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Pump Haven :: Pump it Up XX - 2.07 Update Coming!
07:36 CST :: 6/24/2021

Announced today and being released on July 8, 2021, it consists of the following songs:

Repentance / Abel - 3rd Creations Contest Winner featured in Pump it Up M
Papasito (feat. KuTiNA) - FULL SONG - / Yakikaze & Cashew
Sugar Plum / Mr. Weq - 2nd Creations Contest Finalist
Telling Fortune Flower / Koharu feat. Renyata - 2nd Creations Contest Finalist

World Music
GLORIA / Croire
Kokugen Kairo Labyrinth [刻限回廊ラビリンス] / A:lihe [Λ:llhα] (ANE + 2riA) - previously in Pump it Up M

-Kokugen Kairo Labyrinth, a BMS crossover by Japanese artists, will be correctly labeled as J-Music and instead gets shunted to World Music like the Cranky tracks earlier in the mix.
-I can't find GLORIA anywhere despite it being labeled as World Music. If anyone can point out its presence, that would be greatly appreciated!

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up XX - 2.06 Update Coming!
19:56 CST :: 3/31/2021

The trailer for the latest patch for Pump it Up XX was just unveiled, with the patch slated to be released on April 8, 2021!

Original Tunes
A.V. - Night Duty
HyuN v.s. lixound - Harmagedon

World Music
ginkiha - Paved Garden
Hommarju - Pop Sequence
t+pazolite, ginkiha, & Hommarju - Crossing Delta
t+pazolite - Slapstick Parfait

-"Night Duty" was originally featured in Pump it Up Fiesta EX and Fiesta 2 as a mission exclusive. Retaining its ID, it appears in the Fiesta-Fiesta 2 category and, while the song has a new titlecard, it didn't receive a new BGA, going with the current generic clip instead.
-The 4 World Music songs are from a collaborative EP, Crossing Delta, and they have been featured in other rhythm games including Seven's Code and OverRapid, the latter of which was also the source of several songs added to Pump it Up's Mobile Edition.
-Harmagedon was the winner of the 3rd Content Creation contest for the song division, and was previously earmarked for XX (with a different titlecard) in the Mobile Edition. Owing to its appearance in the trailer at the end, Repentance by Abel is earmarked to be added in the next patch.
-This month's reveal, due to its overlapping with April Fools Day, did a double-bait-and-switch. First, the teaser in March indicated a surprise song, and some players remembered that the April Fools of last year, "revealing" 1948, gave it a release of April 2021. Then, the trailer that dropped on April 1 (in Korea's timezone) revealed that it was instead Moon Light Dance -FULL SONG-, a longstanding running gag from visual artist Ferdinant Lyrebird...and then, the trailer that dropped on April 2 (again, Korea's timezone) revealed the actual final song: Crossing Delta, the title track of the EP from which most of this patch's content originates.
-Crossing Delta must be unlocked, with a channel dedicated to the other EP tracks being introduced with this patch.

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up XX - 2.05 Update Coming!
23:32 CST :: 12/18/2020

Due to how the world is still...having certain things happening that have hit arcades in particular quite hard, Andamiro has decided to buck its 2-year plan and will instead be extending support for Pump it Up XX to 2021 with intermittent updates to be released at their discretion (so it might be more than bimonthly like 2019/2020 or less, it's up in the air). The teaser for the first batch has been dropped, which will be released on January 7, 2021!

Dreamcatcher - Full Moon [FULL SONG]

Original Tunes
Nato feat. Skizzo - God Mode 2.0
Uma - The Reverie

World Music
Junk - Life is Piano
Noma - Brain Power

-God Mode 2.0 was originally featured in Pump it Up Mobile Edition, making it only the second song to ever make the move from consumer software to arcades after Pandera's I Love You Baby.

-The Reverie was earmarked for XX as a contest winner, with an early release on Mobile Edition, but those plans initially fell through. Thanks to this schedule shift, however, it's possible the other 9 winners will also be making their way into XX as originally planned!

-Brain Power is the first song originally exclusively licensed for a Konami title, in this case Sound Voltex, to come to the Pump it Up series. For those unaware, Noma decided not to renew the contract to regain distribution/licensing rights, and it's appeared in swaths of other rhythm games including Andamiro-distributed (and now dormant) Neon FM!

-Life is Piano is another song originally hailing from BMS to make its way to the series. Incidentally, both this and Brain Power would fit the parameters to be J-Music (and Brain Power could've been a Neon FM Xross), but after so many snubs for the channel this mix, I assumed they would be World Music in keeping with the pattern, an assumption that was proven correct with the trailer proper.

-Harmageddon has been teased to be coming to 2.06.

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up XX - 2.04 Update Coming!
01:05 CST :: 8/06/2020

Dropping on August 27, the demo loop teaser has dropped, confirming the following songs for this final update to the game:

Lucy - Jogging

Cashew feat. Romelon - Stardream
Jehezukiel - Clematis Rapsodia
Kurorak - Destrucimate
[Remix] Doin & SUNNY - ERRORCODE: 0

World Music
[Full] Zircon - Baroque Virus

Houseplan (Lunatic Sounds) - Houseplan [from EZ2AC]
r300k - Headless Chicken [from O2Jam]
Yamajet - Over the Horizon [from O2Jam]

-With this update, every song revealed in the opening will finally have been released as Clematis Rapsodia and Destrucimate were both teased in said opening.
-Destrucimate is the arcade visualizer debut for CattoHato, reusing character designs from a BGA done for the fan project NX Indonesia, the song there being D_AAN's Apophis.
-Baroque Virus also had a full version in Pump it Up Infinity, though it has an entirely new titlecard here, so chances are good that it will not retain any charts from that game.
-The new remix was available prior for Pump it Up M as a login bonus, though it was earmarked as an XX preview.
-Speaking of earmarked songs, it appears that despite M listing the third contest songs as for XX, they're not coming in this game...

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up XX - Update 2.03 is coming!
09:27 CST :: 6/04/2020

This update splits the difference between special tracks and regulars, but at least several long-standing tracks we knew about are finally out of the way.

Chung Ha - Gotta Go
Hong Jin Young - Goodbye [Full]
Produce 48 - Nekkoya (Pick Me) [Full]

Doin - Iolite Sky
Pory - La Cinquantaine
MAX - I Want U [Short]

World Music
Quree - Broken Karma

Xross Music
Memme - Cutie Song - from O2Jam

-Gotta Go & Cutie Song were both confirmed in the revamped opening for version 2.0. Gotta Go was confirmed for this update in the 2.02 trailer.
-Iolite Sky was confirmed in the 3rd Contest advertisement that included clips of winners of the 1st and 2nd Contests. It uses the fourth place winner of the character creation section, and it soundtracks the Attract Ad.
-Continuing the continuity hopping from Transacaglia, La Cinquantaine’s visuals will now incorporate elements of Canon-D, and alludes to it in its titlecard text (“Part of the Memories #2”). Jehezukiel has once more handled the creation of the video.
-Broken Karma has visuals done by Dasu, who prior has only appeared as a visual artist and composer of their own World Music tracks. The track itself hails from BoF like some of the other World Music picks this mix.
-Cutie Song’s titlecard has changed since its confirmation, presumably to remove the ambiguity the old text led to as to the name and thus channel of the song.
-The teased song at the end of the gameplay trailer is unknown, but thus confirms the K-Pop channel is done for the mix.

The patch is coming June 25, though like last time, with the pandemic still underway or due for another wave in many areas, we advise that you not flock to your local arcades if applicable unless you are confident in your safety and their measures towards it and take precautions.

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up XX - 2.02 Update Coming!
11:20 CST :: 4/02/2020

The attract sequence teaser is up, meaning we know what's coming in this month's patch, dropping on the 23rd!

Bon Bon Chocolat / Everglow
[Full] I'm so sick / APink
[Full] Time for the moon night / GFRIEND

Adrenaline Blaster / QWertism
District 1 / MAX
[Remix] Fire Noodle Challenge / Memme

World Music
Danger & Danger / Cranky [from NeonFM, unnoted on titlecard]
Point Zero 2 / Synthwulf

Dual Racing / nato & r300k [from O2Jam]

-Fire Noodle Challenge is presumed to be a mix of Chinese Restaurant and Tantanmen.
-Confirmed in the trailer, 2.03 will have what is likely our final K-Pop song of the mix, Chung Ha's Gotta Go.
-QWertism is a Japanese project known for the BoF song Broken Marionette. Adrenaline Blaster appears to be a new song made for Pump it Up. The collaboration of WyvernP and Quree, it's the former's first original outside of a contest.
-Due to technical issues, Point Zero 2, which was initially announced for last patch, got pushed to this one.

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up XX - 2.01 Update Coming!
20:23 CST :: 2/05/2020

Much like last update, the upcoming patch has had its contents revealed through the Attract Mode clip being uploaded. It drops February 27, and will have the following contents:

Snapping / Chung Ha
Very Nice - FULL SONG - / Seventeen

Original Tunes
Point Zero 2 / Synthwulf
Switronic / SHK
Switronic - SHORT CUT - / SHK
Transcaglia in G-minor / ATAS

World Music
Indestructible / Matduke

Cycling / Yamajet feat. あまね (COOL & CREATE) - from O2JAM

-This is the visualizer debut for Jehezukiel. He had previously appeared in Pump it Up as a musical artist who won as a finalist for both concluded contests with Twist of Fate in Prime 2 and Fires of Destiny in XX. His collaboration with HideKy and KAZEMURA, "Simon Says, EURODANCE!!", is one of the finalists for the currently running third contest.
-Indestructible and Snapping were teased in the updated intro for 2.00, with Snapping being additionally revealed in the 2.00 trailer as the ending song.
-This is Matduke's second song added in XX, third song available in XX, and fourth song in the series (as Enhanced Reality was removed in XX).

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up XX - 2.00 Update Coming!
07:07 CST :: 12/03/2019

The patch is coming on December 26th, 2019. While we don't have any gameplay previews, the attract mode ad has been uploaded, so we can confirm the tracklist!

Adios / Everglow
Bungee (Fall in Love) / Oh My Girl
Hann (Alone) - Full Song - / (G)I-DLE
Hit / Seventeen
Rooftop / N.Flying

Janus / Max
Nepton Strike / Nato
Wicked Legend / D_AAN

World Music
After a Thousand Years / Toto (of SID-Sound)
Lala / Yassi Pressman

Uranium / Memme (from O2Jam)
Your Mind / Roy Mikelate (from EZ2AC)

-Adios and Bungee were released just 3 months ago. Like with the last 2.0-reaching game Prime 2, we could be looking at either IDs that were reserved for future licenses or an outright different section for these.
-After getting a Phillippines exclusive in Prime 2 and having it licensed worldwide for this mix, Yassi Pressman gets a new track! Hopefully there is no exclusivity tied to it this go-around.
-Uranium was teased for Prime 2 all the way back in its initial teaser.
-Under a slightly different title (1000 Years Passed) and still credited to the collective, After a Thousand Years was the last SID-Sound leaked for Pump it Up Prime, originally with the ID 1456.
-We're on the 2.0 update and yet this game has still received no new J-Music...