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Pump Haven :: Pump Haven Facebook group!
22:56 CST :: 6/14/2016

Hey, everyone. Since, realistically speaking, internet forums are mostly on the decline, and this website is heavily an archival and nostalgia database, I decided to start a Facebook community for members old and new. Join us!

Pump Haven @ Facebook

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up Prime update 1.17
05:28 CST :: 5/20/2016

PIU Prime 1.17 teaser

1. New Songs

1) Song : Amphitryon  
Artist : Gentle Stick  
BPM : 155  
Default step chart :  S06, S11, D12
Unlock step chart : S18, D20  

2) Song : Blaze emotion (Band version)  
Artist : Yahpp  
BPM : 170  
Default step chart : S02, S08, S17, D04, D18

2. New step charts

1) Song : Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico  
Artist : Masayoshi Minoshima  
BPM : 138  
Step chart  : S03  

2) Song : Setsuna Trip  
Artist : Last Note.  
BPM : 145  
Step chart : S03  

3) Song : Trashy Innocence  
Artist : Last Note.  
BPM : 230  
Step chart : S03  

4) Song : Bad ∞ End ∞ Night  
Artist : HitoshizukuP X yama△  
BPM : 204  
Step chart : S04  

5) Song : Till the end of time  
Artist : BanYa  
BPM : 140  
Step chart : S13(UCS), S17(UCS), D08(UCS), D13(UCS), D16(UCS)  

6) Song : Chicken Wing  
Artist : BanYa  
BPM : 200  
Step chart : S21(UCS), S22(UCS), D23(UCS)  

7) Song : Robot Battle  
Artist : CYO Style  
BPM : 198  
Step chart : S18(UCS), D19(UCS)  

3. Unlocked Step charts
1) Song : Renai Yuusha  
Step chart : S19 , D20 -  released!
2) Song : Enhance Reality  
Step chart : S19 , D20 - released!  

4. Quest zone
1) Song : Destination  
Step chart : S11, S16, D13, D18  

2) Song : Phantom  
Step chart : S12, S17, S18, S19

3) Song : Selfishness  
Step chart : S11, S17, D18, D21  

4) Song : Love is a danger zone pt.2  
Step chart : S07, S15, D17, D21  

5) Song : Tribe Attacker  
Step chart : S16, D10, D15, D22

5. New Features

All locked step charts are unlocked in EVENT mode and will be available until 1.18.0 update
-Salem Cat

Pump Haven :: Pump It Up Infinity update 1.10 - THE FINAL -
21:16 CST :: 5/01/2016


[b]- New Songs -[/b]

"Black Maria" by DJ Clonepa:
S06 / S09 / S13 / S18 / S23 / D13 / D15 / D19 / D25 / 2P18

"Dance on Fire: Retribution" by Magic Hammer:
S01 / S04 / SP04 / S07 / S09 / S12 / S15 / S18 / D06 / D10 / D12 / D17 / D20 / 2P17

"Destroy" by /DJS\
S04 / S08 / S12 / S16 / S20 / D09 / D14 / D18 / D20

"DIMM_ (Sleep Deprivation Short Mix)" by 640x480 remixed by Wavelength:
S02 / S06 / S10 / S15 / S18 / D07 / D12 / D16 / D20

"Disco Dancer" by Matduke:
S03 / S05 / S10 / S13 / S15 / S18 / D07 / D12 / D14 / D18

"Dragonfly" by Nitro Fun:
S02 / S06 / S08 / S11 / S15 / S20 / D05 / DP06 / D08 / D16

"Enhanced Reality" by Matduke:
S03 / S06 / S11 / S14 / S19 / S21 / D07 / D12 / D17 / D20 / D22 / D26 / 2P16

"Ethereality" by DM Ashura vs. Sanxion7:
S04 / S08 / S13 / S17 / S19 / DP03 / D07 / D14 / D21

"Finite" by Crolul & Rion:
S04 / S09 / S12 / S16 / S19 / D05 / D09 / D12 / D15 / D18

"Further" by DJ Bouche feat. EZGi:
S03 / S08 / S13 / S16 / D13 / D16 / 2P14

"Girlz Buttz" by Thomas Howard feat. DJ Potatoe
S02 / S05 / S08 / S12 / D02 / D07 / D13 / D?? / 2P11

"got STOLEN?" by Vospi:
S08 / S12 / S15 / S17 / S20 / S23 / D12 / D15 / D21 / D?? / 2P19

"Incubator" by /DJS\:
S03 / S06 / S11 / S13 / S16 / S18 / S?? / D14 / D?? / D20 / D22 / 2P18

"Kill Them!" by Archefluxx & Kesean Beat:
S03 / S06 / S08 / S11 / S13 / S15 / S18 / S?? / D11 / D14 / D17 / D19 / D21

"Oh My" by Astra:
S02 / S05 / S07 / S11 / S16 / DP03 / D04 / D13 / D17

"Party All Night" by KaW feat. Sam-I-Am:
S01 / S04 / S09 / S15 / A-S17 / HDB17 / DP05 / D06 / D11 / D13 / D15 / D17

"Seize My Day" by rainbowdragoneyes
S02 / S06 / S10 / S14 / S18 / S?? / D07 / D12 / D19

"VV" by ZiGZaG:
S12 / S18 / S21 / S23 / D16 / D20 / D24 / D27

"Z -The New Legend" by DM Ashura:
S04 / S07 / S11 / S15 / S18 / S20 / D08 / D12 / D16 / D20

"π·ρ·maniac" by DM Ashura:
S03 / S07 / S10 / S13 / S16 / S20 / HDB16 / DP04 / D07 / D17 / D21 / 2P13

"Butterfly (Full Song)" by MAX & Rorychesell:
S07 / S12 / S17 / D12 / D18

"Jonathan’s Dream (Full Song)" by MAX & Seorryang:
S07 / S12 / S17 / D13 / D19

"π·ρ·maniac (Full Song)" by DM Ashura:
S9 / S14 / S19 / D14 / D20

"Slam (Full Song)" by Novasonic:
S09 / S16 / D13 / D20

"The Trident ov Power (Full Song)" by Magic Hammer:
S19 / D19

"Dawgs in Da Revolution" by MAX & DOOM & Canblaster / k//eternal:
2P15 / 2P22

"Destroy Them" by /DJS\ & Archefluxx & Kesean Beat / Kimsynth:
S12 / S17 / D22 / D25

"Final Audition Infinity" by BanYa remixed by KahruNYA:
S04 / S07 / S11 / S17 / S?? / D07 / D18 / D??

[b]-Revival Content / Added Charts-[/b]

"ASDF" by Doin (from Fiesta EX):
S04 (new) / S07 (new) / S09 / S12 (new) / S17 / S18 / D10 / D14 (new) / D17

"Bullfighter’s Song" by BanYa Production (from NX1):
S04 / S05 / S08 / S16 / D09 / D17 / D21

"Butterfly" by MAX & Rorychesell (from Fiesta EX):
SP02 / S03 / S06 / S08 / S13 / S16 / DP03 / D07 / D17 / D19 (new)

"D Gang" by BanYa (from Premiere 3):
S04 / S04 / S06 / S09 / S18 / HDB06 / D07 / D15 / D16 (Pro) / 2P13 (Pro)

"Ignition Starts" by BanYa (from 1st Dance Floor):
S02 (Pro) / S03 (Pro) / S08 / S15 / S17 (new) / HDB06 (Pro) / D10 / D16 (Pro) / D17 (new) / 2P13 (new)

"Night Duty" by A.V. (from Fiesta EX):
S04 (new) / S07 (new) / S15 (new) / S17 / S19 (new) / D12 (new) / D20 (new) / 2P19 (new)

"Pine Nut" by Doin (from Fiesta EX):
S13 / S20 / S24 / D16

"Reality" by SHK (feat. Ruriling) (from Fiesta EX):
S03 / SP04 / S06 / S08 / S14 / S17 / DP02 / D04 / D15

"Rolling Christmas" by BanYa (from Perfect Collection):
S03 / S03 / S05 / S06 / S08 / S10 / S13 / D05 / D06 / D13 / D16 (new) / 2P13 (new)

"Says" by Doin (from Fiesta EX):
[ Mission Zone 5 Unlockable ]

"Summer (Speedy Mix)" by Smiley (from PRO):
S02 (Pro) / S05 (Pro) / S11 (Pro) / S15 (new) / S20 (Pro) / S?? (new) / HDB21 (Pro) / D12 (Pro) / D21 (Pro) / D22 (new)

"Deja Vu" (Full Song)" by SOM2 (from Fiesta 2010):
S07 / S16 / D16

"Infinity RMX" by MAX & SynthWulf (from Fiesta 2):
S20 / D20

"Novasonic Mix Ver. 3" by Novasonic (from NX Absolute):
S06 / S17 / D19

"BanYa Hard Mix" by BanYa (from O.B.G.):
S09 / S12 / D11 / 4P?? (new)

"Anubis" by Banzai (from PRO 1):

"Beat of the War" by BanYa (from Premiere 3):

"Beat the Ghost" by Banya Production (from NX2):
S07 / S15 / D09 / D16

"Canon D" by BanYa (from Exceed 2):

"Cannon X.1" by Yahpp (from NXA):

"Caprice of Otada" by BanYa Production (from NX2):

"Cleaner" by Doin (from Fiesta EX):
D13 / 3P17

"Creatures Ov Deception" by rainbowdragoneyes (from Infinity):

"Deja Vu" by SOM2 (from Exceed 2):
2P09 / 2P16

"Digan Lo Que Digan" by Nina Pilots (from NX Absolute):

"Dignity" by CRASH (from Exceed):

"Don’t Bother Me" by Tashannie (from O.B.G.):

"Dr. M" by BanYa (from Rebirth):

"Dream to Nightmare" by Nightmare (from PRO 2):

"Electric" by The DNC ft. Miss Amani (from Infinity):

"Emperor" by Banya (from Rebirth):

"Eternus" by Sanxion7 (from PRO 2):

"Extravaganza Reborn" by BanYa remixed by Wavelength (from Infinity):

"Feels Just Like That Night" by Eskimo & Icebird feat. Maria Merete (from PRO 1):

"Into My Dream (Kaveh Azizi Remix)" by Lagoona (from PRO 1):

"King of the Beats" by Throwdown (from PRO 2):

"Like a Man" by Outsider (from Fiesta EX):

"Love Eternal" by When Machines Dream (from PRO 1):

"Love is a Danger Zone" by BanYa (from Rebirth):

"Love is a Danger Zone (Cranky Mix)" by BanYa remixed by Cranky (from Fiesta 2/Infinity):

"Memory" by On Slot (from PRO 2):
S17 / D17 / A-D18

"Move It Groove It" by KaW feat. Sam-I-Am (from PRO 1):

"Napalm" by Doin (from Fiesta 2010):
S06 / S09 / D10 / D17 / 2P16

"Necromancy" by Zircon (from PRO 2):
S14 / HDB10

"Overblow" by MAX (from Fiesta EX):

"Oy Oy Oy" by BanYa (from Rebirth):
S16 / D18 / 2P15

"Party 4 U (holy nite mix)" by Cranky (from Infinity):

"Pop The Track" by J-Mi & Midi-D feat. Hanna Stockzell (from Fiesta 2/Infinity):

"Rainspark" by Sanxion7 (from PRO 2):
S?? / D??

"Rippin’ It Up" by Future Funk Squad (from PRO 2):

"Slam" by Novasonic (from Perfect Collection):
S13 / S15 / D13 / D16 / 2P17

"Smells Like a Chocolate" by Vospi (from PRO 2):

"Solitary 1.5" by YAHPP (from NX2):
S01 / S10 / D08 / D11 / D15

"The Best It’s Gonna Get" by Celldweller (from Infinity):

"Till The End of Time" by BanYa (from Rebirth):

"Trident ov Power" by Magic Hammer (from Infinity):

"Turkey March" by BanYa (from O.B.G.):

"U Got 2 Know" by MAX (from Fiesta 2010):

"What Do You Really Want" by CRASH (from Exceed):

"We Goin’ Fly Remix" by Gyfted (from NX1):

"We Got 2 Know" by MAX (from Fiesta EX):

"Witch Doctor" by BanYa (from Zero):
2P19 / 3P21

"Xenesis" by Banya Production (from Fiesta 2010):
S2 / S14 / HDB8

"I’ll Give You All My Love (Full Song)" by WAX (from NX2):
S18 / D12

"DIGNITY FULL MIX" by CRASH (from Exceed 2):

"BanYa-P Guitar Remix" by Banya Production (from NX2):
D18 / S??

"BP Classic Remix" by BanYa Production (from Fiesta 2010):

"Enhanced Reality" (Shortcut) by Matduke (from Infinity):

"K.O.A. ~Alice in Wonderland~" (Shortcut) by BanYa Production (from Fiesta 2010):

"Winter" (Shortcut) by BanYa (from Fiesta 2010):

[b]-Other Changes-[/b]

-Easy Mode has been overhauled for a new, more beginner-friendly experience!
-New Mission Zones have been added. Several missions unlock content not shown on this list!
-Mission Zones 1-3 are now unlocked by default, with their boss missions easier to access.
-Mission EXP granted now scales to the mission difficulty. Challenge yourself for bigger rewards!
-Playing songs in Arcade Mode now grants EXP for unlocking new content in Mission Mode.
-Routine and All Music folders have been added! Find your favorite tunes easily with alphabetical sort.
-More Music Trains have been added which may feature exclusive stepcharts and unlockables!
-More charts from the Fiesta 2 and Pro series have been added, along with some special revivals.
-Some new options have been added as hidden easter eggs...
-Theme/UI graphics have been completely remade for higher quality in widescreen mode.
-New attract and menu background animations, as well as new menu music!
-BGA visibility options are now on the first page of the options window.
-New loading screen graphics.
-System software stability has been improved.
-And we definitely forgot to put something into this list because there is too much new content we are eager to present to you!

[b]-Install Instructions-[/b]
Previous updates must be installed prior to installing 1.10

This update is in two parts. First, you must update with inf110.piu.
After that update is complete, the machine version will be 1.09.1, you must update with inf111.piu.
It is safe to place both update files on the flash drive at the same time.

To apply patch, place update files in the root of your flash drive and
plug it in on the title screen. (Your credits will be saved once the
machine reboots.) Make sure flash drive is formatted "FAT".

PART 1 (inf110.piu)
PART 2 (inf111.piu)

[b]Important Notes:[/b]
>>> IMPORTANT NOTE: The inf110.piu/inf111.piu updates are very large (1.6GB/600MB). <<<
>>> It will take AT LEAST 20-30 minutes for the first update to install and 5-10 minutes for the second update to install. <<<
>>> "Update Detected - Verifying" will display for some time. Please be patient during this process. <<<

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up Prime update 1.16
05:23 CST :: 4/22/2016

Only trailer for now PIU Prime 1.16 trailer
It's not the final patch, it seems

- New Songs -

1) Song :  Moment Day
Artist :  MAX
BPM : 158  
Default step chart :   S03, S06, S10, S15, S17, D09, D16, CO-OPx02      
Unlock step chart : S18, D19

2) Song :  Houkago Stride    
Artist :   Last Note.    
BPM : 225    
Default step chart :   S03, S06, S10, S15, D10, D16          
Unlock step chart : S19, D21

3) Song :   Idealized Romance    
Artist :  void  
BPM : 140      
Default step chart :   S02, S04, S07, S11, S16, D10        
Unlock step chart : S18, D18

4) Song :   Force of Ra
Artist :   Memme    
BPM : 180      
Default step chart :   S07, S12, S17, D12
Unlock step chart : S19, D20

- New unlock step charts -

1) Song :   Achluoias
Artist : D_AAN
BPM : 200              
Step chart : D26  

2) Song :   Stardust Overdrive
Artist : typeMARS    
BPM : 175          
Step chart : D24

- Quest Zone -

Quest “Chapter16” is updated.
1) Song :   Hello William
Step chart :   S09, S17, D09, D18

2) Song :   Bullfighter's Song
Step chart :  S05, S08, S16, S19

3)  Song :    Ladybug      
Step chart :   S05, S13, D13, D19

4) Song :    Moonlight      
Step chart :   D11, D20, D21, D22

5) Song :   FFF    
Step chart :   S17, S23, D22, D26

- Unlocked Step charts -

Song :    Creed -1st Desire-    
Step chart :  S18, D18  - released!

- New U.C.S songs are added! -
- Nemesis
- Chinese restaurant
- Hestia
- You Got Me Crazy
- 1950

- New features -

It is now available to play for 2 players in Rank mode of event mode

- Minor bugs fixed -
-Salem Cat

Pump Haven :: Massive PIU Prime update for PH, check it out!
22:52 CST :: 4/04/2016

Hey, everyone. I've made a gigantic update to a few things, and I wanted to share them with you.

First - I've updated my master PIU song list up to Prime v1.15 and Japan v1.11. I have also updated every song with a known ID number to have its ID displayed next to the song. This is brand new to the update. I have also filled in the gaps for Prime, where every known song is attached to an ID. Check out my work! Fully searchable, sortable, filterable. My pride and joy of over the last decade. Use the download button in the spreadsheet to use filters on Microsoft Excel.

PIU Mix Appearances Master Song List 2016

Second, I know a lot of you are upset that I haven't updated the PIU song media at Pump Haven, especially since we lost all data from after August 2011 in the server crash. I made a lazy consolation move, batching together... everything. For those of you in the PH Members or higher group, check this out while logged in:

Media DB

Lastly, remember how I just said that I have every known Prime ID ready to go? I have a list of everything known, with only THREE IDs between 1401 and 1498 left to figure out, one of which I expect to be discovered this summer. That's all I'll say about that.

For the spoiler list, please visit this thread.

Pump Haven :: Welcome to April, everyone!
04:22 CST :: 4/01/2016

Hi, welcome to April 1st. At least a third of the following ten things are real, no joke, no bullshit. A few more are half truths... partially true. The last few are outright lies. I know what day it is. I'm not here to prank you, I'm here to confuse you. My enjoyment of the holiday this year comes not from fooling you guys, but leaving you all unclear about actual truths revealed on this list. Here's the best part: come April 2nd, you won't have an answer, as the actual truths will have to materialize naturally as time passes!

A) Prime v1.16 is planned to be the last update, with a -potential- 1.17 "farewell" update.

B) The next PIU mix will be called "Prime GX". Submissions are already being accepted for inclusion in the next version, and have been for some time.

C) There exists a fully playable Pump It Up game for the Sega Genesis. It is one of the holy grails of PIU game collection.

D) The following are all canceled songs planned for the PIU series: "Let Me Break it Down" by BanYa, "So What Gitu Loh" by Saykoji, "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO.

E) SHK's "Identity" series from O2Jam will make a noticeable debut in Pump in the near future.

F) Color-coded UCS (for multiple players) is planned for either the final update for Prime or the next mix, barring time constraints.

G) Naoki was planned to be a featured artist in PIU Prime, along with Tatsh, as essentially a massive "fuck you" to Konami. Due to contract limitations, it didn't work out in time for Prime, but he will be in the future.

H) Final Audition 4 is NOT real. It is a scrapped project that Yahpp originally intended to produce with rappers Skizzo and Ledline, but the project never materialized.

I) A full version of Slam by Novasonic will soon be available and playable, officially through Andamiro in some capacity.

J) PIU's very first D28 will debut as the final round song at WPF 2016 in Indonesia.

Also, I'm not going to fuck with you all too hard. I promise that Vanavara by Yahpp will be forever known as a bullshit PIU song.

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up Prime update 1.15
04:21 CST :: 3/25/2016

Prime 1.15 teaser video

1. New Songs

1) Song :  Prime
   Artist :  Tatsh
   BPM : 165  
   Default step chart :   S04, S07, S11, S16, S18, D12, D16, D18
   Unlock step chart : S20, D20

2) Song :   Mad5cience  
    Artist :   Paul Bazooka  
    BPM : 130  
    Default step chart :   S05, S16, D07, D16 3    
    Unlock step chart : S??

3) Song :   Red Snow
    Artist :  Cashew
    BPM : 170
    Default step chart :   S11, S16, D12  
    Unlock step chart : S??, D??

4) Song :   Break It Down
    Artist :   MAZO
    BPM : 176
    Default step chart :   S07, S14, S16, D05, D12, D17

2. New step charts

1) Song :   Electric
   Artist :   The DNC
   BPM : 120        
   Step chart :  S17

2) Song:  Annihilator Method (this one not in the patch notes, but you can buy it in pp shop)
   Artist:  DM Ashura
   BPM: 192
   Step chart:  D24

3) Song:  Imprinting (not in the patch notes too)
   Artist:  Sakuzyo
   BPM:  175
   Step chart:  D24

3. Quest zone    
Quest “Chapter15” is updated.

1) Song :  Higleddy pigleddy
   Step chart :   S09, S14, S16, S18
2) Song :  Turkey March – Minimal Tunes  
    Step chart :  S06, S08, S17, S18
3)  Song :   Witch Doctor    
     Step chart :   S10, S16, S19, S20
4) Song :    Pavane  
    Step chart :   S10, S17, D16, D20
5) Song :   X-Rave  
    Step chart :   S06, S09, S17, S24

4. Unlocked Step charts

1) Song :    Violet Perfume  
   Step chart :  D19  - released!  
2) Song :   Scolpion King          
    Step chart : S19 - released!
3) Song : Setsuna Trip
    Step chart : S18, D19 - released!
4) Song : Queen Of The Red
    Step chart : S18, D19 - released!

5. New Features

1) Double Performance step charts was added!
   - Various performance step charts for Freestyle category of WPF2016!
   - Please check out over 50 step charts of Prime 1.15 song list from
     (Basic mode song list,   Full mode song list)
   * A lot of  Freestyle players contributed step charts and thank you all for your efforts and  

6.  Bugs fixed.

   - Hypercube S17 step charts bug was fixed.
   - VJ judgement bug in Shortcut, Remix and Fullsong was fixed.
-Salem Cat

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up Prime update 1.14
06:21 CST :: 2/19/2016

Click Here To Watch Preview Video

Click here for original post at

Click here to manually download the update file (1.3GB). Note: Online machines will automatically download and apply all updates.

1. New Songs

   Song :  Trashy Innocence
   Artist :  LastNote
   BPM : 230  
   Default step chart :  S01, S05, S10, S14, D10, D15, CO-OP02
   Unlock step chart : S20, D24

    Song :  Renai Yuusha  
    Artist :  LastNote  
    BPM : 190  
    Default step chart :  S03, S06, S12, S17, D04, D13, D18, CO-OP03    
    Unlock step chart : S??, D??

    Song :  Just Hold on (To All Fighters)
    Artist : Void
    BPM : 170
    Default step chart :  S04, S07, S10, S16, D12, D18
    Unlock step chart : S21, D22, D25

    Song :  Enhance Reality
    Artist :  Matduke
    BPM : 170
    Default step chart :  S09, S14, D11
    Unlock step chart : S19, D20

    Song :  [Full Song] Pandora
    Artist :  KARA
    BPM : 140      
    Default step chart :  S17, D18      

2. New step charts

1) Song :  FFF
   Artist :  Doin
   BPM : 200        
   Step chart :  D24

2) Song :  Canon D
    Artist :  BanYa
    BPM : 160        
    Step chart :  CO-OP02

3) Song :   Rock the house
    Artist :   Matduke
    BPM : 175        
    Step chart :  S16(UCS), D13(UCS)

4) Song :   Super Fantasy
     Artist :   SHK
     BPM : 145
     Step chart :  S14(UCS), D16(UCS)

5) Song :    Karyawisata
     Artist :    Vesuvia x REDSHiFT
     BPM : 173
     Step chart :  S15(UCS), D16(UCS)

3. Quest zone    

Quest “Chapter14” is updated.

1) Song : J Bong
   Step chart :  S07, S08, S13, S18

2) Song : Final Audition3  
    Step chart : S06, S09, S14, S18

3)  Song :  Chopsticks Callenge    
     Step chart :  S06, S17, D16, D19

4) Song :   Com’Back  
    Step chart :   S08, S15, D16, D20

5) Song :  Tepris  
    Step chart :  S07, S16, D18, D22

4. Unlocked Step charts

1) Song :   Bad ∞ End ∞ Night    
   Step chart :  S17, S19, D18  - released!  

2) Song :  video out c          
    Step chart : S17 - released!

5. New Features

1) Random for WPF2016 was added!
   - Random for WPF Channel is used for the speed category of WPF2016 and RANK mode rule such as VJ mode is enforced ,but stage brake setting follows the SETUP of the machine.

2) U.C.S song is added!

   - Robot Battle

* New added U.C.S songs will be used for next U.C.S contest and new contest notice will be announced in detail.

6. Minor bugs fixed.
-Salem Cat