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Pump Haven :: First PIU Prime UCS Contest
02:02 CST :: 9/24/2015

Click Here For More Info

Contest Period: October 14th, 2015 ~ November 6th, 2015

Requirements: Level 20 or above Prime ID

How To Enter: Contest entry website will be available soon, please upload all UCS files at that time

Contest Songs:
MAX & DOOM - The Revolution  (One step chart between S20 ~ S22, One step chart between D22 ~ D24)

Banya - Canon-D (One step chart between S16 ~ S18, One step chart between D16 ~ D18)

DM Ashura feat. Skizzo & Hanna - Move That Body! FULL SONG (One step chart between S16 ~ S18, One step chart between D17 ~ D19)

Selected winners' UCS will be added to Prime in an official update. Other participants will receive PP.

Pump Haven :: Pump it Up Prime patch 1.09
05:39 CST :: 9/17/2015

Go Here For Direct Download Links


    Song :Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico
    Artist :Masayoshi Minoshima
    BPM :138
    Default step chart :S01, S05, S09, S13, D10
    Unlock step chart :S??, S??, D??, D??


    Song :FOUR SEASONS OF LONELINESS ver β feat. Sariyajin
    Artist :TatshMusicCircle
    BPM :178
    Default step chart :S01, S04, S06, S10, S14, D10, D14, CO-OP02
    Unlock step chart :S??, S??, D??, D??


    Artist :MAX & DOOM
    BPM : 160
    Default step chart :S07, S11, S17, D12
    Unlock step chart : S??, D??


   Song: Stardust Overdrive
   Artist : typeMARS
   BPM : 175
   Default step chart : S04, S09, S16, D05, D13, D16
   Unlock step chart :  S??, D??


   Song : [Fullsong] Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico
   Artist : Masayoshi Minoshima (Masayoshi Minoshima)
   BPM : 138
   Default step chart : S10, S14, S17, D11, D18, D22, CO-OP04


   Song : [Fullsong] FOUR SEASONS OF LONELINESS ver β feat. Sariyajin
   Artist : TatshMusicCircle (TatshMusicCircle)
   BPM : 178
   Default step chart : S14, S19, D14, D19


   Song : [Shortcut] Stardust Overdrive
   Artist : typeMARS
   BPM : 175
   Default step chart : S16, D17

2. New unlock step charts

1) Song :Allegro Piu Mosso

    Artist : DM Ashura

    Unlock Step chart : S??

3. Quest zone
   Quest “Chapter9” is updated.

 1) Dance With Me
     Step chart : S06, S14, D15, D17

 2) Monkey Fingers
     Step chart : S08, S15, D17, D18

 3) Love is a Danger Zone
     Step chart : S10, S15, S19, S20

 4) Requiem
     Step chart : S16, S19, D19, D21

 5) Canon D
     Step chart : S09, S20, D22, D24

4. Unlocked Step charts
1) Sugar Conspiracy Theory : S15, S18, S19, D17, D20 -released
2) Move That Body! : S17, S20, D18 - released!
-Salem Cat

Pump Haven :: Those with messed up accounts, heads up.
19:22 CST :: 9/14/2015

A good bit of you had your status level dropped or screwed up, as member group information has unfortunately been reverted to where it was in March 2011. If this happened to you, please message me.

If your account was made after March 2011 and you were previously in PH Members or PH Veterans groups, your account is gone, but your post history is intact. Please contact luciusxx or myself directly on a new account, with a link to a previous post made by yourself and some sort of proof that it is actually you. We should be able to "hack" your account back in.

Once again, I sincerely apologize about this mess. We're still working on reversing all of screwups. Thanks for your patience.

Pump Haven :: GoDaddy screwed up.
17:59 CST :: 9/12/2015

Hey guys. I know the site has been down since the 25th. GoDaddy, our host, decided to migrate their servers elsewhere and, without notice, our entire database was wiped out. After hours of bitching at them, we managed to acquire an incomplete backup. All of the locations database and media database content were gone. Their own backups were incomplete or corrupt, which is criminally insane. eXonyte created a database backup in 2011, and utilizing it is what we had to do to create a semblance of returning to normalcy. The locations and media sections are now as they were then, in around March 2011. Posts in the forum all made it, but accounts created after 2011 are gone, as are private messages from then until now.

I sincerely apologize about all of this, but it was unprecedented. In fact, I was 100% sure the site was gone. All thanks should be directed at my buddy luciusxx, who spent hours with GoDaddy forcing them to help us out. When they couldn't really give us anything, he took time out of his way to "frankenstein" the incomplete backup database of ours they had with the one eXonyte made in 2011 to try to bring this site back. I can't thank him enough for his efforts. His efforts, along with eXonyte's, are the only reason the forums are even back.

As we move forward, things should return to normal. However, I can't do anything about the content we've lost. For starters, please re-update your current Pump locations. You can select mixes up to Prime, as before. I really wanted to keep everything around for archival purposes, so I'm glad there's that. The physical files uploaded in the Media DB as well as regular site files up to August 2015 are all still here, and I'm going to see about finding a way in the future to make all that old stuff accessible.

Thanks to all of you for your support.

Pump Haven :: PIU Prime 1.07 released! Also, videocharts return!
21:38 CST :: 8/04/2015

This month's update marks the most new brand new songs added in Pump outside of an initial release. Four new songs. One of which, a boss song named "1950" by Slam (supposed pseudonym of MAX), is criminally insane. Anyway:

Katkoi - M2U / S7 | S12 | S14 | S18 | D12 | D15 | D19
B2 - MAX / S4 | S7 | S11 | S16 | S18 | D13 | D19
Dolly Kiss - SID-Sound / S3 | S6 | S14 | D6 | D15
1950 - Slam / S23 | S25 | D25 | D27

Also available are new charts for Meteorize (S17, D18), and...

Quest Zone Chapter 7:
1) Rainspark S5, S9, S15, S17
2) Ignition Starts S8, S15, D10, D18
3) Re-Rave S11, S17, D18, D19
4) Naissance S10, S20, S23, D25
5) Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) D19, D23, D25, D26

On a separate note, someone asked me about the old Videocharts section at Pump Haven. I recently deleted all of those files, as I wanted to free up 6GB of space on the PH server. I thought I had lost them, as they weren't visible in my PH backup, but I found a local backup from a long-ago crashed hard drive, "/work in progress/test/New Folder/New Folder/ph_videochartplayer_files". :P

Anyway, I batch dumped them to YouTube. They're low quality (the source files were *.flv), but a lot of this is unavailable for streaming on the site, so what the hell.

They can be found here. Enjoy!

Pump Haven :: PIU Prime 1.06 and Japanese Edition released!
11:44 CST :: 6/29/2015

Decent month for Pump. Japan gets its first official PIU release, with five new songs exclusive to their region:

Bad Apple - Masayoshi Minoshima (feat. nomico) / S1 | S5 | S9 | S13 | S17 | S19 | D10 | D18 | D21
Imprinting - Sakuzyo / S4 | S7 | S11 | S17 | S20 | D12 | D20
Mitotsudaira -ETIA. / S1 | S4 | S9 | S15 | S18 | D10 | D16 | D19
Smile Diary - you / S4 | S7 | S11 | S16 | S19 | D8 | D17 | D20
Sudden Romance - void / S4 | S6 | S9 | S14 | S19 | D8 | D14 | D19

As for the rest of us, we get two new songs for 1.06:

Super Conspiracy Theory - MAX / S1 | S3 | S6 | S10 | S15 | S18 | S19 | D7 | D11 | D17 | D20
Move That Body! - DM Ashura (feat. Skizzo & Hanna) / S3 | S5 | S8 | S12 | S17 | S20 | D10 | D18
Short Cut: Move That Body! / S16 | D18
All charts for 1.06 over lv. 12 (except for the short cut) require unlocking them via Piugame.

New step charts include:
1) Yeo Rae A  / S8
2) U Got Me Crazy / S6
3) Chung Hwa Ban Jeom / S4 | S9

Quest Zone Chapter 6 additions:
Quest “Chapter6” is updated.

1) Till the End of Time / S2 | S4 | S9 | S17
2) Sugar Free / S8 | S15 | D16 | D18
3) Maria / S11 | S15 | D15 | D19
4) Bee / S11 | S15| S19 | S20
5) Allegro Con Fuoco / S11 | S17 | S22 | S23

4. Unlocked steps (Piugame purchase no longer needed
1) Achluoias / S24
2) Milky Way Galaxy / S17 | D18
3) Selfishness / S17 | D18

Pump Haven :: Pump It Up Prime 1.05 has been released!
04:32 CST :: 5/28/2015

This May update brings two new songs, one new stepchart, and a new chapter in Quest World. Custom Music Train and Favorite is now available as well.

-New Songs:
1. Shinwa - Venus: S2, S3, S5, S14, D6, D14

2. MAX - U Got Me Crazy: S4, S9, D5 (S17, S18, and D18 can be unlocked via Item Shop)

-New Steps:
Doin - Interference D21
(Must be unlocked in Item Shop after getting an A on Interference D19)

-Quest Zone Chapter 5 is open!
1. Hate, Don't hate!: S4, S6, S15, S17
2. Oy Oy Oy: S8, S13, D13, D17
3. Windmill: S13, S17, D18, D19
4. Cleaner: S12, S18, D20, D22
5. Elise: D13, D16, D23, D24

-Custom Music Train and Favorite Channel is now available

-Some bug fixes

Pump Haven :: Pump It Up Prime update 1.04.0
03:55 CST :: 4/30/2015

Andamiro has updated our game yet again.

New Songs:
Memme - Avalanche S4, S6, S9, D10, [S18, D19, D24 via unlock]
Block B - Very Good S3, S6, S9, S15, D5, D15
Remix: Avalanqiuem S23, D25

Among other things, the new version now lets you sort by difficulty, which will be a much welcome addition for many players. Co-op double/triple performance charts now have their own section, as well. Lastly, Quest Zone Chapter 4 is now open.

I recorded a video showing some of the new content for you guys to enjoy.