Pump Haven's Pump It Up Master Song List: Mix Appearances

by Turkeyslam and Tamashii

Pump Haven's Pump It Up Master Song List: Mix Appearances

by Turkeyslam and Tamashii / Version 1.0 JS-P


(including Unreleased Versions)

1st - 1st Dance Floor
2nd - 2nd Dance Floor
OBG - 3rd Dance Floor: Oldies But Goodies
SE - 3rd O.B.G: Seasonal Evolution
TC - The Collection
PC - Perfect Collection
EX - Extra Mix [F2]
Reb. - Rebirth
Pre I - Premiere (International)
Pre B - Premiere (Brazil)
Prex - Premiere EX
Pre 2 - Premiere 2
Prex 2 - Premiere EX 2
Pre 3 - Premiere 3
Px3B - Premiere EX 3 Beta (Unreleased)
Prex 3 - Premiere EX 3

ExcB - Exceed Beta (Unreleased)
Exc - Exceed
Exc2 - Exceed 2
Zero - Zero
NX - New Xenesis
NX2 - Next Xenesis
NXA - NX Absolute

ABOUT THE LIST: This list shows all the appearances of each song on the arcade mixes of Pump It Up.

This list is initially presented in alphabetic order for regular songs, followed by Remixes, then Full Songs. However this re-edition of the Mix Appearances list contains a new feature: You can sort the list as you wish by clicking any column header. Be sure you turn Javascript on to be able to use this tool.

A bullet point denotes the song is fully available in the game while a "-" means the song has limited availability (only available as an Another, only in World Tour/WorldMAX, or only in certain versions/releases of the game).

Also, we have added a new column (#). There you can check how much appearances of a song have ocurred in all the PIU versions listed. You can also sort using that column.

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The mix titles are color coded as follows:
Orange: Arcade release only
Green: Arcade and PC release
Red: Arcade Beta (unreleased)

Song Title Artist 1st 2nd OBG SE TC PC EX Reb. Pre I. Pre B. Prex Pre2 Prex2 Pre3 Px3B Prex3 ExcB Exc Exc2 Zero NX NX2 NXA# Song Title
TOTALS 19 28 29 42 83 100 68 36 87 95 109 101 94 56 82 77 101 104 138 128 165 212 234
Song Title Artist 1st 2nd OBG SE TC PC EX Reb. Pre I. Pre B. Prex Pre2 Prex2 Pre3 Px3B Prex3 ExcB Exc Exc2 Zero NX NX2 NXA# Song
2006 Love SongBanYa Production12006 Love Song
A.U Ready?Gil Gun2A.U Ready?
A CercaSkank1A Cerca
A MaelstromPia2A Maelstrom
A Prison Without BarsPark Jin Young3A Prison Without Bars
A WhistleCB Mass3A Whistle
A-TrapBaby V.O.X8A-Trap
AdiosEun Ji Won1Adios
All FamyEun Ji Won1All Famy
All I Want For X-masBanYa-11All I Want For X-mas
AlwaysBoy Club4Always
An Interesting ViewBanYa-9An Interesting View
Another TruthNovasonic21Another Truth
Arch of DarknessYahpp3Arch of Darkness
Astral SongCrying Nut2Astral Song
As I Told UKim Sung Jae11As I Told U
Ba Be Loo Be RaKristeen3Ba Be Loo Be Ra
Bad CharacterJang Na Ra1Bad Character
BambolePapa Gonzales6Bambole
Beat # No. 4HeaDTriP2Beat # No. 4
Beat of the WarBanYa-10Beat of the War
Beat of the War 2BanYa4Beat of the War 2
Beat the Ghost!BanYa Production-2Beat the Ghost!
Beethoven VirusBanYa17Beethoven Virus
Big MoneyX-Teen3Big Money
Black CatTurbo7Black Cat
Blaze EmotionYahpp1Blaze Emotion
Blind FaithO-243Blind Faith
Born to be AliveP. Hernandez & B. Thomas3Born to be Alive
Breakin' LoveYoo Seung Jun1Breakin' Love
Bullfighter's SongBanYa Production-3Bullfighter's Song
Burning KryptB-Legit, 2Wice, & 4Tray-5Burning Krypt
Bust BackDVS-2Bust Back
Bye Bye ByePump Premiere3Bye Bye Bye
Can CanBanYa8Can Can
Can You Feel Dis or Dat2Wice-5Can You Feel Dis or Dat
Cannon X.1Yahpp1Cannon X.1
Caprice of OtadaBanYa Production2Caprice of Otada
Certain VictoryTaiji Boys6Certain Victory
Change MyselfWang Lee Hom1Change Myself
Chicken WingBanYa-10Chicken Wing
ChocolateBanana Girl1Chocolate
Chopsticks ChallengeYahpp1Chopsticks Challenge
ChopstixSonic Dimension2Chopstix
Chung Hwa Ban JeomLouis3Chung Hwa Ban Jeom
Circus MagicCrying Nut9Circus Magic
Clap Your HandsScoop feat. Joyce Lyle8Clap Your Hands
Close Your EyesBanYa-9Close Your Eyes
Come Back HomeTaiji Boys2Come Back Home
Come Back to MeDeux13Come Back to Me
Come On!Lee Jeong Hyun1Come On!
Come to MeBanYa9Come to Me (BanYa)
Come to MeClon-15Come to Me (Clon)
CongaQueen Latin8Conga
Creamy SkinnyBanYa7Creamy Skinny
Csikos PostBanYa--13Csikos Post
CuriosityHans Band7Curiosity
D GangBanYa-7D Gang
Dance All NightOscillator X2Dance All Night
Dance VibrationsElpis2Dance Vibrations
Dance With MeBanYa-4Dance With Me
Dawn of the ApocalypseVassline-1Dawn of the Apocalypse
De Volta ao PlanetaJota Quest1De Volta ao Planeta
Deja VuSom25Deja Vu
Digan Lo Que DiganNina Pilots1Digan Lo Que Digan
Disco BusKim Hyun Jung7Disco Bus
DJ NightmareRodney O & Joe Cooley-5DJ Nightmare
DJ OtadaBanYa Production1DJ Otada
Do It!House Rulez-1Do It!
Do It YourselfLazyBone3Do It Yourself
Do You Know That -Old School-BanYa Production-3Do You Know That -Old School-
Don't Bother MeTashannie19Don't Bother Me
Dr. MBanYa13Dr. M
Drunken In MelodyEun Ji Won5Drunken In Melody
EmergencyDrunken Tiger3Emergency
Empire of the SunNovasonic-7Empire of the Sun
Enter the DragonJTL4Enter the Dragon
Eres Para MiMozquito8Eres Para Mi
Essa ManeiraKaoma5Essa Maneira
EternityUhm Jung Hwa2Eternity
EverybodyCarlos T. Quila6Everybody
Faster ZYahpp2Faster Z
Feel the SoulSeo Taiji2Feel the Soul
Ferry BoatDJ DOC3Ferry Boat
FeverCho PD9Fever
FiestaEl Cuba5Fiesta
Fiesta Macarena Pt. 1DJ Paula6Fiesta Macarena Pt. 1
Fighting SpiritsH.O.T-13Fighting Spirits
Final AuditionBanYa16Final Audition
Final Audition 2BanYa18Final Audition 2
Final Audition 3 U.FBanYa7Final Audition 3 U.F
Final Audition Episode 1BanYa12Final Audition Episode 1
Final Audition Episode 2-1Yahpp3Final Audition Episode 2-1
Final Audition Episode 2-2Yahpp3Final Audition Episode 2-2
Final Audition Episode 2-XYahpp-1Final Audition Episode 2-X
First LoveBanYa-16First Love (BanYa)
First Love (Spanish Version)BanYa2First Love (BanYa - Spanish)
First LoveClon8First Love (Clon)
First Love (Techno Mix)Clon1First Love (Clon - Techno Mix)
Fist of FuryLuo Zi Xiang--2Fist of Fury
Flower of NightPeople Crew3Flower of Night
FlyEpik High2Fly
For YouN.Ex.T2For You
Forever LoveFin.K.L13Forever Love
ForwardDJ Missill1Forward
Foxy LadyHarisu3Foxy Lady
Free StyleBanYa---14Free Style
Funky JockeyB.O.K3Funky Jockey
Funky TonightClon20Funky Tonight
Gentleman QualityCB Mass3Gentleman Quality
Get My Phone CallMina2Get My Phone Call
Get Up!BanYa5Get Up!
Get Your Groove OnBanYa9Get Your Groove On
Go Away!B.M.K2Go Away! (B.M.K)
Go Away!To-Ya9Go Away! (To-Ya)
Go BackDynamic Duo2Go Back
Gotta Be KiddingHanul9Gotta Be Kidding
Groovin' MotionSonic Dimension2Groovin' Motion
Guilty Conscience (Mistake)U'Two6Guilty Conscience (Mistake)
Guitar ManBanYa Production-2Guitar Man
Gun RockBanYa Production--3Gun Rock
Handsome Character That PassMay2Handsome Character That Pass
HayugaTaiji Boys6Hayuga
Heart BreakJo Sung Mo6Heart Break
Higgledy PiggledyBanYa Production2Higgledy Piggledy
Hold the LineCho PD & Brown Eyed Girls2Hold the Line
HolidayF2 Original3Holiday
Huu Yah YeahY*me3Huu Yah Yeah
HybsDJ Dookie3Hybs
Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young GoHyun Jin Young2Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young Go
I Am Your GirlS.E.S1I Am Your Girl
I Don't Know AnythingUhm Jung Hwa7I Don't Know Anything
I KnowTaiji Boys6I Know
I Love YouJewelry4I Love You
I Love You BabyPandora2I Love You Baby
I Need to KnowPump Premiere3I Need to Know
I Want UDrunken Tiger9I Want U
I Will Accept YouPark Ji Yoon6I Will Accept You
I'll Give You All My LoveWAX5I'll Give You All My Love
Ignition StartsBanYa9Ignition Starts
It's My BusinessTaiji Boys2It's My Business
It's My PartyThalia1It's My Party
J BongBanYa--5J Bong
Jam o' BeatBanYa Production2Jam 'o Beat
Join the PartyGans8Join the Party
Just a GirlNo Doubt1Just a Girl
K.O.A. ~Alice in Wonderland~BanYa Production1K.O.A ~Alice in Wonderland~
KissCountry Kko Kko1Kiss
Kiss MeDebbie Scott-6Kiss Me
La CubanitaLos Niños de Sara6La Cubanita
LaLaLaBig Bang1LaLaLa
Lay it DownFresno6Lay it Down
Lazenca, Save UsN.Ex.T6Lazenca, Save Us
Le Code de Bonne ConduiteManresa4Le Code de Bonne Conduite
Let the SunshineLisa Cool & the South Spirit6Let the Sunshine
Let's BoogieTurtles3Let's Boogie
Let's Get Loud!Pump Premiere3Let's Get Loud!
Let's Get the Party StartedPink-4Let's Get the Party Started
Long Live the ChineseWang Lee Hom--2Long Live the Chinese
LoveClick-B7Love (Click-B)
LoveS.E.S6Love (S.E.S)
Love is a Danger ZoneBanYa13Love is a Danger Zone
Love is a Danger Zone 2BanYa4Love is a Danger Zone 2
Love SongYu Seung Jun13Love Song
LovelyKim Jong Kook2Lovely
Lover's GriefGOD7Lover's Grief
LovethingDown Low5Lovething
Mambo #5Pump Premiere3Mambo #5
Man & WomanCool7Man & Woman
Master of PuppetsMetallica1Master of Puppets
Mexi MexiMozquito8Mexi Mexi
Midnight BlueBanYa-9Midnight Blue
Miss's StoryBanYa-5Miss's Story
Mission PossibleBanYa--5Mission Possible
Mobius StripSechskies12Mobius Strip
MoneyBanYa Production-2Money
Monkey FingersBanYa6Monkey Fingers
Monkey Fingers 2BanYa Production-2Monkey Fingers 2
Monkey MagicE-paksa6Monkey Magic
Move Your HeadTin Tin Five3Move Your Head
Mr. Fire FighterSpooky Banana4Mr. Fire Fighter
Mr. LarpusBanYa19Mr. Larpus
My Best Day is GoneCan3My Best Day is Gone
My Brother is Street SingerPark Hyang Lim vs. Yahpp2My Brother is Street Singer
My DreamsBanYa Production1My Dreams
My FantasyTaiji Boys6My Fantasy
My Fantasy (MV ver.)Taiji Boys-1My Fantasy (MV ver.)
My FriendCho PD3My Friend
My WayBanYa-7My Way
Naissance 2BanYa7Naissance 2
Nice to Meet YouBae Chi Gi2Nice to Meet You
No DespairHot Potato2No Despair
No Particular ReasonPark Mikyung7No Particular Reason
Oh My!Jang Yoon Jung3Oh My!
Oh! RosaBanYa-14Oh! Rosa
Oh! Rosa (Spanish Version)BanYa2Oh! Rosa (Spanish)
On Your SideKay Kent5On Your Side
One LoveS'max3One Love
One NightDJ DOC3One Night
Only YouNamolla Family1Only You
Oops! I Did it AgainPump Premiere3Oops! I Did it Again
Out of the RingDeux3Out of the Ring
Oy Oy OyBanYa-10Oy Oy Oy
Pañuelito RojoBig Metra1Pañelito Rojo
Papa GonzalesBanYa--5Papa Gonzales
PassionYu Seung Jun14Passion
PensamentoCidade Negra1Pensamento
PierrotLee Hyun Do9Pierrot
PleaseKim Jung Mo6Please
Point BreakBanYa8Point Break
Pom Pom PomSechskies7Pom Pom Pom
Popozuda Rock 'n RollDe Falla1Popozuda Rock 'n Roll
Power of DreamVictoria6Power of Dream
Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun AcuerdoPxndx1Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun Acuerdo
Pump BreakersTico1Pump Breakers
Pump JumpBanYa-12Pump Jump
Pump Me AmadeusBanYa--7Pump Me Amadeus
Pumping UpBanYa-15Pumping Up
Pumptris QuattroYahpp2Pumptris Quattro
Puyo PuyoU.P8Puyo Puyo
Rebola Na BoaMr. Jam1Rebola Na Boa
RewindLee Kang Shin7Rewind
Rolling ChristmasBanYa--15Rolling Christmas
Run AwayTo-Ya3Run Away
Run to YouDJ DOC13Run to You
Sad SalsaBaek Ji Young7Sad Salsa
SajahuLee Hyun Do5Sajahu
Sempre AssimJota Quest1Sempre Assim
Separation With HerKim Hyun Jung8Separation With Her
Set Me UpBanYa3Set Me Up
Shake it UpROD6Shake it Up
Shake That BootieOneTwo5Shake That Bootie
She Likes PizzaBanYa17She Likes Pizza
Shiny DayJoanne2Shiny Day
Snow DreamApple Jam2Snow Dream
Soca Make Yuh Ram RamGeneral Grant6Soca Make Yuh Ram Ram
Solitary 1.5Yahpp2Solitary 1.5
Solitary 2BanYa5Solitary 2
Space FantasyE-paksa9Space Fantasy
Street Show DownBanYa--8Street Show Down
Summer of LoveRoo'Ra7Summer of Love
Swing BabyPark Jin Young3Swing Baby
Take on MePump Premiere3Take on Me
Tell MeJinusean11Tell Me (Jinusean)
Tell MeWonder Girls-2Tell Me (Wonder Girls)
Tell Me, Tell MeS#arp6Tell Me, Tell Me
Terminal DepositoryUrurbu Project2Terminal Depository
The People Didn't KnowBanYa Production1The People Didn't Know
The RapHoney Family7The Rap
The Rap: Act 3Honey Family3The Rap: Act 3
The WavesUN4The Waves
Throw 'Em UpAndrew Kim3Throw 'Em Up
Till the End of TimeBanYa-4Till the End of Time
Time to Say GoodbyeSo Chan Hwui8Time to Say Goodbye
To the TopLee Ju-No10To the Top
ToccataBanYa Production1Toccata
Too LateShyne3Too Late
Top CityTop City3Top City
Trash ManN.Ex.T3Trash Man
Turkey MarchBanYa19Turkey March
Turn AroundMina3Turn Around
TyphoonLee Hyun Do4Typhoon
USuper Junior M1U (Super Junior M)
U Inside My Dim MemoryHyun Jin Young vs. Yahpp2U Inside My Dim Memory
Ugly DeeBanYa Production--3Ugly Dee
UltramaniaSeo Taiji6Ultramania
Uma BombaBraga Boys1Uma Bomba
Unforgettable MemoryTaiji Boys6Unforgettable Memory
Up RockSam-I-Am1Up Rock
Up UpCachy Huang2Up Up
Vaquiero Bom DemaisLimão Com Mel1Vaquiero Bom Demais
Very Old Couples015B2Very Old Couples
Watch OutVictoria6Watch Out
Wayo WayoO.P.P.A3Wayo Wayo
We AreDeux20We Are
We Don't StopAsoto Union3We Don't Stop
We Goin' Fly RemixGyfted3We Goin' Fly Remix
We Will Meet AgainBanYa-4We Will Meet Again
What Do U Really WantMonocrome7What Do U Really Want (Monocrome)
What Do You Really Want?Crash7What Do You Really Want? (Crash)
What's Going On?Turtles3What's Going On?
Will o' the WispBanYa13Will o' the Wisp
Wish You Could FindYu Seung Jun3Wish You Could Find
Witch DoctorBanYa4Witch Doctor
Witch Doctor #1Yahpp3Witch Doctor #1
With My LoverBanYa--12With My Lover
Wuthering HeightsEugene3Wuthering Heights
Xi Bom Bom BomLos Del Ritmo3Xi Bom Bom Bom
YKim Gun Mo3Y
You Don't Wanna RunupRodney O & Joe Cooley-5You Don't Wanna Runup
You Fall in Me!No Brain2You Fall in Me!
ZzangaKim Gun Mo3Zzanga
Remix: Mix 1-1Fin.K.L/Cleo/Park Mee Kyung3Remix: Mix 1-1
Remix: Mix 1-2Park Mikyung/Jo Sung Mo/Uhm Jung Hwa3Remix: Mix 1-2
Remix: Mix 1-3Kim Gun Mo/Clon/Sechskies3Remix: Mix 1-3
Remix: Mix 1-4 (Turbo Remix)Turbo9Remix: Mix 1-4 (Turbo Remix)
Remix: Mix 2-1Jo Sung Mo3Remix: Mix 2-1
Remix: Mix 2-2Uhm Jung Hwa3Remix: Mix 2-2
Remix: Mix 2-3 (Drunken Family Remix)Drunken Tiger & Honey Family8Remix: Mix 2-3 (Drunken Family Remix)
Remix: Mix 2-4H.O.T & S.E.S3Remix: Mix 2-4
Remix: Mix 2-5 (Repeatorment Remix)BanYa4Remix: Mix 2-5 (Repeatorment Remix)
Remix: Mix 2-7 (2nd Hidden Remix)Clon & Sechskies7Remix: Mix 2-7 (2nd Hidden Remix)
Remix: Mix 3-1Fin.K.L/S#arp/Hans Band4Remix: Mix 3-1
Remix: Mix 3-2Park Mikyung4Remix: Mix 3-2
Remix: Mix 3-3 (BanYa Hip-Hop Remix)BanYa8Remix: Mix 3-3 (BanYa Hip-Hop Remix)
Remix: Mix 3-4Park Jin Young5Remix: Mix 3-4
Remix: Mix 3-5 (Novasonic Remix)Novasonic-7Remix: Mix 3-5 (Novasonic Remix)
Remix: Mix 3-7 (BanYa Hard Mix/C44 Remix)BanYa4Remix: Mix 3-7 (BanYa Hard Mix/C44 Remix)
Remix: Mix 4-1Sechskies
3Remix: Mix 4-1
Remix: Mix 9-1People Crew & Honey Family1Remix: Mix 9-1
Remix: Mix 9-2 (Young Man/High School R&R Remix)E-paksa1Remix: Mix 9-2 (Young Man/High School R&R Remix)
Remix: Mix 9-3O-24 & X-Teen1Remix: Mix 9-3
Remix: Mix 9-4Deux1Remix: Mix 9-4
Remix: Mix 9-5 (FAE1/Chicken Wing Remix)BanYa3Remix: Mix 9-5 (FAE1/Chicken Wing Remix)
Remix: 45RPM & Eun Ji Won45RPM / Eun Ji Won1Remix: 45RPM & Eun Ji Won
Remix: Banya Classic MixBanYa-5Remix: Banya Classic Mix
Remix: BanYa-P Classic MixBanYa Production2Remix: BanYa-P Classic Mix
Remix: BanYa-P Guitar MixBanYa Production2Remix: BanYa-P Guitar Mix
Remix: BemeraYahpp3Remix: Bemera
Remix: Big MetraBig Metra1Remix: Big Metra
Remix: Caprice of DJ OtadaBanYa Production1Remix: Caprice of DJ Otada
Remix: Chicago Club MixDVS/Haley/Andrew Kim/Gyfted-2Remix: Chicago Club Mix
Remix: Deux RemixDeux4Remix: Deux Remix
Remix: Diva's RemixShyne/Y*me/BoA3Remix: Diva's Remix
Remix: Dr. K.O.ABanYa Production1Remix: Dr. K.O.A
Remix: Groove PartyClon & Tashannie3Remix: Groove Party
Remix: J Knows That Old BongBanYa Production1Remix: J Knows That Old Bong
Remix: Jam O Beat # No. 4BanYa Production / HEadTriP1Remix: Jam O Beat # No. 4
Remix: K-Hip-Hop Mix Vol. 1Drunken Tiger/Perry/JTL/Eun Ji Won3Remix: K-Hip-Hop Mix Vol. 1
Remix: K-House Mix Vol. 1Turtles/Cho PD/Harisu/Jang Yoon Jung2Remix: K-House Mix Vol. 1
Remix: K-Pop DanceDJ DOC & Epik High2Remix: K-Pop Dance
Remix: Lexy & 1TYM RemixLexy & 1TYM--4Remix: Lexy & 1TYM Remix
Remix: May RemixMay-1Remix: May Remix
Remix: Money FingersBanYa Production2Remix: Money Fingers
Remix: Mr. Fire Fighter Falls in Love With MeSpooky Banana / No Brain1Remix: Mr. Fire Fighter Falls in Love With Me
Remix: msgoon RMX pt. 1msgoon1Remix: msgoon RMX pt. 1
Remix: msgoon RMX pt. 2msgoon1Remix: msgoon RMX pt. 2
Remix: msgoon RMX pt. 3msgoon1Remix: msgoon RMX pt. 3
Remix: msgoon RMX pt. 4msgoon-1Remix: msgoon RMX pt. 4
Remix: Nina PxndxNina Pilots / Pxndx1Remix: Nina Pxndx
Remix: NovarashNovasonic & Crash4Remix: Novarash
Remix: Novasonic Mix ver. 3Novasonic1Remix: Novasonic Mix ver. 3
Remix: NX2 Diva RemixJoanne & Bada2Remix: NX2 Diva Remix
Remix: NX2 Hip-Hop RemixDynamic Duo & Lee Hyun Do2Remix: NX2 Hip-Hop Remix
Remix: NX2 K-Pop Remix 1U;Nee/Duke/Lee Hyun Do2Remix: NX2 K-Pop Remix 1
Remix: NX2 K-Pop Remix 2Mina & Bae Chi Gi2Remix: NX2 K-Pop Remix 2
Remix: NX2 K-Pop Remix 3Lee Hyun Do & Som21Remix: NX2 K-Pop Remix 3
Remix: NXA Hip-Hop MixDJ Missill / Gyfted1Remix: NXA Hip-Hop Mix
Remix: Pop HouseKristeen/Scoop/Fresno2Remix: Pop House
Remix: Pro Pop Remix???-1Remix: Pro Pop Remix
Remix: Red Song Remix???-1Remix: Red Song Remix
Remix: Scream Songmsgoon-1Remix: Scream Song
Remix: The People Didn't Know "Pumping Up"BanYa Production1Remix: The People Didn't Know "Pumping Up"
Remix: Treme-Vook of the WarBanya5Remix: Treme-Vook of the War
Remix: Try to B.P.M - LIADZBanYa4Remix: Try to B.P.M - LIADZ
Remix: Turkey VirusBanYa Production1Remix: Turkey Virus
Remix: Ugly Duck ToccataBanYa Production1Remix: Ugly Duck Toccata
Remix: Wi-Ex-Doc-VaYahpp3Remix: Wi-Ex-Doc-Va
Remix: World RemixDown Low/Mozquito/B.M.K/Uhm Jung Hwa2Remix: World Remix
Remix: YasangmaYahpp--2Remix: Yasangma
Remix: Yasangma 2BanYa Production-1Remix: Yasangma 2
Remix: YGBig Bang / Perry1Remix: YG
Full Song: A MaelstromPia--2Full Song: A Maelstrom
Full Song: A.U Ready?Gil Gun--2Full Song: A.U Ready?
Full Song: AdiosEun Ji Won1Full Song: Adios
Full Song: Astral SongCrying Nut1Full Song: Astral Song
Full Song: Beat # No. 4HeaDTriP--2Full Song: Beat # No. 4
Full Song: Beat of the War 2Yahpp3Full Song: Beat of the War 2
Full Song: Canon-DBanYa5Full Song: Canon-D
Full Song: Change MyselfWang Lee Hom1Full Song: Change Myself
Full Song: ChocolateBanana Girl1Full Song: Chocolate
Full Song: Chopsticks ChallengeYahpp1Full Song: Chopsticks Challenge
Full Song: Come Back HomeSeo Taiji & Boys2Full Song: Come Back Home
Full Song: CrazyGyfted1Full Song: Crazy
Full Song: Deja VuSom2--2Full Song: Deja Vu
Full Song: Digan Lo Que DiganNina Pilots1Full Song: Digan Lo Que Digan
Full Song: DignityCrash5Full Song: Dignity
Full Song: EmergencyDrunken Tiger-1Full Song: Emergency
Full Song: Enter the DragonJTL1Full Song: Enter the Dragon
Full Song: Feel the SoulSeo Taiji-2Full Song: Feel the Soul
Full Song: FireYahpp2Full Song: Fire
Full Song: FlyEpik High1Full Song: Fly
Full Song: For YouN.Ex.T-1Full Song: For You
Full Song: ForwardDj Missill1Full Song: Forward
Full Song: FreeJiny-1Full Song: Free
Full Song: Guitar ManBanYa Production-2Full Song: Guitar Man
Full Song: Hold the LineCho PD & Brown Eyed Girls2Full Song: Hold the Line
Full Song: I'll Give You All My LoveWAX--2Full Song: I'll Give You All My Love
Full Song: It's My BusinessSeo Taiji & Boys-2Full Song: It's My Business
Full Song: LaLaLaBig Bang1Full Song: LaLaLa
Full Song: Love is a Danger Zone 2Yahpp3Full Song: Love is a Danger Zone 2
Full Song: LovelyKim Jong Kook2Full Song: Lovely
Full Song: Monkey FingersBanYa Production1Full Song: Monkey Fingers
Full Song: Mr. Fire FighterSpooky Banana--2Full Song: Mr. Fire Fighter
Full Song: No DespairHot Potato1Full Song: No Despair
Full Song: Pañuelito RojoBig Metra1Full Song: Pañuelito Rojo
Full Song: Procedimientos Para LLegar A Un Comun AcuerdoPxndx1Full Song: Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun Acuerdo
Full Song: Slightly45RPM feat. msgoon1Full Song: Slightly
Full Song: Tell MeWonder Girls-2Full Song: Tell Me
Full Song: Trato De No TrabarmeBig Metra-1Full Song: Trato De No Trabarme
Full Song: TyphoonLee Hyun Do--2Full Song: Typhoon
Full Song: USuper Junior M1Full Song: U
Full Song: U Inside My Dim MemoryHyun Jin Young vs. Yahpp2Full Song: U Inside My Dim Memory
Full Song: Very Old Couples015B1Full Song: Very Old Couples
Full Song: V.I.PBada2Full Song: V.I.P
Full Song: You Fall in Me!No Brain--2Full Song: You Fall in Me!

Pump Haven's Pump It Up Master Song List: Mix Appearances


(including Unreleased Versions)

Fusion - The Fusion
Banya Coll. - Banya Collection
Reb. B-Coll - Rebirth Banya Collection Beta
Evo DF - Evolutionary Dance Floor
Px.3 PC - Premiere EX 2 PC
ExcSE PS2 - Exceed SE for PlayStation 2
ExcSE Xbox - Exceed SE for Xbox
Exc PSP - Exceed for PSP
Zero PSP - Zero for PSP

NOTE: The song lists for O.B.G. for PC, Season Evolution for PC, and Perfect Collection for PC are the same as their arcade counterparts. Please use the list above to see those song lists.
ABOUT THE LIST: This list shows the different appearances of a song on each home release of Pump It Up.

The version titles are color coded as follows:
Orange: Home version (Pump PC)
Green: Home version (PS2, Xbox, PSP)
Red: Home beta version (unreleased)
This list is presented in alphabetic order.

Song Title Artist Fusion Banya Coll Reb. B-Coll Evo DF Px.3 PC ExcSE PS2 ExcSE Xbox Exc PSP Zero PSP Song Title
TOTALS 31 26 20 25 78 110 106 105 110
Song Title Artist Fusion Banya Coll Reb. B-Coll Evo DF Px.3 PC ExcSE PS2 ExcSE Xbox Exc PSP Zero PSP Song Title
2006 Love SongBanYa Production2006 Love Song
A Little Less ConversationElvis vs. JXLA Little Less Conversation
A-TrapBaby V.O.XA-Trap
All I Want For X-masBanYaAll I Want For X-mas
An Interesting ViewBanYaAn Interesting View
Another TruthNovasonicAnother Truth
Arch of DarknessYahppArch of Darkness
As I Told UKim Sung JaeAs I Told U
Ba Be Loo Be RaKristeenBa Be Loo Be Ra
BambolePapa GonzalesBambole
Beat of the WarBanYaBeat of the War
Beat of the War 2BanYaBeat of the War 2
Beethoven VirusBanYaBeethoven Virus
Black CatTurboBlack Cat
Born to be AliveP. Hernandez & B. ThomasBorn to be Alive
Bullfighter's SongBanYa ProductionBullfighter's Song
Burning KryptB-Legit, 2Wice, & 4TrayBurning Krypt
Bye Bye ByePump PremiereBye Bye Bye
Can CanBanYaCan Can
Can You Feel Dis or Dat2WiceCan You Feel Dis or Dat
Chicken WingBanYaChicken Wing
Chung Hwa Ban JeomLouisChung Hwa Ban Jeom
Circus MagicCrying NutCircus Magic
Clap Your HandsScoop feat. Joyce LyleClap Your Hands
Close Your EyesBanYaClose Your Eyes
Come Back to MeDeuxCome Back to Me
Come to Me (BanYa)BanYaCome to Me (BanYa)
Come to Me (Clon)ClonCome to Me (Clon)
CongaQueen LatinConga
Creamy SkinnyBanYaCreamy Skinny
Csikos PostBanYaCsikos Post
CuriosityHans BandCuriosity
D GangBanYaD Gang
Dance With MeBanYaDance With Me
DJ NightmareRodney O & Joe CooleyDJ Nightmare
Do It YourselfLazyBoneDo It Yourself
Do You Know That -Old School-BanYa ProductionDo You Know That -Old School-
Don't Bother MeTashannieDon't Bother Me
Dr. MBanYaDr. M
Drunken In MelodyEun Ji WonDrunken In Melody
EmergencyDrunken TigerEmergency
Empire of the SunNovasonicEmpire of the Sun
Eres Para MiMozquitoEres Para Mi
Essa ManeiraKaomaEssa Maneira
EverybodyCarlos T. QuilaEverybody
FeverCho PDFever
FiestaEl CubaFiesta
Fiesta Macarena Pt. 1DJ PaulaFiesta Macarena Pt. 1
Fighting SpiritsH.O.TFighting Spirits
Final AuditionBanYaFinal Audition
Final Audition 2BanYaFinal Audition 2
Final Audition 3 U.FBanYaFinal Audition 3 U.F
Final Audition Episode 1BanYaFinal Audition Episode 1
Final Audition Episode 2-1YahppFinal Audition Episode 2-1
Final Audition Episode 2-2YahppFinal Audition Episode 2-2
First Love (BanYa)BanYaFirst Love (BanYa)
FlyEpik HighFly
For YouN.Ex.TFor You
Forever LoveFin.K.LForever Love
Free StyleBanYaFree Style
Funky TonightClonFunky Tonight
Get Up!BanYaGet Up!
Get Your Groove OnBanYaGet Your Groove On
Go Away! (To-Ya)To-YaGo Away! (To-Ya)
Go BackDynamic DuoGo Back
Gotta Be KiddingHanulGotta Be Kidding
Gun RockBanYa ProductionGun Rock
Heart BreakJo Sung MoHeart Break
Hold the LineCho PD & Brown Eyed GirlsHold the Line
HybsDJ DookieHybs
Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young GoHyun Jin YoungHyun Jin Young Go Jin Young Go
I Don't Know AnythingUhm Jung HwaI Don't Know Anything
I Love You BabyPandoraI Love You Baby
I Need to KnowPump PremiereI Need to Know
I Want UDrunken TigerI Want U
I Will Accept YouPark Ji YoonI Will Accept You
I'll Give You All My LoveWAXI'll Give You All My Love
Ignition StartsBanYaIgnition Starts
J BongBanYaJ Bong
Join the PartyGansJoin the Party
Kiss MeDebbie ScottKiss Me
La CubanitaLos Niños de SaraLa Cubanita
Lay it DownFresnoLay it Down
Le Code de Bonne ConduiteManresaLe Code de Bonne Conduite
Let the Sunshine InLisa Cool & the South SpiritLet the Sunshine In
Let's Get Loud!Pump PremiereLet's Get Loud!
Let's Get the Party StartedPinkLet's Get the Party Started
Let's GrooveEarth, Wind, & FireLet's Groove
Love (Click-B)Click-BLove (Click-B)
Love (S.E.S)S.E.SLove (S.E.S)
Love is a Danger ZoneBanYaLove is a Danger Zone
Love is a Danger Zone 2BanYaLove is a Danger Zone 2
Love SongYu Seung JunLove Song
LovelyKim Jong KookLovely
LovethingDown LowLovething
Mambo #5Pump PremiereMambo #5
Mexi MexiMozquitoMexi Mexi
Midnight BlueBanYaMidnight Blue
Miss's StoryBanYaMiss's Story
Mission PossibleBanYaMission Possible
Mobius StripSechskiesMobius Strip
Monkey FingersBanYaMonkey Fingers
Monkey MagicE-paksaMonkey Magic
Mr. Fire FighterSpooky BananaMr. Fire Fighter
Mr. LarpusBanYaMr. Larpus
My FantasyTaiji BoysMy Fantasy
My FriendCho PDMy Friend
My WayBanYaMy Way
Naissance 2BanYaNaissance 2
Name of the GameThe Crystal MethodName of the Game
No Particular ReasonPark MikyungNo Particular Reason
Oh! RosaBanYaOh! Rosa
On Your SideKay KentOn Your Side
One LoveS'maxOne Love
One NightDJ DOCOne Night
Oops! I Did it AgainPump PremiereOops! I Did it Again
Oy Oy OyBanYaOy Oy Oy
Papa GonzalesBanYaPapa Gonzales
PassionYu Seung JunPassion
PierrotLee Hyun DoPierrot
PleaseKim Jung MoPlease
Point BreakBanYaPoint Break
Power of DreamVictoriaPower of Dream
Pump JumpBanYaPump Jump
Pump Me AmadeusBanYaPump Me Amadeus
Pumping UpBanYaPumping Up
Puyo PuyoU.PPuyo Puyo
Rappers DelightSugarhill GangRappers Delight
RewindLee Kang ShinRewind
Rolling ChristmasBanYaRolling Christmas
Run to YouDJ DOCRun to You
Sad SalsaBaek Ji YoungSad Salsa
SajahuLee Hyun DoSajahu
Set Me UpBanYaSet Me Up
Shake it UpRODShake it Up
Shake That BootieOneTwoShake That Bootie
She Likes PizzaBanYaShe Likes Pizza
Snow DreamApple JamSnow Dream
Soca Make Yuh Ram RamGeneral GrantSoca Make Yuh Ram Ram
Solitary 2BanYaSolitary 2
Space FantasyE-paksaSpace Fantasy
Street Show DownBanYaStreet Show Down
Take On MePump PremiereTake On Me
Tell MeJinuseanTell Me
Tell Me, Tell MeS#arpTell Me, Tell Me
Terminal DepositoryUrurbu ProjectTerminal Depository
The RapHoney FamilyThe Rap
The Rap: Act 3Honey FamilyThe Rap: Act 3
Throw 'Em UpAndrew KimThrow 'Em Up
Till the End of TimeBanYaTill the End of Time
Time to Say GoodbyeSo Chan HwuiTime to Say Goodbye
To the TopLee Ju-NoTo the Top
Top CityTop CityTop City
Turkey MarchBanYaTurkey March
TyphoonLee Hyun DoTyphoon
U Inside My Dim MemoryHyun Jin Young vs. YahppU Inside My Dim Memory
Ugly DeeBanYa ProductionUgly Dee
UltramaniaSeo TaijiUltramania
Unforgettable MemoryTaiji BoysUnforgettable Memory
Walkie Talkie ManSteriogramWalkie Talkie Man
Watch OutVictoriaWatch Out
We AreDeuxWe Are
We Don't StopAsoto UnionWe Don't Stop
We Goin' Fly RemixGyftedWe Goin' Fly Remix
We Will Meet AgainBanYaWe Will Meet Again
What Do U Really Want (Monocrome)MonocromeWhat Do U Really Want (Monocrome)
What Do You Really Want? (Crash)CrashWhat Do You Really Want? (Crash)
What's Going On?TurtlesWhat's Going On?
Will o' the WispBanYaWill o' the Wisp
Witch Doctor #1YahppWitch Doctor #1
With My LoverBanYaWith My Lover
Wuthering HeightsEugeneWuthering Heights
Xi Bom Bom BomLos Del RitmoXi Bom Bom Bom
You Don't Wanna RunupRodney O & Joe CooleyYou Don't Wanna Runup
Remix: Mix 3-3 (BanYa Hip-Hop Remix)BanYaRemix: Mix 3-3 (BanYa Hip-Hop Remix)
Remix: Banya Classic RemixBanYaRemix: Banya Classic Remix
Remix: BanYa-P Classic RemixBanYa ProductionRemix: BanYa-P Classic Remix
Remix: Bemera RemixYahppRemix: Bemera Remix
Remix: Chicago Club RemixDVS/Haley/Andrew Kim/GyftedRemix: Chicago Club Remix
Remix: Groove Party RemixClon & TashannieRemix: Groove Party Remix
Remix: K-Pop Dance RemixDJ DOC & Epik HighRemix: K-Pop Dance Remix
Remix: Lexy & 1TYM RemixLexy & 1TYMRemix: Lexy & 1TYM Remix
Remix: Pop House RemixKristeen/Scoop/FresnoRemix: Pop House Remix
Remix: Treme-Vook of the WarBanyaRemix: Treme-Vook of the War
Remix: Wi-Ex-Doc-Va RemixYahppRemix: Wi-Ex-Doc-Va Remix
Full Song: Canon-DBanYa Full Song: Canon-D
Full Song: DignityCrash Full Song: Dignity