider
Bar Bar Bar / Crayon Pop
On and On / VIXX
Elvis / AOA
Very Good / Block B
I'm Sorry / CNBLUE
Pandora / Kara
Venus / Shinhwa
Hate, Don't Hate! / Dal Shabet
Supermagic / Supreme Team
Sugar Free / T-ara
Her / Block B
NoNoNo / APink
Loner / Outsider
Flying Duck / Cherry Filter
Ineffective Boss Without Power / Norazo
One / Epik High
Bar Bar Bar -FULL SONG- / Crayon Pop
Sugar Free -FULL SONG- / T-ara
NoNoNo -FULL SONG- / APink
Pandora -FULL SONG- / Kara
Crash Day / Crash
Crash Day -FULL SONG- / Crash
Deja Vu -FULL SONG- / Som2
Dawn of the Apocalypse -FULL SONG- / Vassline
Dawn of the Apocalypse / Vassline
Chung Hwa Ban Jeom / Louis
Deja Vu / Som2
I'll Give You All My Love / Wax
Don't Bother Me / Tashannie
Com' Back / Sechskies
Mobius Strip / Sechskies
Funky Tonight / CLON

Hard Core Rock Mix / BanYa Production
Pro POP Remix / BanYa Production
msgoon rmx pt. 5 / msgoon
msgoon rmx pt. 1 / msgoon
msgoon rmx pt. 3 / msgoon
Ignition Starts / BanYa
Hypnosis / BanYa

Across the Ocean / zircon
Enhanced Reality / Matduke
Sik Asik / Ayu Ting Ting
Online / Saykoji
Dam / Ben Chalatit
Sugar Eyes / Sugar Eyes
Y2Z / Affinity
Rockhill / Beltaine
Switchback / Celldweller
Rippin' it Up / Future Funk Squad
Virtual Emotion / KaW
Take Me Back / KaW
Heel & Toe / Kuri-ZiLL
Rainspark / Sanxion7
Be Alive (Raaban Inc. Mix) / Stian K.
Rave Until the Night is Over / DM Ashura feat. Jay & Veronica
Narcisista Por Excelencia / Pxndx
Narcisista Por Excelencia -SHORT CUT- / Pxndx
Procedimientos Para Llegar a un Comun Acuerdo -SHORT CUT- / Pxndx
Dieciseis / Nina Pilots
Panuelito Rojo / Big Metra
Procedimientos Para Llegar a un Comun Acuerdo / Pxndx
Digan lo que Digan / Nina Pilots
Nina Pxndx Mix / Nina Pilots & Pxndx
Big Metra Mix / Big Metra
Panuelito Rojo -FULL SONG- / Big Metra
Procedimientos Para Llegar a un Comun Acuerdo -FULL SONG- / Pxndx
Digan lo que Digan -FULL SONG- / Nina Pilots
Trato de no Trabarme -FULL SONG- / Big Metra
Dance All Night / Oscillator X
Dance Vibrations / Elpis
Energizer / ZiGZaG

Various Notes
-Infinity RMX has been moved from Original Songs to World Music. Heart Attack has been moved from World Music to Original Songs.
-The music wheel now uses 4:3 images instead of 1:1, meaning most legacy tracks have fitting discs, but the single art turned into BGs for the new K-Pops now show some of their interpolation.
-Unlockable charts now show on the tracklist as padlocks. It's worth noting that some revived songs have unlockable charts, like Radetsky Can Can.
-We do not know of the fate of the former exclusive songs, but judging how basically every license is gone, odds are high they're removed.
-The status of Skeptic and 86 are unknown, possibly unlocks as the formerís YouTube description calls it the second boss song "on PIU XX initial version".

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up XX - Second Teaser Gives Major Info!
07:25 CST :: 11/13/2018

So we finally have some info on this new game coming soon!

New Songs
BBoom BBoom / Momoland
S1 / S4 / S6 / S13 / S15 / D8 / D18

Boomerang / Wanna One
S2 / S4 / S6 / S17 / D7 / D16 / CO-OP 2

Fly High / Dreamcatcher
S1 / S3 / S5 / S9 / S15 / S18 / D10 / D16

Good Bye / Hong JinYoung [Added on Day 2]
S2 / S4 / S6 / S17 / D10 / D16

HANN (Alone) / (G)-IDLE [Added on Day 2]
S1 / S3 / S5 / S16 / D17

Iím so sick / Apink
[not in the IAAPA build]

Love Scenario / iKon
S1 / S3 / S6 / S14 / D3 / D14

Nekkoya (Pick Me) / Produce 48
S2 / S4 / S6 / S17 / D15

VERY NICE / SEVENTEEN [Added on Day 2]
S2 / S4 / S6 / S17 / D6 / D15

I Want U / Max
[not in the IAAPA]

Macaron Day / HyuN [Added on Day 2]
S12 / S17 / D13 / D18

Nyarlathotep / NATO
S12 / S18 / S23 / D16 / D23

Obliteration / ATAS
S7 / S14 / S17 / D10 / D18

Poseidon / Quree
[not in the IAAPA build]

Wedding Crashers / SHK
S4 / S10 / S18 / D22 / CO-OP 3

%X (Percent X) / Pory [Added on Day 2]
S3 / S6 / S10 / S17 / D13 / D18

World Music
[86] / Dasu feat. Gumi/Kagamine Len (credited in-game as 86 / Dasu)
S12 / S20 / D18

Loki / Lotse (Apparently an SHK alias)
S12 / S16 / S21 / D12

Obelisque / ESTi x M2U (Oh hey, that song that was teased for Prime 2...)
S2 / S4 / S7 / S10 / S15 / D15

Additionally, unknown songs by Doin, †Pory, KIEN, HyuN, Applesoda, DM Ashura, Fiverwater, SLAM, and Garlic Squad are confirmed for the roster.

Basic Mode (IAAPA Ver.)
01 Fly high
02 HANN (Alone)
03 Nekkoya (Pick Me)
04 Boomerang
05 BBoom BBoom
06 Love Scenario
08 Good Bye
09 Chase Me
10 Good Night
11 Energetic
12 Beautiful
13 Pick Me (Season 2)
14 Last Rebirth
15 Super Capriccio
16 Sarabande
17 Super Fantasy
18 Violet Perfume
19 Sugar Conspiracy Theory
20 Reminiscence
21 Folow Me
22 Yeo Rae A
23 Sorceress Elise
24 Ugly Dee
25 Canon D
26 Dr. M
27 Winter
28 Csikos Post
29 Beethoven Virus
30 Mr. Larpus
31 Turkey March
32 Passacaglia
33 Ladybug
34 Xuxa
35 Allegro Con Fuoco
36 Imprinting
37 Bad Apple

All Tunes (IAAPA Combined Ver.; ID numbers are provisional)
1601 Fly high
1602 HANN (Alone)
1603 Nekkoya (Pick Me)
1604 Boomerang
1605 BBoom BBoom
1606 Love Scenario
1608 Good Bye
1609 Wedding Crashers
1610 Obliteration
1611 Nyarlathotep
1612 %X
1613 Macaron Day
1614 86
1615 Obelisque
1616 Loki
1547 Chase Me
1554 Good Night
1559 Energetic
1560 Beautiful
1561 Pick Me (Season 2)
0112 Another Truth
1501 Last Rebirth
1502 Super Capriccio
1505 Cross Over
1508 Shub Niggurath
1509 Further
1512 Bring Back the Beat
1513 Break Out
1516 Sarabande
1538 Up & Up
1401 Nemesis
1410 Requiem
1411 U Got Me Crazy
1417 Leakage Voltage
1419 Super Fantasy
1420 Violet Perfume
1421 Red Swan
1425 Sugar Conspiracy Theory
1473 Reminiscence
1305 Elise
1306 Ignis Fatuus
1311 Accident
1340 Follow Me
1341 Yeo Rae A
1101 Cleaner
1102 Interference
1103 Reality
1105 Butterfly
1002 Sorceress Elise
1008 U Got 2 Know
1013 Destination
1017 Vacuum
0F01 Blaze Emotion
0F02 Cannon X1
0F22 The People Didn't Know
0F23 DJ Otada
0F24 K.O.A. -Alice in Wonderworld-
0E01 Solitary 1.5
0E02 Beat the Ghost
0E03 Caprice of Otada
0E04 Money
0D03 Chimera
0D14 2006. Love Song
0D15 Do You Know That -Old School-
0D16 Gun Rock
0D18 Ugly Dee
0C01 Beat of the War 2
0C02 Moonlight
0C03 Witch Doctor
0C04 Love is a Danger Zone 2
0C05 Phantom
0B16 J Bong
0B17 Hi-Bi
0B18 Solitary 2
0B19 Canon-D
0A01 Final Audition 3 U.F.
0A02 Naissance 2
0A03 Monkey Fingers
0A04 Blazing
0802 Bee
0701 Dr. M
0702 Emperor
0703 Get Your Groove On
0704 Love is a Danger Zone
0705 Maria
0711 Winter
0736 Csikos Post
0911 Chicken Wing
0505 Beethoven Virus
0405 Mr. Larpus
0302 Naissance
0303 Turkey March
0204 Final Audition
0205 Extravaganza
1577 Nakakapagpabagabag
1303 Passacaglia
1304 Baroque Virus
1209 Ladybug
1236 Xuxa
1122 Allegro Con Fuoco
1477 Imprinting
1481 Bad Apple!!
1593 V3
1595 The Festival of Ghost2 (Sneak)
15B6 A Site de la Rue

-400 new/changed(?) difficulties on old songs
-100 titles (I assume they mean like ranks) you can unlock
-Some sort of online matchmaking system
-100 new songs, covering all 5 types.
-The high tier grades have been revamped, with silver S now just being S, gold S being SS, and old SS being SSS.
-Step creators are confirmed to be credited to some extent in-game this time around as opposed to just on the website.
-K-Pop now sorts behind Originals in Channel Select

Expect it in January for arcades, mobile devices, and browsers! No word yet if all versions will share all music or at least all new music.

Update: Didn't realize the Arcade version was being shown off at IAAPA. some additional info from them

Update 2: Day 2 brings 5 new songs, none of which were in the trailer!

Pump Haven :: Prime 2 - 2.05 Coming Soon
06:53 CST :: 8/20/2018

Being released on August 27th, here's what's coming in the latest and last update:

Breakout / Lunatic Sounds
Escape / d_aan
The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog / Doin
BSPower Explosion / Memme [from O2Jam]
Visual Dream II (in Fiction) / Aragon [from O2Jam]
Shub Sothoth Remix / Nato & EXC [Mix of Shub Niggurath and Yog Sothoth]

10th wave of Quest Zone

A few notes:
-Yep, d_aan's doing originals for Andamiro now...ah, how they grow.
-The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog is in fact a reference to the most common typing exercise (because it uses all the letters in the alphabet).
-BSPower Explosion was released earlier to Pump it Up G through its closed beta test.
-In case people haven't figured it out, Shub Niggurath and Yog Sothoth are both outer gods from H.P. Lovecraft's stories (Cthulu is part of the same mythos), and they specifically mated to produce lesser deities Nug and Yeb, hence why they're together in the remix.
-As If It's Your Last is not coming along with the rest of the blank IDs and trailer revealed songs. Oh well...

Check out the teaser here!

Pump Haven :: Prime 2 - 2.03 Update Incoming
08:02 CST :: 4/23/2018

Check out the preview here!

This month, instead of doing the whole 2 smaller patches in sequence thing, we appear to be cutting right to the chase with one big patch being released on April 30th!

Awakening / typeMARS
Gothique Resonance / P4Koo
Passing Rider / mzet:-P
Silverbeat / Tatsh
Tritium / Memme

-It appears that Tritium is one of the songs from the first promotional video for Prime 2.
-All the songs except Gothique Resonance (an EZ2AC Xross song) are Originals, leaving Moonlight Dance once more at a table for one in the J-Music category...
-Bug fixes and the next set of quest songs are also going to be part of this update.
-If you caught my April Fool this year, I got right that P4Koo would get a Xross song, I just got the song itself (Makes Me Wonder) wrong.