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Pump Haven :: PIU Prime 1.06 and Japanese Edition released!
12:44 CST :: 6/29/2015

Decent month for Pump. Japan gets its first official PIU release, with five new songs exclusive to their region:

Bad Apple - Masayoshi Minoshima (feat. nomico) / S1 | S5 | S9 | S13 | S17 | S19 | D10 | D18 | D21
Imprinting - Sakuzyo / S4 | S7 | S11 | S17 | S20 | D12 | D20
Mitotsudaira -ETIA. / S1 | S4 | S9 | S15 | S18 | D10 | D16 | D19
Smile Diary - you / S4 | S7 | S11 | S16 | S19 | D8 | D17 | D20
Sudden Romance - void / S4 | S6 | S9 | S14 | S19 | D8 | D14 | D19

As for the rest of us, we get two new songs for 1.06:

Super Conspiracy Theory - MAX / S1 | S3 | S6 | S10 | S15 | S18 | S19 | D7 | D11 | D17 | D20
Move That Body! - DM Ashura (feat. Skizzo & Hanna) / S3 | S5 | S8 | S12 | S17 | S20 | D10 | D18
Short Cut: Move That Body! / S16 | D18
All charts for 1.06 over lv. 12 (except for the short cut) require unlocking them via Piugame.

New step charts include:
1) Yeo Rae A  / S8
2) U Got Me Crazy / S6
3) Chung Hwa Ban Jeom / S4 | S9

Quest Zone Chapter 6 additions:
Quest Chapter6 is updated.

1) Till the End of Time / S2 | S4 | S9 | S17
2) Sugar Free / S8 | S15 | D16 | D18
3) Maria / S11 | S15 | D15 | D19
4) Bee / S11 | S15| S19 | S20
5) Allegro Con Fuoco / S11 | S17 | S22 | S23

4. Unlocked steps (Piugame purchase no longer needed
1) Achluoias / S24
2) Milky Way Galaxy / S17 | D18
3) Selfishness / S17 | D18

Pump Haven :: Pump It Up Prime 1.05 has been released!
05:32 CST :: 5/28/2015

This May update brings two new songs, one new stepchart, and a new chapter in Quest World. Custom Music Train and Favorite is now available as well.

-New Songs:
1. Shinwa - Venus: S2, S3, S5, S14, D6, D14

2. MAX - U Got Me Crazy: S4, S9, D5 (S17, S18, and D18 can be unlocked via Item Shop)

-New Steps:
Doin - Interference D21
(Must be unlocked in Item Shop after getting an A on Interference D19)

-Quest Zone Chapter 5 is open!
1. Hate, Don't hate!: S4, S6, S15, S17
2. Oy Oy Oy: S8, S13, D13, D17
3. Windmill: S13, S17, D18, D19
4. Cleaner: S12, S18, D20, D22
5. Elise: D13, D16, D23, D24

-Custom Music Train and Favorite Channel is now available

-Some bug fixes

Pump Haven :: Pump It Up Prime update 1.04.0
04:55 CST :: 4/30/2015

Andamiro has updated our game yet again.

New Songs:
Memme - Avalanche S4, S6, S9, D10, [S18, D19, D24 via unlock]
Block B - Very Good S3, S6, S9, S15, D5, D15
Remix: Avalanqiuem S23, D25

Among other things, the new version now lets you sort by difficulty, which will be a much welcome addition for many players. Co-op double/triple performance charts now have their own section, as well. Lastly, Quest Zone Chapter 4 is now open.

I recorded a video showing some of the new content for you guys to enjoy.


Pump Haven :: Prime and Fiesta 2 GST added to the Media DB!I am
04:36 CST :: 4/08/2015

I am proud to announce that we now have available both the long overdue Fiesta 2 game version songs (updated to HQ original audio, and including songs from the final updates) as well as every song up to v1.03 for Prime in the Media DB. Remixes, fulls, and short cuts will all be added in the coming days, with future update audio also being added as they are released. Prime GSTs can be found here and  Fiesta 2 GSTs can be found here. Enjoy!

Pump Haven :: Pump It Up Prime update 1.03.0
05:28 CST :: 3/27/2015

Prime's 1.03 update is now available by machine download or manually via Piugame.

New Songs:
3R2 - Milky Way Galaxy S6, S11, D11 [S17, D18 via unlock]
SID-Sound - Selfishness S3, S6, S11, D12 [S17, D18 via unlock]
SID-Sound - Selfishness (Short Cut) S17, D18

The item shop is now available, where you can now find unlockable stepcharts and avatars, also including an S24 for Achluoias by D_AAN. Visit for more details. Also, Quest Zone Chapter 3 is now open.

Pump Haven :: Pump It Up Prime update 1.02.0
03:31 CST :: 2/23/2015

Download Links

Place the update file in the root of your USB and use the SYSTEM UPDATE function in the USB SETTINGS section of the test menu.

All previous updates must be installed on the machine before updating to 1.02.0. If your machine is in online mode, the update will be downloaded automatically and installed after the machine is restarted.

New Songs
VIXX - On And On (다칠준비가돼있어)
BPM 119
Step charts : S2, S4, S6, S15, D5, D15

D_AAN - Achluoias
BPM 200
Step charts : S8, S15, S18, S22, D12, D16, D24

MAX - Prime Opening (Shortcut)
BPM 128
Step chart : S15, D15, DP??

New Steps
Red Swan : DP??
Her : DP ??
NoNoNo : DP??

Quest Zone
Chapter 2 Open
1. Passacaglia
2. Dr. M
3. Winter
4. Chicken Wing
5. Super Fantasy
-Salem Cat

Pump Haven :: PH titlecard server updated!
04:20 CST :: 2/17/2015

Long overdue, but I spent the last couple nights updating this thing with everything from Fiesta 2 and Prime, including Pro/Infinity crossovers. All title screens with HD versions are now available here as well. Enjoy!

Click here to check it out!

GST files from Prime and for missing Fiesta 2 tracks are coming shortly.

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up 2015 Prime Patch 1.01.0
05:36 CST :: 1/22/2015

Happy new year! All PIU players.
The first update of Prime will be available next Thursday.

Download Links

Remember, if your machine is online, the update will be downloaded automatically and applied when the machine is restarted.

New Songs:
Gentle Stick - HESTIA S4, S7, S10, S18, D11, D20
Norazo - Ineffective Boss Without Power (치이고 박히고 무능상사) S4, S6, S8, S18, D5, D19, DP??
T-Ara - Sugar Free (Full Song) S15 D15

New Step Charts:
Nemesis : DP ??
Yog-Sothoth : DP ??

Revived Songs:
Banya - Ignition Starts
Banya - Hypnosis

Quest Zone Chapter 1 - Open

Other Fixes:
Top 3 score of Rank mode is activated.
World best score is activated.
Overall improvement in Graphic UI.
Exclusive songs of Latin version are deactivated in Rank mode.
AC, DC commands are activated.
Trivial bugs fixed