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Pump Haven :: Prime 2's 1.01 Update - News on Exclusives
19:49 CST :: 1/25/2017

So, a new Pump it Up Prime 2 patch is now out, 1.01, just in time for the worldwide shipment of the game following early release in Latin American countries. The following songs have been added:

Clue / Transin
XROSS Channel - Hails from EZ2AC
Single Charts: Lv. 4, Lv. 8, Lv. 12, Lv. 16, Lv. 18
Double Charts: Lv. 10, Lv. 18, Lv. 20

Just Kiddin' / Vospi
Single Charts: Lv. 5, Lv. 13, Lv. 16
Double Charts: Lv. 9, Lv. 18

Me Gustas Tu / GFriend
Single Chart: Lv. 16
Double Chart: Lv. 17

Italics indicate charts only available to users of the AM.Pass system.

The following changes have also occurred:

-Some BGAs had typos in their text, and this has been fixed. It's unknown at this time which songs were referred to.
-Various bugs were fixed.
-The DR (Drop) command is now applicable to 1P and 2P separately.

and finally, the last change is one that may get some people livid, though to be fair the writing was on the wall that this was an oversight. The country exclusive songs from Japan and Latin America were not intended to be played on any version with an AM.PASS. This has been corrected, which means the following tracks are back to being version exclusives:

For Japan
AKB48 (Cover) - Heavy Rotation
AKB48 (Cover) - Heavy Rotation (Short Cut)
Daichi Miura (Cover) - Unlock

For Latin America
Daddy Yankee - Limbo
Lylloo feat. Egas - Melodia
Wisin feat. Michael Telo - Que Viva la Vida

On a slight positive note, "Ai, Yuurete..." and "Sudden Romance (PIU Edit)" were in fact intended to be added for all versions and are thus still playable.

See you guys next month/season/whatever the schedule is when the next update comes out!

Pump Haven :: More information about Prime 2 Songlist.
19:05 CST :: 12/01/2016

So we've already had some initial news about Prime 2 from IAAPA and location test in South Korea. But now as the game was released in Latin America we can get detailed videos and reports of what really is in the game.

First of all, the new card login system gives a huge bonus to those using it: you can get 2 exclusive songs, 1 exclusive shortcut and a lot of charts right now only available for AM.Pass login.

Here is the updated list of the new tunes, now including all of their charts (please notice that steps colored in blue are currently only available when logging in with AM.Pass):

And now to the revivals list. As we've already heard, all the BanYa Production tunes, that were removed from Prime 1, are back in Prime 2. We also get back some of the older remixes. All the BanYA revivals have the same charts as they had in Fiesta 2, except for the Top City (which is missing D12). All other returning songs have the same tracklist as Prime 1, except for UCS stuff (see below).
For the full alphabetical list CLICK HERE to see the picture.

Prime 2 added 1 FULL SONG, 1 REMIX and 3 SHORT CUTS. The full list of "special zone" songs you can see

UCS contest winners charts from Prime 1 were sorted by the team, some were removed, others became official charts (though some of the decisions are strongly questionable). You can see what stayed and what was removed

Finally, many of us were wondering what will happen to the region exclusive songs. Currently situation is as following:
Ai, Yurete - international
Heavy Rotation (cover) + shortcut - AM.Pass exclusive, international
Sudden Romance - international
Unlock (cover) - AM.Pass exclusive, international
Danza Kuduro - gone
Lovumba - gone
Rabiosa - gone
Limbo - still in LA version, international status unknown
Melodia - still in LA version, international status unknown
Que Viva la Vida - still in LA version, international status unknown

Here you can download the tracklist from PIUGAME (but be aware, right now the tracklist is not fully correct and has some mistakes).

Pump Haven :: Pump It Up Prime 2 is here!
18:26 CST :: 11/26/2016

For those of you not yet in the loop, Prime 2 was debuted at IAAPA in Orlando and in Korea, with a release later this month. Promising a final total of 100 new songs (with updates released quarterly), a massive update in January 2018, crossovers from EZ2AC, O2Jam, and NeonFM, plus a new card system, it's sure to shake things up a bit. It also comes with a new pretty ridiculous cabinet:

(comes in white and black)

The new songs for version 1.00 include:

Last Rebirth - SHK
Hellfire - Memme
God Mode - Nato & Skizzo
Further - Doin
Bring Back the Beat - Lunatic Sounds
Sarabande - MAX
Arcana Force - mzet:-P

Bang Bang Bang - Bigbang
Me Gustas Tu - GFriend
Rhythm Ta - iKon
Pick Me - Produce 101
Jackpot - Block B
Blackpink - Boombayah
Up & Down - EXID
You're the Best - Mamamoo
Number Nine - T-Ara
Acquaintance - Outsider

Moonlight Dance - TatshMusicCircle

Death Moon - SHK (O2Jam)
Christmas Memories - Warak & BeautifulDay (O2Jam)
Asterios - ReEntry- - ATAS (EZ2AC)
Le Grand Bleu - KIEN (EZ2AC)

There are also a ton of BanYa revivals (most of them) and.... a lot of pretty brutal removals. Credits to sudocho for compiling this list.

Stay tuned for more.

Pump Haven :: PIU Master Song List database complete!
03:05 CST :: 10/06/2016

Now that Prime's list is finalized, I wanted to share once again my updated PIU master mix appearances list. I've been working on this on and off for over a decade. This list includes every song ever featured in PIU with details on where it's found, along with explanations of conditional situations where the song is found in certain mixes. If you want to use filters to generate a list of "Pump songs which include elements X, Y, and Z", this list is for you. Obscure canceled songs are listed here, too.

Click here for the database!

Download the file to mess with the filters. It's where this list shines.

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up Prime update 1.21 (final update!)
02:57 CST :: 10/06/2016

1. New Songs

1) Song : You again my love
       Artist : CYO Style & Henohenomoheji
       BPM : 137
       Default step chart : S01, S03, S06, S14, D06, D14

2) Song : Like Me
       Artist : SHK
       BPM : 155
       Default step chart : S06, S10, S14, S17, D11, D18, CO-OP02

2. New step charts

1) Song : Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico
       Artist : Masayoshi Minoshima
       BPM : 138
       Step chart : S15

1) Song : Red Snow
       Artist : Cashew
       BPM : 170
       Step chart : S07

3. Unlocked Step Charts
- All locked step charts are released!

4. New U.C.S songs are added!
       (U.C.S song list download)
- Katkoi
- Elysium
- Yog Sothoth
- silhouette Effect
- Avalanche
- Force of Ra
- Requiem
- B2
- Meteorize
- Mad5cience
- Amphitryon
- Removable Disk0
- Violet Perfume
- Hyacinth
- Blaze Emotion(Band version)
- Sugar conspiracy Theory
- Allegro Più Mosso
- Annihilator Method
- Move That Body!
- Scorpion King
- Point Zero One
- Red Snow
- Campanella
- Reminiscence
- Moment Day
- Enhance Reality
- Break It Down

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up Prime update 1.20
00:49 CST :: 8/19/2016

1. New Songs

1) Song :  Across the ocean        
      Artist :  Zircon        
      BPM :  130
      Visualized by Felnya
      Default step chart :  S03, S06, S09, S15, D11, D16

2) Song :  Mitotsudaira        
      Artist :  ETIA.
      BPM : 136      
      Visualized by YSJ  
      Default step chart :  S01, S04, S09, S15, S18, D10, D16, D19

2. Quest zone

Quest “Chapter20” is updated.

1) Song :  Baroque Virus          
      Step chart :  S05, S09, S17, S19

2) Song :  Papa Gonzales
      Step chart :  S06, S08, S14, S20

3) Song :  Heel And Toe        
      Step chart :  S09, S17, D11, D20

4) Song : Y2Z      
      Step chart :  S09, S16, D17, D21

5) Song :  Final Audition Episode 2-2          
      Step chart :  D18, D23, D24, D27

3. Unlocked Step Charts

1) Song :  Amphitryon        
      Step chart : S18, D20  - released!

4. Minor bugs fixed
-Salem Cat

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up Prime update 1.19
03:14 CST :: 7/22/2016

Pump It Up! Prime update 1.19

1. New Songs

1) Song : Smile Diary
       Artist : you
       BPM : 175
       Default step chart : S04, S07, S11, S16, D08, D17
       Unlock step chart : S19, D20

2) Song : Campanella
       Artist : Cashew
       BPM : 140
       Default step chart : S06, S09, S16, D10, D16

3) Song : Feel My Happiness
       Artist : 3r2
       BPM : 175
       Default step chart : S03, S10, S17, D06, D18

2. New step charts

1) Song : Ignition starts
       Artist : banya
       BPM : 146.05
       Step chart : S18, D17

2) Song : Final Audition 3
       Artist : banya
       BPM : 130.5
       Step chart : S17

3) Song : Beat # No.4
       Artist : HEaDTriP
       BPM : 121
       Step chart : D18

4) Song : Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Común Acuerdo
       Artist : PXNDX
       BPM : 160
       Step chart : S18, D19

5) Song : Dream To Nightmare
       Artist : Nightmare
       BPM : 178
       Step chart : S22 (old s23)

6) Song : Yog-Sothoth
       Artist : Nato
       BPM : 200
       Step chart : D17

7) Song : Super Fantasy
       Artist : SHK
       BPM : 145
       Step chart : D18

8) Song : Dolly KiSS
       Artist : SID-SOUND
       BPM : 149
       Step chart : S17

9) Song : [REMIX] Vacuum Cleaner
       Artist : Doin
       BPM : 222.22
       Step chart : D20

10) Song : [FULL SONG] Canon D FULL Song MIX
       Artist : banya
       BPM : 160
       Step chart : D24 (U.F.O. chart)

11) Song : 1950
       Artist : SLAM
       BPM : 200
       Step chart : S16(UCS), S17(UCS), D21(UCS)

12) Song : Hestia
       Artist : Gentle Stick
       BPM : 150
       Step chart : S17(UCS), D18(UCS)

13) Song : Chinese Restaurant
       Artist : Memme
       BPM : 175
       Step chart : D17(UCS)

3. New unlock step charts

1) Song : [REMIX] Paradoxx
       Artist : SLAM & NATO
       BPM : 220
       Step chart : D28

4. Quest zone

Quest “Chapter19” is updated.

1) Song : Butterfly
   Step chart : S13, S16, D17, D18

2) Song : Crashday
   Step chart : S06, S11, S17, S19

3) Song : U Got Me Rocking
   Step chart : S17, S18, D17, D20

4) Song : Csikos Post
   Step chart : S07, S10, S13, S21

5) Song : Pump me Amadeus
   Step chart : D10, S18, D19, D24

5. Unlocked Step Charts

1) Song : Force of Ra
   Step chart : S19  - released!

2) Song : Moment Day
   Step chart : S18, D19  - released!

3) Song : Houkago Stride
   Step chart : S19  - released!

4) Song : Idealized Romance
   Step chart : S18, D19  - released!

6. Changing function

- It is changed that you cannot play the step if you didn't unlock it from Event mode.
- RANDOM FOR WPF 2016 channel is deleted.
-Salem Cat

Pump Haven :: Pump Haven Facebook group!
21:56 CST :: 6/14/2016

Hey, everyone. Since, realistically speaking, internet forums are mostly on the decline, and this website is heavily an archival and nostalgia database, I decided to start a Facebook community for members old and new. Join us!

Pump Haven @ Facebook